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different kind of girl[6 Down/46 To Go!]
[+] The birthday week was pretty awesome, not just because I was able to take Friday off but because I went home pretty early for most of the week. So over-all, not a bad week in birthday celebrations. Now if I could take the entire week off next time (yeah right), that would be perfect.

[-] I know I shouldn't worry about things I can't control but somehow, I can't help but feel anxious. Thing is, I know mistakes are inevitable but I knew I could have avoided it somehow and I didn't so really, there's no one to blame but myself. I just hope this one thing (it seems to be a lot now though) doesn't erase every other decent thing I've done.

[+] Having said that, thanks to everyone who texted, emailed, greeted via Facebook and Twitter; anyone who called me and just remembered. Every single message warmed my heart and I feel so loved and grateful. Thanks so much ♥ I hope everyone else has a great week up ahead. And really, I can't say thanks enough.

It's Super Bowl Monday! and though I'm not the biggest football fan, I wish I were at home with my dad and brothers (they all happen to not have work or school) and just chilling with them. I only really care about the National Anthem and the Half time show and apparently, both were pretty spectacular.

It was also a very productive and ultra tiring day. There was just a shitload of work to do without having enough time for everything. The list is getting longer and longer and the hours are getting shorter and shorter. Hermione really needs to lend me her time turner because I need to turn back a couple of times to do more things.

And I said it last week but it hasn't stopped me from doing it this week. I must put a moratorium on all this junk food eating. I don't know if I'm PMS-ing or just plain cravnig but I've McDonalds for like five days in a row now. That cannot be a good thing, right? I know it's not a good thing for sure. Someone stop me.

Despite the fact that I hate it when the MRT breaks down. I'm glad I woke up late enough to find out about it before even attempting to trek to work riding the train. Instead, I took a cab with my brother (he sprained his foot) and dropped him off at school before heading to work. And if I were rich, I'd take cabs everywhere but my goodness, it was terribly expensive and wouldn't trade the pushing and shoving of the MRT for it, for a fraction of the price. I'm glad I didn't get stuck in the MRT though.

At work, I was busy attending to the never-ending promo-drama. I'm usually okay with these things. I've handled them before and know what to do. But when you put four of them on at the same time and in a rush and with a deadline and just things gong wrong, it's not fun. It's not fun at all. These are times when I realize, four might be a bit too much for me.

And because this day just had to end, I just took an early off even if I know I'll still have to deal with things later on. I ended up waiting for my dad at McDonalds. I really need to stop eating junk food. I didn't think I'd be one of those comfort-food-eaters but I guess I am. It's a nasty habit. I should buy fruits again.

Our boss had two days off this week and on day 2, we were packed with meetings that kept busy the whole day, but a good kind of busy. I like this sort of busy -- the busy where you know you're accomplishing so much without being too pressured or too stressed to deliver things right away. I want to reach this kind of plateau wherein I enjoy what I'm doing and feel the need to challenge myself without wanting to slit my wrists from the overwhelming feeling. I wish to never have to feel overwhelmed.

And so another day passed by and I was lucky enough to sort of cross more things off the list of things to do and somehow, not have too many other things added to the agenda. I really need to device a system of efficiency where I don't get lazy as often -- at least not at work, which is really hard.

And because I'm a lucky girl, I got to go home early again. I hitched a ride with my dad after my late afternoon meeting with a client whose office is conveniently located near the hospital where my dad works. I feel like I'm in high school again whenever I hitch a ride with my dad cause back in the day, when I was still riding the school bus, I'd have to ride with my dad fi I stayed for school projects. Riding home with my dad on work days makes me remember this.

TMI Alert: You know what I hate? Getting that monthly thing girls get to prove their not preggers. I've hated it ever since I got it at 13 (the day after my birthday, and I hate it now. I don't hate what it signifies though. But I don't lok forward to that 5 days of wonderful feelings and the weeks before that give me irritability and general bloatedness. And so getting it ont he week of my birthday and knowing I'll have to deal with it on the day itself makes me not too happy about it. There, I just had to let it out.

I guess it doesn't help either that I haven't been to the gym or had any form of physical activity for two weeks. I feel guilty, oh so very guilty and should really get off my ass, stop with the junk food and not waste all those grueling months I poured in the gym last year. I owe it to myself after all. I'm turning 25 and should have a change in lifestyle.

I was really excited to have a pre-birthday dinner out with my team mates but one of us was sick and it wouldn't make sense to continue without her. Plus, I ended up staying really late anyway, trying to finish things for tomorrow -- since I knew I wouldn't be there and had a deliverable due. Oh the joys of going home early for most of the week. I ended up paying it back anyway.

I like that I was able to take the day off to do things I normally do on my birthday like get my hair colored red (my annual tradition that never results in the Alias red hair that I want, get a massage, and watch a movie (this year, it's The Vow and it was cheesily wonderful). My traditions aren't much but I look forward to it every year.

It wasn't all fantastic though. Somehow, work still haunted me and I was feeling the anxiety creeping up on me again. I'm trying not to get all paranoid about everything but since I wasn't at work today, it's hard to gauge what I'll be coming back to on Monday. I hate how I besmirched my day off with worry. I brought all this upon myself anyway.

I'm glad I ended things on a positive note though. For the first time, I had my high school friends over at my house to help me welcome my birthday. We stayed up until a little bit past midnight to greet my birthday and watched TV and movies and tried drinking a bit. Being the lightweights that we are, we all ended up sleeping really early anyway. It was fun, still.

You know what else is fun? catching up with old friends. Despite not staying in touch with everyone all year round (I'm a very lazy friend), it's nice to see that folks still remember your birthday and I ended up catching up with the un-google-able man and it felt like the old days minus the pining. It sucks that we only catch up on our birthdays (and the holidays) but it's better than nothing, I suppose.

Hello, 25th birthday. I wake up pretty early considering I didn't sleep too early and catch the 6am mass with our very adorably cute priest and it feels like a really good way to start the day. I have big plans for the day which includes lunch out with my siblings and aunt and just general gallivanting about town but of course, none of this pushes through because of course, I get lazy.

Turning 25 hasn't changed me one bit and if I could choose between going out and staying home, you know I'd choose the latter. So instead, I take my friends home, drop my brother off at school and generally laze around. I nap after breakfast, have a late lunch and catch up on all the TV I missed during the week.

For more riveting plans, my aunt and I catch a movie in the evening and drink a bit more (though still not enough to actually feel anything) and just have another lazy evening in. I like this. I like it a lot. I think I want my 25th year to be this chill. I wouldn't mind it at all.

My aunt's been staying with us since my parents went on their mini-trip and it's been fun because she gives us acupuncture sessions and we watch movies and though she's leaving next week, it's been a good stay anyway. She'll be going back to New Jersey soon and we'll have to wait until July to come back to us. I wish she didn't have to go back.

My cousins came over to get treatments from my aunt and it was nice to see everyone. I haven't seen them for quite a bit so it was nice to have an informal get together. I got them to come to my belated birthday dinner later with my parents. It's always fun to have them around.

We had dinner at my favorite Japanese restaurant and of course, ended up being really really stuffed. We really need to find the happy balance between eating too much and starving myself. Apparently, it's not an easy thing to do. Still, I'm glad I was able to have lunch with (almost) everyone.

And finally, the best news ever. My little sister passed UP Diliman. My alma mater and the school where my sister went and my brother currently is in. There was a mishap with her papers so we weren't sure if she got in but we just found out. Best gift ever. best way to end the week. I can face Monday now. I'm just so happy for her.
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