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Sneak Peek: Who Wants Some Don Draper Back?

[Jon Hamm Source]
It's been waaaaay too long since we last saw Don Draper and company strutting up Madison Avenue and finally, in a month's time, we'll get our wish. Mad Men comes back in the latter half of March and though it's a little over a month, that'll fly by for us considering the amount of time we've spent pining for it. So let's start those countdowns because in 37 days, we finally get our glorious show back and everything will be okay.

Photos courtesy of Zac Brasil
To be honest, I'm a little afraid of what The Paperboy will be like because with every behind-the-scenes photo I see of Zac, he's not looking his best. The hair, I'll forgive, but the outfits? I'm really not liking them. Let's hope the story is good enough to keep me reeled in. Oh what am I saying? I watched him in Miracle Run (before I knew he was THE Zac Efron), I'll watch him in this.

Then we see Leo and all his swagger, really getting into the role of Jay Gatsby for The Great Gatsby and since I read it with him in mind, I'm actually quite excited to see him and Carey (below! in another pretty dress!) bring this thing to life. I didn't realize it had quite the sad ending. Or at least it was sad for me.

And of course, there is Mr. Hamm looking might fine as always even if we only get to see a third of him sandwiched in between fans. The show really has been gone for too long and I think I might have just enough time to marathon everything in time for its return. Are you game, jamypye?!?

Photos courtesy of SOURCE
Thought it's been a while since we saw Kristen (no, I don't count the very rare Snow White and the Huntsman appearances -- I miss her okay), it was nice to see her all dolled up for a very pretty (or so it looks) photo shoot with Vanity Fair. I'm not sure if she's getting the cover for this one (I WOULDN'T MIND ONE BIT) or just a feature but she looks great freezing in that pretty dress and head piece in Paris.

Then of course, there's the always adorable Zooey whom I crush more and more with every episode of New Girl. I'm about to watch this week's Valentine episode but it's just gotten more awesome as the weeks go by and I'm glad it hasn't disappointed me yet. I really didn't think it would do this well.

Finally, we see Amanda again, still hard at work on Lovelace and this time she has James (above above as Hugh Hefner, right?!? Will he be high?!) along for the ride. This feels like a really risky movie/storyline but I'm willing to take the chance, if only for the retro costumes and hair alone.

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