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Trailer (Non) Tuesday: The World Will Be Watching 'The Hunger Games'

[Jennifer Lawrence Fan]
It's finally here. March 2012 signals the debut of the first of The Hunger Games trilogy and I'm two-parts excited, one-part nervous for it. I should probably speed up the re-read to make me reach the actual showing but let's just say, I have a feeling I will be pleased. There is a reason I'm easy to impress anyway. Let's go, Katniss! But wait, there's also some Mad Men waiting in the wings. Thanks, March. There is lots to look forward to.

The Hunger Games

I don't really need to say any more with this movie. I've been looking forward to this since well, they announced they'd make it. And though at first, I was scared and nervous about casting and how they'd bring it to life, so far all the previews/trailers have yet to disappoint. Plus, I'm sort of crushing on Jennifer Lawrence so this should be fun. Plus, jamypye (who's never read the book) will be here to watch with us. Don't fall asleep, okay?!

Friends with Kids

Jon Hamm, why must you be good at everything you do? He's fantastic as Don (all srs bsnss and suave) and now, he nails comedy too. There's also Chris O'Dowd who's downright adorable and with Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph AND Adam Scott, there is nothing wrong about this movie. Plus this poster kind of cements my love for it.

The Lorax

With the entire condom-dropping issue behind him (sort of), I'm still in love with Zac Efron (whom I sort of forgot sings really well -- this means you need to do another musical!!!). And so since I'm not quite close to kid-nieces or cousins, I guess I'll have to wait for this one DVD. But it's nice to see Zefron out and about promoting it. So thanks, Lorax for making him do this.

Mirror, Mirror

It'll be interesting to see both of the Snow White adaptations that are going in completely different directions, really. And because I find Lily Collins really beautiful, I'm hoping hard that this is a nice springboard for her career. It does NOT HURT to have Armie Hammer in the film (as Prince Charming at that) -- though the age difference is a little weird. It does not hurt at all.

21 Jump Street

So I'm not sure if the Johnny Depp starring TV series was a comedy but since Jonah Hill is the other lead in this film adaptation, I'm guessing they're making it a funny one. So as long as Channing Tatum does not break out a guitar and starts emoting in a recording studio, this should be okay. It will be better, if he takes off his shirt at some point. Yes, that would make it much better.

Casa De Mi Padre

I have never heard of this movie but it looks awesome on so many levels. First off, it's got Gael Garcia-Bernal and Diego Luna in it. I think everyone and their mother enjoyed them in Y Tu Mama Tambien and so seeing them together here (in a non-srs bsnss capacity) makes me extremely happy. And it's got Will Ferrél speaking in Spanish. This has wonderfully hilarious written all over it. Let's see how much Spanish I retained. Very little, I'm assuming.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

It just looks too damn cute. For real. jamypye is the Ewan McGregor fangirl in the family but how can one not want to watch this when he looks completely adorable in it? And because I ship JKras/Emily Blunt, seeing her in this movie adds to my wanting to watch it. It also makes me want to visit Yemen. Hopefully, they have no visa policies, because I'm sort of sick of visa applications at this point.


Also adding to the cuteness, is Audrey Tatou (whose French films, I always enjoy) starring in this quasi romantic-comedy with the brother-in-law in The Heartbreaker (L'arnacoeur). And though he's not as handsome as Romain Duris, the French have a way of endearing me to them. I need more lovely little French rom-coms please. Anyone have recs along the lines of Ma femme est une actrice or Prête-moi ta main or Hors de prix???

Mad Men

And though technically, this isn't a trailer for season 5 (it's just a mash up of scenes from past seasons), I'll take it because I miss Roger Sterling and I'm glad he's back, so to speak. I'm really excited to have the gang all back and see what Matthew Weiner has up his sleeve for everyone. What with Don married and Joan and everyone just gone for too long, I feel like we've skipped into the 80s already. Never stay away for too long again, okay?

Game of Thrones

And finally, this just looks too good. Like really really good. Thanks to catteo for bringing this to my attention, but we've got less than a month till the next Game of Thrones and though I have yet to finish the fourth and fifth books, I'd say I'm pretty ready for season 2. Damn, Jamie Lannister. You look really good, even when very very filthy. I swear, the Lannisters are love.

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