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TV Time: St. Rick Gives Love Advice

And it's back. The last time we saw The Walking Dead, we had Sophia all zombie-fied with a barrel cocked to her head thanks to good ol' St. Rick and now the gang is back and my stomach is totally not ready for all the blood and gore they've got in store. To start this off, the people I wish were dead are still alive: namely any children still left (I'm so bad) so let's see if things go my way. I just want Rick safe and happy.


The Walking Dead 02x08: Nebraska

So I shall only focus on the people I love. I feel for Daryl so bad. I don't like that Lori goes on telling him he's all selfish because he's totally been selfless looking for Sophia only to find her dead. Someone needs to smack Lori and let Daryl grieve in private. And Carol, do not even go there with Daryl. I felt something there and I don't like it. Don't do it, Carol.

Also, how cute is Glen getting all freaked out over Maggie telling him she loved him. The little bro-mancing talk was such a nice reprieve from all the gore and blood this show gives so it's always welcome to see some cuteness around. And Rick giving love advice? Priceless. Rick needs a spin-off show where he just gives love advice in a post-apocalyptic world.

And finally, it scares me a bit that Rick's just gone over the edge killing folks left and right. Sure, they've killed tons of walkers, but to kill two live folks? This is new territory. And yes, he only did it to prove to Hershel he's not such a bad guy by preserving the pureness of the community. I wish Lori would just come clean with the baby's paternity.

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Nikita 02x14: Rogue

So we meet the girl who helped Nikita get clean but apparently is also the girl that created the Division program. I was half expecting her to just go nuts and shoot herself but no, she somehow has Percy doing her bidding and Roan totally cool with her. Roan isn't cool with anyone except Percy. Could she really have been that big a player in Division?! I really want to know more now.

And how awesome is it that Michael's hot again. I'm so happy he cut his hair. Ever since Percy called him out on his horrible rogue/rebel haircut last episode, it was a good thing he listened and finally gotb ack to the Michael I know and love. Of course, we get nasty flashbacks to Nikita and her dreadlocks which is totally not a good look for her. Still, it's good to see them together again. Though I wouldn't mind seeing some Owen to shake things up. But really, seeing Nikita all confused over Carla and her daddy!issues with Percy, I sort of wished she did team up with Percy to take Amanda down. That would have been a showdown.

Finally, it's always fun to watch Alex and Amanda use each other and pretend they're both just in love with the other. It's just a matter of time till one of them gets fed up and gives up the charade. Till then though, it'll be good to see how far Alex is willing to go to get her mother out of Zetrov's clutches and how legitimate Amanda's promises are. Knowing that she's secretly in cahoots with Gogol will make it easy for Alex to break in, but getting her mom out and life after that is another story. Let's see how strong Amanda really is.


Pan Am 01x13: Romance Languages

I don't understand why they didn't show this in order. I just don't get it. Sure, they've cancelled the show already but doesn't mean they shouldn't do the show justice while it's still on the air, right? I don't get ABC at all. Someone please tell this network to not mess up all the time? Regardless of the out-of-order showing, this episode made me get all nostalgic and missing the show already.

I like that in this version of the world, Niko and Kate are not yet broken up and things are still la-di-da okay in their world. Despite not seeing Niko, at least we still get that vibe of Kate being happy and in love. I hate that they broke up and I hate that I doubt things will be fixed by next episode (the finale) so this makes me nostalgic and sad.

Finally, since it's obvious that Ginny is a creepy mofo, let's ignore her and instead focus on the possibility of cuteness between Dean and Colette. I also like that Colette was totally sweet with the passenger and yet also totally HBIC with Maggie, telling her she knew it was her that reported things to management. I'm going to miss this show.


Skins 06x04: Franky

Despite my negative feelings towards this season, this episode has actually gotten me sort of back into the Skins-vibe. I was reading that a lot of folks didn't exactly love this episode but there were some awesome things I liked about it. Franky hooking up with Luke isn't my cup of tea -- I'm not one for violence -- but it was nice that in the end, she ditched him I don't know if this will have any repercussions on her, but at least she's cut him off.

I love Franky's parents. Her dads are awesome and I want them all to kiss and make-up. I love how they're the most present parents and how they were actually trying to be there for her and try to be parents. I love that Franky comes back to them in the end. I wish they'd all be safe. Because Luke looks dangerous and I don't want anyone getting hurt anymore.

Finally, for some sick and strange reason, I'm actually feeling good about Nick. I'm so apathetic towards him and just don't really care in general but this episode, despite his talking to himself after Franky walks away but he's actually pretty genuine about his feelings. Getting beat up by Luke works in his favor but I just hope he's real about this thing with Franky. She's pretty messed up and I hope things get settled for her.

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Smash 01x02: The Callback

So this show just keeps getting more awesome. I'm glad we get to see the call backs. It's nice to see how green Karen really is. Ivy has the experience and you could see it with the call backs. Sure, Karen pulled it off with the "20th Century Fox (Mambo)" but the acting bits were a little terrible as compared to Ivy just nailing it.

Speaking of nailing it, Ivy goes on nailing Derek too and though I don't blame her for doing so, it's a little cliche of the actress to be sleeping with the director. Still, it's Derek. He's apparently straight and direct and choreographs and has that wonderful accent. So really, let's all go and get jealous of Ivy. I doubt it's the reason she got the role though. She is talented on her own. This probably just helped seal the deal.

Finally, it was nice of Frank to cave in the end and be supportive of Julia and the adoption. Sure, the process is apparently going to take longer than expected but at least they're in this together. I'm hopeful things go well with this adoption just because Julia seems to have waited long enough for it. Plus Frank's kind of adorable in his own way.

[You Know You Love Me]

Gossip Girl 05x15: Crazy, Cupid, Love

Oh show, just when I'm about to give up on you, you sort of come back and get me interested all over again. So I'm glad Dan finally mans up and just kisses Blair. At least now, Blair knows he really feels. When Blair was enumerating all the wonderful things Dan had done for her, I sort of felt bad for Dan just because he has been quite wonderful to her, but I just cant' see them romantic with each other. I hope they continue to be friends, but nothing more.

On the other hand, though the relationship was so very high school, I do kind of want to see Dan and Serena back together. I can't believe I shipped that like crazy back in the day, complete with watching their 'first time' over and over with all the snow and the mattress, but I digress. I get Dan's caught up on Blair now and Serena's caught them kissing but it wouldn't be so bad for them to get back together, yes?

Then there's Nate totally stalking Lola and Ivy coming back in the picture. I really do want Ivy's cover to get blown and for things to just explode in her face, at least until they reveal that Ivy's actually pretending to be Charlie and is totally caring for Celia Rhodes. I hope Grandma Rhodes isn't dying just yet.

And Chuck, I get you're hurting and whatnot but don't sleep with Alexandra. It's just gross. Also gross? Blair's social secretary having a thing for Louis. Really now? Really?! Still, the show was surprisingly not too bad. So that's a good thing.

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Hart of Dixie 01x14: Aliens & Aliases

Let's start off with the discovery that Lavon and Lemon used to date. This is a good thing, yes? I'm glad Dede knows and now I'm glad that Zoe knows. The more people know, the easier it'll be when George finds out. Or the harder, because then everyone but he would have known. But still, let's hope things go well now that it seems like George and Lemon are eloping.

Also, it was kind of cute to see Wade and Lemon bond. Sure, Wade just needed Lemon to pretend to be Joelle at the bar, but at least they got to bond and drunk!Lemon seems like a lot of fun. When she told him that she felt he deserved better, I felt that it was also nice for Lemon to let loose a bit. I just wish this little elopement she's got planned with George is the real deal cause it would suck to have George hurt in the end.

And just when George and Lemon are making it more official, we get to see how George and Zoe would be and it's also kind of cute, yes? Zoe and Wade are pretty awesome and yet she's not too bad with George either. Way to go show for making me all confused now. I want more cuteness now. More cuteness, show!

[Pretty Little Liarsss]

Pretty Little Liars 02x20: CTRL:A

Show, you can be ridiculous at times but you can also be surprisingly okay. Like this week, when you really got me caring for Caleb and his cheesy ass. Of course 1105 meant something. You didn't need to put the exclamation point to make it matter more. Only Hannah wouldn't remember this 'significant' date off the bat. I love how Hannah's the boy and Caleb the girl in this relationship.

Also, is it just me or does Aria's boy look better when he's not all hipster-ed up? He actually looked pretty adorable in that match he had going on. Of course, I initially thought he was in some Fight Club, so it's good to know it was just a martial arts thing, even with his heart condition. And thank goodness A's plan got foiled. See Mr. Montgomery, your kid really is lying to you. She just got lucky this time.

Finally, is it bad that I sort of see something with Spencer and Jason? I BLAME JASON FOR CUTTING HIS HAIR! If he still had his 90s haircut I wouldn't be thinking these thoughts. Especially now that it's revealed that Jason and Spencer are siblings. But see, the more wrong something is, the more right it seems to me. WHY SHOW WHY?!

[Ringer Fan]

Ringer 01x13: It's Easy to Cry...

Well, I didn't see that coming. I really didn't. I was actually killing myself over who to side with. The poor Juliet that got 'raped' by her teacher? Or the teacher, Mr. Carpenter (good looking, Jason Dohring) who was wrongfully accused? I really didn't know who was right anymore and so this little reveal they showed is totally messing with my head right now.

And this entire Siobhan business is getting eerily close to blowing over. I'm glad that she's totally enamored with Henry still, but something tells me that this is all going to end really badly for Henry. Sure, he's gotten Olivia off his back but Siobhan has so much up her sleeve that we don't know about that it could end up hurting him too. I really hope she's being real to him cause it would suck to get betrayed twice.

Finally, I hope Solomon is a real friend to Bridget just because she's trusted too many wrong guys already. With the 'good' commendations from his superiors though, I hope Bridget gets the ally she needs right now. I can't wait till the sisters both see each other. That will be a showdown I want to see.

[New Girl Online]

New Girl 01x13: Valentine's Day

There was too much cuteness going on in this episode, I'm not sure where to start. I loved that Jess was trying to just be casual about her one-night stand with and no matter how boring Oliver seemed to be, he really was just really cute. How can one resist Ryan Kwanten, yes? I'm going to need to watch more True Blood now. Leave it to Jess though to make an emotional connection.

I'm happy for Schmidt though. He finally got Cece and though it was a moment of weakness for her, I'm actually really excited to see Cece and Schmidt together though I'm not sure how Jess will take it, considering she had an errant thought of actually getting together with Schmidt. I wonder if they'll bring this up again.

Finally, it was nice that Winston actually became the nice boyfriend he could be, doing an all-girls-night in with Shelby and her friends. See, Winston? You can be a good guy if you want to. The best guy though? Nick. Despite her busy-ness, it was nice of him to just stay with her and help her out. I want more Julia and Nick.

[Emily Thorne.orgk]

Revenge 01x15: Chaos

So I'm glad to know that I can actually sort of predict this show. Ever since they introduced Tyler, I was sort of expecting him to be the guy in the beach who we all assumed was Daniel. I'm glad it wasn't Daniel but now I wonder how things will turn out especially since Daniel was at the scene of the crime with the blood on his shirt. Let this be okay for everyone, please?

It was interesting though, now that we've reached this point again to see how Amanda's totally turned sides but at the same time was still protected by Jack. Where were Jack's keys though? I'm glad Jack was trying to help her escape only to have Satoshi come to her rescue. How nice of Emily to be one step ahead and still help Amanda despite the betrayal. Oh Amanda, please just leave for good.

It's interesting that I'm actually sort of liking Charlotte more and more now. I'm hoping she lets go of Declan though, but with the beach thing going on, it looks like they're going strong. Finally, how beautiful is Victoria? She's looking so hot, even as she runs on the beach to Daniel. Now that she and Mr. Grayson are over, I wonder how things will go on. Someone give me the next episode, please?

[Crowhaven Road]

The Secret Circle 01x15: Return

So I know this is totally irrelevant but when Diana lets it slip to Cassie that 'all the men in her life seem to love Cassie more,' it was pretty telling to me. Sure, Diana and Cassie are all BFFs right now, sleeping over and being besties and yet she says things like that. You can tell there's an underlying feeling of jealousy and I can't wait till she blows up and just let's Cassie have it.

And hello, we finally see John Blackwell! It's pretty interesting to see how un-affectionate and just totally un-fatherly John Blackwell is and you can't blame Cassie for being totally distant as well. She's never met him and apparently he's got really dark powers, and still, I'm glad he's back. At least Cassie's got some sort of paternal figure, especially with her grandma still away. I hope he can protect her from whatever bullshit's coming Cassie's way.

Finally, it's good to see Faye give in to her inner desires (LOL!) and just hook up with Lee. Sure, she's our resident bad girl but with Jake still pining over Cassie, at least she's got Lee, who's actually really into her. Also, Callum looks really dangerous and I really hope that Melissa stops associating with him.

[The Vampire Diaries Web]

Vampire Diaries 03x15: All My Children

So Rebekah You're kind of awesome, yes? I like that she's totally chill hooking up with Damon and hitting two birds with one stone (hurting Elena) to standing up to her brothers during her walk of shame afterwards and then of course, almost setting Elena on fire in the cave I can't blame this girl. She's got issues but at the same time, she just wants someone to love her. We need more of her in my life.

Speaking of the other Originals, it's always nice to see Klaus be all mushy. I love how sweet he was to Caroline, wanting to get to know her and just generally being enamored with her and not afraid to tell her about it. I wish Caroline and Klaus could be together but it seems like shits hit the fan and things are harder to figure out. There are so many gray areas with them. And yup, Klaus did draw that many pictures of Caroline.

I'm glad they've sort of gotten rid of Esther and Finn. Sure, they had to turn Abby into a vampire (cutting the Bennett blood line) but at least they got rid of Esther and Finn for the moment. I'd hate for ALL the originals to be gone in one go especially when I've grown to love them all (save for Finn). I'm glad Kol and Elijah and Rebekah and Klaus live to see another day.

Also adorable? Stefan and Damon? These brothers may be at each other's throats half the time but they sure are united in their love for Elena and keeping her alive. I swear, these two kids need to just draw straws to see which one gets her. And now, it seems like Damon's giving way to Stefan's love. Ugh. I wish they'd fight it out, but they love each other too much to fight over a girl but I wish they would.

Finally, it sucks that they've made Meredith out to be the bad guy. I hope that this is all a misunderstanding because I don't want Meredith to be a bad guy. She's already Nanny Carrie and Melissa's sister so can they please make Meredith okay? I get she shot Alaric which is HORRIBLE but she knew he was wearing the ring, to it means he'll live, right?! Or did it have to be a supernatural death? OR IS MEREDITH SUPERNATURAL!? Oh show, why must you keep skipping weeks?

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