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To set me free[8 Down/44 To Go!]
[+] This week was one of highs and lows (as always) but I'm trying my best to get over the lows faster rather than dwelling on them, like I used to. I guess I really just need to learn from the lows, and let them go. I cant't be carrying it all on my back forever. Or at least, I shouldn't.

[+] And thanks so much to the lovely mellowdee for the awesome birthday card. It's always nice to receive post and to be remembered on your birthday. Plus, it's just totally adorable. Thanks so much!

[-] I'm still a week or so behind on all things LJ but I'm positive I'll be able to catch up. I was looking through the flist and I feel ashamed to be totally behind on your entries, so that will take up my Saturday night. I promise I'll get around to everyone. Thanks for being so forgiving of my total laziness.

[+] I hope the week has been good to you guys. 2012 is moving so fast so let's make the most of it, yes?

Starting the week with lots of work isn't my favorite thing to do but because we had lots of leftovers from Friday, my work was pretty much cut out for me today and I really just wanted to tick everything off the to-do list even if it has gotten considerably longer.

Still, I'm trying to keep my head up and a positive attitude and trying my best to ease myself into my self-appointed additional responsibilities until all is settled work-wise. I'm really trying to make sure that I prove to be deserving of this promotion and that it wasn't just some fluke or some crazy alignment in the stars. I just feel like there's so much more at stake now.

It wasn't such a bad day, really. I just need to get used to the swing of things. I'm thankful, really. Just really really nervous and wary and scared of screwing it all up. Let's hope not. I'd hate to have peaked too soon.

Today was a great day in general. My friend, Sophie totally sprung on me in the morning to meet up for dinner and I was really lokonig forward to it the entire day. I haven't seen this girl for quite some time and it's always so freaking fun when we hang out, so I really don't lose when I see her. But on my way to her, I was in the cab and getting really dizzy and I was getting lost.

By the time I was at dinner with her, it was just a really bad headache that hit me and I really just wanted to go home. Lucky for me, the restaurant, Pipino had headache medication. I swear, they were lifesavers and so very gracious to me. I felt instantly better after the pill popping. Plus Sophie was such a sweetheart the entire evening, I'm so glad I went.

And the food was just divine. I'm not a vegetarian but the restaurant had a veggie-themed menu and we tried a bunch of things and everything came back spectacular. I was really floored by how scrumptious it all was considering I have my veggies quite plainly at home. That was just wow. I can't stop raving.

Though I knew of my promotion, it wasn't announced to the entire office until today. HR sends out a mass email with the photos of all those promoted and their former titles and what they're now going to be. I was out for a presentation in the afternoon so I missed the actual receiving of the email (thank goodness) but the warm wishes poured in via text and email and it's really sweet going through all those well wishes. it's always nice to be recognized.

Speaking of that presentation. It was totally a last minute thing, especially since I thought I was invited just in case there were any questions. I so wasn't prepared to present at all, so I hope I didn't too bad of a job considering I was the only one representing our company and everyone else was either agency or client. I hate getting caught unawares.

I'm glad I got to leave work early enough though to attend Ash Wednesday mass at our church. I remember leaving work early a year ago too to attend mass in our parish and work has been cooperative enough to have me take that early out. I can't believe it's Lent already. Time fliest by so fast.

So in trying to assert myself more and fulfill my #landian2012 mantra, I tried to be more 'flirty' so to speak and I guess technology isn't helping much. Emails can only go so far and texting is also not too good to me, so all in all, it looks like technology isn't going to be my ally in this 2012 goal. Not that I'm any better live but I was hoping with things being so 'easy' with technology now, that it would help me. I thought wrong.

And of course, I create a booboo of quite large proportions. I'm hoping it doesn't come to light just yet because there is literally nothing I can do about it. It's just sad cause I've done something similar before and somehow, it happened again. Oh well, I guess I should be extra vigilant now. Like crazy, on my toes, like a newbie vigilant again.

It was a ridiculously late night for me (considering how i've been trying to go home early lately), trying to finish reports and all. You'd think I'd have gotten a hang of things already, but apparently a year plus on the job still has me confused and slow with things. I'll just keep telling myself that it can only get better, right?

My parents are flying to Singapore to visit my siblings and help celebrate _lexizzle's 6th 24th birthday next week and because they'll be gone for quite a bit, we'll be sort of orphans. Sure, my grandma is around but it's not like we're little kids, so it's easier to leave us behind. But I always get nervous and feel like my siblings will act out (they never do) but i can't help but try to have some sort of responsibility while they're gone so I have my siblings text me when they're on their way home -- which is later than I'd like, but whatever.

I was able to hitch a ride with my parents on their way to the airport so I got to work a relatively early hour. It wasn't such a bad day at work. I think a lot of the craziness happened earlier in the week and the team has gotten to a point where we all man our decks so things aren't too too bad right now.

It was fun though to have an impromptu dinner with my team mate. We live close to each other and she lets me hitch a ride part of the way home and though she usually has Friday night plans, we were both free so we had fish and chips at Peanut Butter Company and it was actually pretty good. It still surprises me how great we get along considering we went to the same high school college and never really bonded.

I feel like a soccer mom now, just doing sisterly duties all weekend. Because I really do lack a social life, I find myself looking forward to driving my little sister to her friends houses. Waiting for her to get picked up and then driving back to get her. This is my life guys. This is basically it.

I know they say you should live it up during your 20s so I get a little panicky when I write down how riveting my life really is. Reading and watching some TV in between and napping a lot but really, this is it. I wonder how chill my 30s will be if my 20s are practically geriatric in their excitement. But wait, I don't want to generalize as I'm sure my grandma has a more interesting social life.

To top of the entire lovely lazy Saturday, after getting home from picking up my sister at around 4:30 pm, I totally fall asleep and that's it. I thought it would just be a nice little nap, but apparently, I was down for the count. No more catching up on my reading. it was bedtime in the afternoon.

Because I've been lazy and procrastinating, I finally sucked it up and finished the last four movies I hadn't seen before the Oscars on Monday (morning for us). And well, I guess I was underwhelmed, as I had explained a couple entries back. I just didn't get that WHOA feeling but hey, the Academy has its tastes and I have mine and there will always be that reason why I'm not part of it.

I wish jamypye were here with me as I marathoned the movies. She'd probably be asleep the entire time but it was just weird watching them all alone. Well, my little sister and brother would drop by but it's different. Oh well, I should be used to being the only one of the upper three siblings left behind.

By the time I finished War Horse, I was just too sleepy to do anything. I could have churned out the movie raving post but my brain was just muddled and I couldn't think straight. Sleep really takes priority over everything now. I'm such a grandma. I'm more a grandma than my grandma.
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