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TV Time: Goodbye To the Friendly 'Pan Am' Skies

I get it didn't get the best ratings and probably cost a fortune to produce but I'm still not over the fact that Pan Am is practically but unofficially cancelled. And it ended so abruptly too. They could have done so much more and yet thanks to ABC doing it again, we have to say goodbye to a really enjoyable show. Sure, Mad Men is just around the corner, but this one was just fluffy fun. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. Cheers, 1964!


Pan Am 01x14: 1964

So it wasn't the best finale. They weren't prepared like Chuck was. So understandably, it was all over the place and really just a bit confusing. And because technically, it isn't cancelled yet, they still have a chance at season 2 so they left everyone with cliff hangers. The good part is, things would look good for season 2. The bad news? If they don't get picked up, we are left with a WTF ending?

We see Maggie becoming a smuggler and finding her calling with that pilot and rolling in a bed of money, literally. And Colette ditching the prince and finding out more about herself. I'm glad she's able to learn more about herself, but really, I just want to see her with Dean. And Dean? He gets grounded but at least not fired. Thank goodness for that stellar recommendation.

But really, Laura and Ted and Amanda. Now that's something I didn't see coming. Sure, Laura and Ted can technically live happily ever after now but Amanda's preggers (Really? From that not-so-awesome first time?! See, kids, it happens!) and wants Laura to be Ted's mistress. WHAT?! I swear, when they faded to black on the whole cast 'celebrating' the start of 1964, I felt sad for all of them.

This show started off so good and then got lost in the shuffle but still somehow remained enjoyable. This makes me really sad. I'm hoping this gets a season 2. I really really do.

[Maggie Q Online]

Nikita 02x15: Origins

I honestly don't know who to trust anymore in this show. With Alex working for both Nikita and teaming up with Ari who's in cahoots with Amanda who is apparently the evil genius behind everything, I don't know what to believe anymore. Then we get the revelation that Carla and Percy are going to get back to working together, I'm surprised anyone's still functioning on this show considering how many alliances are going on.

First off, Carla's remembrance of the past was a nice way of clearing up the air about everything. I'm just not too happy with her turning around and getting together with a dark-haired (looks good on him though) Percy with the fedora. I guess you really don't know who's right or wrong on this show.

And Alex being able to return to her Udinov roots with the help of Ari is looking to be quite the coup. At least they're all united in their quest against Semak but I wonder how long this ceasefire between Nikita and Amanda will last. Oh well, at least they're all working together for a bit. Let's see if things go as planned. I doubt it.


The Walking Dead 02x09: Triggerfinger

Let's start off by how scared I am for Rick's sanity. I hate how he's being really hard on himself over this entire killing humans now. Sure, he did it to prove to Hershel that he was protecting the privacy of the commune, but you can tell it's taking its toll on him already. Then there's the entire Lori going out on her own to look for Rick only to get herself into trouble and then have Shane look for her? Lori, please just stop this. I hate that he told Rick how 'dangerous' Shane was. Are you asking Rick to kill you too?

Sure, Shane's a little volatile and a little crazy, but he's been a great asset to the group and he's only acting on his feelings for Lori. I really wish Lori would just admit that the baby is Shane's. This would make things clearer for Rick. He deserves to know. I kind of wish that things do progress for Lori like in the comics. That would make me very very happy.

Also making me happy? Maggie and Glen's reunion. Hershel so thought Maggie was running towards him only to see his daughter go for the guy she loves. I'm kind of hoping Glen sticks around the community just because he and Maggie really are the only bright spot in this entire thing. Let's hope for a happy romance in this show, yes?


Skins 06x05: Mini

Oh deer, Mini. Why are you so preggers?! Yes, obviously this would have happened considering how often she and Alo were hooking up (sans protection, I"m assuming) but I was hoping all those pregnancy tests weren't real but I guess they are. I really don't think Alo would make that good a father, nor would Mini a good mother -- they're kids, so I'm hoping things turn out okay for her.

Then there are her parents. Her dad's kind of hot and distant and weirdly charming. I wasn't surprised that he ditched her in the end. I was really hoping she'd get to go Australia with him, but I guess it was all too good to be true. Her mom's kind of ridiculous too. Her new boyfriend (despite his loudness) is actually kind of sweet. I just want Mini to get away from the mess of her parents.

I kind of wish this new guy of hers isn't a dick like her dad. He seems like a decent guy. He has a job and all but he could totally scam her too. I doubt we'll see him again since he's a connection to her father but with Alo ignoring her (she sort of deserves it too), I guess she's got Franky. At least someone will be nice to Franky now.

[Smash Online]

Smash 01x03: Enter Mr. DiMaggio

Oh Smash, you're making me love you more and more every episode and though I truly look forward to the original songs they do. And this week, Mr. and Mrs. Smith was truly a treat. I like that Michael Swift has been introduced and seems to have a past with Julia. Though I love Julia's husband, and wish them the best for their adoption, their little flashback with Michael adds a new interesting plot point. I wasn't too hot about his Grenade performance though.

Another thing I'm not too hot about? Ivy and Derek sleeping together. I like Ivy when she's performing. She's a great Marilyn. And as much as I love Derek, we all knew he can be a douche at times. And his sleeping with Ivy is so not going to last so I feel bad for Ivy. But hey, she's a consenting adult and despite his douchiness, he's still hot. So I can't blame her.

Karen's hometown visit was pretty sweet. I love her dad and was glad he's being supportive of all of this. Her rendition of Redneck Woman was pretty funny though and I do like her better in all her NYC glory but hey, that's okay. We need to see Karen's past at times too. I'm excited to see her do the workshop now. At least she's still in somehow.

[You Know You Love Me]

Gossip Girl 05x16: Cross Rhodes

So I don't want to jump on the Dair train just because I really like seeing them as friends. But it seems like things are really heading in that direction now. I like to see that Chuck is really doing his bit of revenge to show Dan he's not happy with the eventual Dair union and I like that they're actually going to extremes to show their distaste for each other. Now, I wish that Serena would stay mad at Blair too. That would be fun.

Chuck? Don't give up. Keep trying to screw Dan over just because it's loads of fun when you get to the really good scheming bits without getting guilty. Plus Dan needs to work harder for Blair. Yes, they're good friends. But to be more than that? Needs more work, dude. Also, never ever stage a theater production of Inside please. That was just painful.

Also fun? Finally having the entire Charlie Rhodes mystery solved. I kind of wish things would have blown up more for Ivy but seeing as she was there for Celia, we have to give her that. I do want Lola to be part of this entire thing more. Let's hope Nate actually hangs on to one girl this season? All his other 'relationships' have fizzled to nothing.

[Hart of Dixie Web]

HoD 01x15: Snowflakes and Soulmates

So this wasn't my favorite episode all around. I don't mind Lavon-centered stories as long as Lemon is involved but having his parents do the talking and having Lavon figure out a way to bring them back together isn't exactly my idea of a great time. Still, I'll take it if only to see Wade cooperate and help his friend reunite his parents.

And because this is an episode dedicated to parents, we also get to see Zoe try to get in touch with her father (that isn't the doctor that handed over his practice in Bluebell). This father is apparently living in Europe and isn't getting in touch with Zoe. Is this why Zoe has so many issues? Her absentee parents? Probably. Still not interesting to me.

The only thing that got to me this episode was the almost elopement of Lemon and George. I do wish it would have gone according to plan so we can stop the triangle but obviously they're going to play it up even more as the season progresses. It's funny how Brick and Magnolia tag along only to have it not happen. Let's see if this wedding actually pushes through.

[Pretty Little Liarsss]

PLL 02x21: Breaking the Code

How happy are we all that Wren is back and he seems to be back for good? I'm not counting on anything but he looked really cute being all protective of Spencer. I wish they'd hooked up but at least he didn't take advantage considering she was drunk as ever. It's a little weird though considering he was engaged to Melissa. And now that Melissa's single, I'm scared she'll want Wren back again. Let's all cross our fingers that doesn't happen please?

And let's all give a round of applause to Mona, the bestest friend ever. Taking the fall for Hannah. That's way too nice. She'll be doing the time for something Hannah did and this time, Hannah's mom can't save either of them. I wish they'd treat Mona better if only to payback for all the nice thing's she's done. Yes, she can be a bitch sometimes but on the over-all, she's been nice.

And I'm glad that Mrs. Montgomery is finally going to listen to Aria and Ezra's side of the story. Sure, the break-up in the car was heartbreaking and you can't blame Aria for wanting to make things work so at least Aria's mom is willing to listen a bit. I really don't want Ezra to leave. He's the prettiest boy there is. Now if only Mr. Montgomery would come around.

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Ringer 01x14: Whores Don't Make That...

It's official. Juliet's mom is a raging psycho. Seriously. Why would she do this to Juliet? And though Mr. Carpenter was along for the ride, I'd like to absolve him of all his faults so I can focus on hating the ex Mrs. Martin instead. Seriously. I hope Andrew doesn't let Juliet go with her to Miami because Catherine is the real psycho.

I'm also hoping we still see some of Mr. Carpenter. I don't think he assaulted Tessa at all. And yes, he took part in Catherine's evil scheme, but he's too cute to just kick out of the show. He needs to be on it more. Plus since Catherine's behind all of this, they can pin it all on her and Mr. Carpenter can stop wearing shades and caps and going incognito.

Finally, we find out what's up with Sean. So that's what Bridget's fault was against Siobhan. Yes, it was her fault and you can't blame her for the guilt she's feeling but I'm glad we get to find out the truth and see Dylan in the process. I like Dylan. I like him a lot and though Siobhan has many boys to fight over her (Henry and Tyler and still, Andrew), it would be cute if Dylan sort of went for the real Bridget. Just saying.

[New Girl Online]

New Girl 01x14: Bully

It's funny to see Jess totally bullied and initiated into the real world. She does tend to live in her own bubble and as happy and jolly as it is in there, at least she gets to see how really evil the real world can be through a six year-old bully at that. Oh well, welcome to the real world, Jess. It's okay. You'll survive.

Also hilarious? Cece being embarrassed of being seen with Schmidt. You can't really blame her for not wanting to be seen out with him but I also feel bad for Schmidt. For all his douchiness, he does mean well most of the time and his intentions are somehow genuine. Let's all give him a hug, please?

Finally though, we see the end of the Julia/Nick union. I really wished it would last longer just because Julia's adorable and I really liked her with Nick. But I guess they're paving the way for the eventual Nick/Jess coming together so I guess we'll just have to wait that to happen. I really liked seeing Julia.

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