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That shit kray[7 Down/45 To Go!]
[+] Things have been going pretty well for me. Not to say there aren't any downs, of course there are, there always are, but there have been pretty awesome ups as well and this month, they've outweighed the bad stuff.

[+] I have yet to go back to the gym (it's been three weeks, I think) and though I do feel the effects, I'm strangely okay about it if I don't count the guilt I'm feeling. I promise to be better at this. March, I will do sort of physical activity. March, okay?

[-] It was only a matter of time till I got behind on LJ and here we are already. One week back and sort of okay with it? I'll try my best to catch up within the week, but don't count on it, okay? Let's just all be chill about this. Repeat ten times now.

[+] I hope everyone's weeks were pretty good. Be prepared for a deluge, I'm going to try my best to read up on the flist and just be a generally sociable person again.

So I got it. The dreaded talk I was anxious about all weekend. Since I was expecting it, I was just praying that my good deeds far outweighed my bad ones. and well, that was what happened. I was lucky enough to have my track record sort of make up for my mishap. I will totally be careful from now on.

A guy I used to like in high school (he was into a friend of mine -- story of my life) and I have been talking lately and though I was working up to asking him to meet up, it seems like those plans won't be pushing through. He was supposed to leave for a work related trip that would keep him out of the country for a year so I said we could meet up before he left thinking it was still in the summer. Lo and behold, he messages me to let me know that it's this week. Oh well, at least he let me know.

By the time we left for dinner, it was raining like crazy and the cabs were being a bitch. So I'm glad I got my dad to pick us up and drop us off. Dads can be awesome this way. I should remember moments like this when Dads aren't as awesome. It's give and take, I know.

Oh Valentines. I may not have had a date but I had a pretty good day. My boss made my promotion official and though I'm incredibly happy, I'm also mega scared of the additional responsibility and work I'll have to do. As it is, I always feel genuinely inept and paranoid. So though this is a huge compliment, I'm also very wary.

In other news, this happened. Yup, somehow my work-issued mobile phone fell down the elevator shaft -- 7 floors. I got a little paranoid as to getting it back or if it would still work but the building maintenance were fantastic enough to get it back for me. The case cracked open and the battery fell out but it still works. Wow, Nokia phones. You're pretty strong.

And in the spirt of #landian2012, I messaged all the officemates who cheered me on during the ordeal, including office man. He was all, 'you think it'll still work?' so I gave a general message to everyone and he replied. Though not in any way flirty but definitely friendly and considering how non-close we are, I'll take it.

I somehow made it to my brothers birthday dinner even if I was late and the food was fantastic. I love how close our birthdays are to each other because the fun never stops. It'll be a couple of weeks till PB's birthday but at least he has one this year.

Hey, Early bird. I guess my boss's making it official yesterday got me out of my work stupor. It also helps that my dad was leaving early and I finally finally woke up early enough to hitch a ride with him. I really should get back to this schedule as I'm much more productive when I'm not stressed about getting to work late.

And as I try to live up to the position the boss has bestowed on me, I'm feeling the extra responsibility already even if nothing is fixed on paper. Of course, I'll have to wait and see what exactly I'm supposed to be doing now that I should have more on my plate. Let's just say, I'm dead scared and hope I live up to everyone's expectations, given how I really feel quite inadequate. No, I promise I'm not fishing.

After a year and four months on the job, it feels like I've gotten used to the routine of it all and yet are okay with it. I got an email from a prospective job offer and though these things are the norm in the work force, it feels weird being the recipient of it. What's even weirder is, I'm actually not interested. Good job, Patty. I think you've sort of found something you actually enjoy doing.

We have this monthly report that we always do and though it only happens once a month, that day ends up really really tiring. And to think I'm not even in it the whole day. I just pop in and out when it's my turn and yet I end up getting pretty drained. I'm glad these things only happen once a month.

And I've said it once but I'll say it again, I kind of love my teammates. We ended up doing an informal pow wow (romance-related, of course) after work and it was just fun to blow off steam. Of course, the romantic issues weren't related to me but hearing someone agonize over it made me both a) grateful I wasn't going through one; and b) sort of wishing I would be in her position one day. It's funny how these things are a double-edged sword.

Finally, I was able to catch up with my mom and dad after dinner. I always appreciate a free ride home but as cheesy as it sounds, I also crave hanging out with them. Being at work the whole day and being too exhausted for anything when I get home, car rides home together are good enough for me. I'm such a kid, I know.

Somehow, from the time I got employed to the present, I've been to my share of presentations and though I'm not counting, it feels like a lot. Especially on a Friday when I've got two of them back-to-back, my throat does get parched and I feel my voice cracking a bit. But yes, I don't mind presenting the same thing twice as long as we know it's going somewhere.

And it's funny cause the moment when I think there really aren't any boys worth crushing on, they sort of come in in droves. No, they're not the typical boy next door cuties I would have crushed on in high school; it's more like you're realizing there are okay people out there who are sort of worth your time -- in a totally casual manner. None of this pining business, please.

And finally, because it's a hot Friday night and I don't have any plans once again, I find myself stalking engagement photos which I don't usually do, honestly. That is my mom and sister's hobby -- but on this particular Friday night, I just felt like seeing couples in love and so I did. And well, when done well, those things can be pretty damn adorable.

It's my aunt's last day in Manila so as a family thing, we have lunch at my grandma's place. And because lunch is never really just lunch, I wear my most comfortable clothes as this show will last till it's over. True enough, lunch turns to dinner and dinner to more food afterwards and we find ourselves there till the early morning hours of Sunday morning when my aunt's flight is due.

It's all good though. I have my USB (I could have watched TV, but of course, I didn't) and instead, I curled up with my Kindle and got a reading some of my books and napping a lot in between. My grandma's house is always a little stifling -- I think it's the lack of windows, but a good nap always recharges me.

We got to visit my little cousin in the other house though and though I don't get to see her as often, it's always fun to just hang out in her wonderland. Her room is a kid's dream with lots of toys and pink stuff and she was just really adorable. We tried our best to get her going, without making her cry, and I think we did a pretty good job.

Of course, there's lots of eating in between too. There was lunch (ham and more food) and then there was the leftovers and then we ordered chicken for our midnight snack, so really, this was a bad day in terms of moderation of food consumption. I must really learn to police myself better. It's hard in that house though.

Thanks to our impromptu sleepover with my cousin, it was but right that we take her home. Still, she was able to join us for lunch at the new Chinese restaurant that just opened near our house. I like Chinese food but I still prefer Japanese just because I get this really really full feeling after having eaten Chinese. Of course, it doesn't help that Chinese makes me eat so much more than usual.

My brother and I end up driving my cousin back home (she lives in front of my office, so I always get that dreaded feeling that I'm about to work) and instead of just staying for the few minutes it would take to say hi to our other cousin, Miguel, we actually stay for longer and end up just chilling in their house. I get to catch In Time and we drink our milk tea. Good times, really.

By the time I get home, I'm just ready to flop and be ready for the next week and so I totally pass out on my bed and wake up in time for an early start on a Monday morning. What a week, really. February's been pretty awesome so far.
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