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Red Carpet Round-Up: Rachel Gives Us Her Vow

Take a Vow[Rachel McAdams Online]
Despite my general tardiness to posting things, I have been trying my best to keep up on other things, like my book and movie count and this February, with the Oscars and all, I still managed to catch movies sans the critical acclaim but totally high on entertainment value (read: The Vow and This Means War). And I realized, I can never be part of the Academy for my sheer taste in movies.

Nevertheless, it's been fun stalking my favorite people as they got around this February. I guess january was a fluke and people were still in the holiday mode because in February, they all came out to play.

Photos courtesy of Rachel McAdams Online
So I'll come out and say it. I actually really really like The Vow. Sure Channing Tatum wasn't exactly the best person in the world for that role but did he make it work? He did. And is Rachel worth so much more than the quasi-annoying character who sort of doesn't deserve Channing Tatum's character? Kind of, but she took it so it must be something. Plus it has Scott Speedman and I miss him so much from his Felicity-days so it really wins at life.

And while promoting the event everywhere, Rachel looked amazing the entire time. I love that she's rocking the fringe and straight hair and yet also going natural with her wavy hair and more relaxed looks. I'm a fan of her Berlin photo call outfit just because it's all lace and girly and gorgeous on her. And though I'm not sure why she attended the Journey 2 A Mysterious Island premiere, she was looking lovely in her floral skirt and bright blue, so I'll take it.

Photos courtesy of Robert Pattinson Fan, I Heart Jake
So they say the first love never dies and I guess that's true. I've liked Jake since early high school days and I feel like I've 'grown' so much and still have yet to outgrow him. So seeing him at the Berlin Film Festival serving as a jury panelist (why?!? I don't know, but I don't care either) was such a treat. He got to hang out with Charlotte Gainsbourg (who's always just all kinds of awesome and chic) and honored Meryl Streep (they co-starred in Rendition)

Then there's Rob sans his hair. I really think he shaves it off on his off season just to get away from the fixation with it and surprisingly, he's got a really nice shaped head anyway, so he wins both ways. He was at Berlinale too to promote Bel Ami with Christina Ricci (RIP Pan Am -- I'll miss you) and Holiday Granger (So excited for The Borgias!!!) and because the girls brought their A-game, Rob was looking like a mini-Hugh Hefner with girls on each arm. I hear Bel Ami isn't getting the best reviews, but I'm still excited to see how they brough Du Maupasant's book to life.

Photos courtesy of Zac Brasil, Chris Pine Fan, Ryan Reynolds Fan
I caved. I couldn't help it. At first, I wasn't really interested in seeing Chris Pine in This Means War just because it looked a little chessy but when my officemates decided to start a "RomCom Night" group (comprised of a bunch of single girls -- and boy!), I couldn't say no. And WOW. I do not regret it. Chris was cute (though I wished Reese's character would have chosen the other guy) but Tom Hardy? Tom Hardy WAS HOTNESS PERSONIFIED. I did not appreciate his hotness till this movie. Sure, he was fantastic in Inception and all around good looking in general but int his movie? He was explosive. I'm kind of in love.

My dad's not home right now so I have no one to drag with me to watch Safehouse but when he does come back, I might just look for a copy of this Ryan Reynolds starrer just because he was looking mighty awesome at the premiere and the press con for this. Ryan really needs to step out more (sans Blake -- I'm so mean) but his hotness needs something to balance him out.

Finally, there's Zac Efron and the infamous condom drop at The Lorax premiere of all places. I'm not judging him. In fact, I love that he has one in his pocket. Boy must be getting game so often, he has to be so freaking prepared. But the movie is for kids and I'm sure he got a lot of flack for that. When Matt Lauer was asking him about it on the Today show, I thought he handled it pretty well but you could tell he was embarrassed. Oh, Zac. Don't be.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Garfield Source, Emma Stone Central, Emma Watson Fan,
The Emmas were also out to play and you know I'm a happy camper. Though The Help's promotions are coming to a halt (after the Oscars), Emma Stone's already starting her The Amazing Spiderman promo tour in the East and South America. Together with real-life beau, Andrew Garfield, my new favorite ship looked adorable together in Japan and Russia and just continue to endear me more to them. It doesn't hurt that they're so public with their affections. We need more happy couples in our lives right now.

Then we have the always adorable Emma Watson looking stunning and just classy while promoting a Lancome line in fulfillment of her brand ambassador duties. I'm really loving how she's growing out her hair. I've had short hair a majority of my life and I never had the guts to pull off that slicked back look. It works on her. She's so tempting me to cut it all off (and lose like 20 pounds) but whatever. I heart it.

Photos courtesy of Jon Hamm Source, Eddie Redmayne Spain, Finding Franco, I Fancy the Fassy
Can you all raise your hands if you're excited for the new season of Mad Men? (nods appreciatively). That's right, i see lots of hands in the audience and I'm joining you in this squee-fest. I guess with the premiere around the corner, our favorite ad man about town, Jon Hamm is going on an all out PR blitz and can we blame him? No we can't. I wish he'd appear on all the talk shows to promote the fifth coming. Seriously, can someone host a viewing party? Yes please

And because my love for Brit boys knows no bounds, Eddie Redmayne's been silent all throughout oscar season. I get he wasn't nominated for an oscar but his movie was and he played a pretty substantial role. I guess the key Brit appearance came from Kenneth Branagh but still. It would have been great to see him around the press tour for that. Instead, he's been home in London, appearing in front of the Queen and generally looking great at the Elle Awards. I really need to finish watching Birdsong.

Photos courtesy of Anna Kendrick Fan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Online, iSomerhalder
Speaking of Jon and Eddie, they both appeared at the BAFTA Awards and though Meryl and Colin's Cinderella moment was pretty cute highlight, it would be safe to say that Jon and Eddie were the best parts of the evening for me. Rob, these are the events you should be at! You're Brit! It's the BAFTA's! I'm so demanding.

And before I post about the Oscars (sometime soon), the final stop of awards season before Hollywood's big night is the always much more chill, Independent Spirit Awards and so i was surprised to see all the boys in full-on formal regalia. Shouldn't they be in linen suits or something? Something more morning wedding rather than early cocktails? Oh well, I wont' complain. We got so many boys showing up there. Hi, Ian! I wish you'd taken Nina with you too.

Photos courtesy of Rooney Mara Source, Zooey Fan, Rachel Online, Captivating Felicity Jones, Mia Wasikowska Online
There's been an awful lot of Rooney Mara here lately, I know. But I can't help but really enjoy seeing her on the red carpet. And yes, she does have one look going on, but she works it and it's always interesting to see what details will come out of her uniform. Surprisingly though, she's chosen green and purple for some events and she looks pretty rad in color too. Way to go, Rooney!

And though I see both R-Bils and Zooey on my screen every single week, it's still different when you see them all glammed up on the red carpet. I wish I could see videos of Zooey and Joel McHale hosting the Writer's Guild awards in LA cause that's bound to be hilarious. And R-Bils just needs to be more Camilla-esque, coming out for the sake of it but looking gorgeous. That is all.

Photos courtesy of Zimbio
Finally, let's end with some royalty. These two blue-blooded (well one married into it, but still, it feels like she was born into it) have been out and about. Harry's busy promoting his Walking with the Wounded gig and it sucks that I never got to see his TV special Harry's Arctic Adventures. Does anyone know where I can watch it? I had it bookmarked but it went dead. Oh well.

And of course, the lovely Kate looks like a pro doing princess-y duties sans her Prince. He's busy fighting or something and she's busy looking lovely. I swear, it's just class and elegance all the way. Skinny girl, I can't wait till you get pregger just because I want to see your cheeks fill out. I crush her way too hard, obviously.

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