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TV Time: It Really is a Smash

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Despite my constant complaining about the amount of television I watch, I'm still very much open to adding to the list if it really really piques my interest and when I first saw the previews for Smash, I knew I had to include it (perhaps to also fill the void that Glee has left in my 'musical' programming grid). And so we draw the curtains of Broadway and hope for the best. And yes, Jack Davenport totally sweetens the pot.

[Smash Online]

Smash 01x01: Pilot

Let's start with the fact that I love both girls. Ivy and Karen are equally awesome and I don't think I could choose whom I'd want for Marilyn just because they both bring something to the table. Where Ivy is all about Marilyn, Karen feels like Norma Jean and I love that they are two sides to the lady.

Then there's the production staff. I'm so happy to see Debra Messing again and seeing her write the songs with partner Tom and have Angelica Hujston come in and like I mentioned, the very very handsome Derek, it feels like there's so much potential for this show that I'm really just raring to see them put the show together.

And while I miss the song numbers on Glee, I really really enjoyed how theatrical all the performances were in this one. I absolutely adored Never Give All the Heart which Ivy did perfectly. The way Julia was panicking over the reaction after it leaked was so funny but the song itself needs to be released in whole. I like it. A lot.

My favorite would have to be The National Pasttime though just because it was fun and the Derek's audition was perfect and I can see he gets what they're trying to do. All the innuendos in the song are so very Broadway and I loved the choreography. Ivy killed that. And finally, Let Me Be Your Star is fantastic (I grew to love it) and has just all these emotions jam-packed into it and the girls just made me love it more. I can't wait.

Plus, I get to bond with jamypye over a show again. Sure, we have Mad Men and Revenge but musical-themed shows, whether Glee or American Idol, are our true passions and I'm so happy we can all squee about this together. I'm really hopeful for the rest of the season.

[Maggie Q Online]

Nikita 02x13: Clean Sweep

So secretly, I was hoping that Division would get wiped out and we'd get to start new with this thing but alas, it seems that isn't the case and we see Alex save the entire damn place with the help of Birkhoff. This would have been okay if it weren't revealed that Amanda had so much up her sleeve, teaming up with Gogol to take down Oversight and now she's rogue. Oh Amanda, you never fail to impress me. I want you being even more bad-ass though.

Speaking of bad ass, Roan, who always creeps me out just because he's so damn scary is still alive. And though he didn't get to bring down Alex (who saved the day for all the unknowing Division agents), I'm glad he was able to get away with Percy, who will always be one step ahead of everyone. I really liked that Percy sort of failed. He's been pretty on top of his game but it's good to know not everything can go his way all the time. I'm wondering what he and his one guardian plus Roan will do now though.

Finally, it's great that Nikita and Michael were able to prove themselves useful to the Senator. Madeleine has been pretty hard about the rogue agents and now that she sees her son and his co-rescuers, at least she'll know who the bad guys really are. I wonder what she'll recommend and spin for the press now that her other Oversight members are dead but I doubt this is the last we see of her so let's wait and see.


Skins 06x03: Alex

Is it weird that the episode I've liked so far this season is about a new character whom I've just met? Could it be that the rest of the characters in this generation have no appeal to me whatsoever thus my non-caring about this show thus far? well that changed with the introduction of Alex and his dice and his set of flashcards with things to do for the day. It's a pretty cute concept and I wonder how he comes up with the list of things to do on it anyway.

I also loved his relationship with his grandmother. It's rare to see someone young who genuinely cared for his grandmother and how he took care of her and just was there for her. Of course there's the stereotypical bad relationship with the dad but I didn't see the gay vibe coming and it was nice that he just wanted to be friends with Liv, who obviously misread everything. I don't blame you, girl. Alex is a sweetheart though.

I'm not sure where the rest of the cast is at the moment. We see a really angsty Franky and a really jealous Alo and a really messed up Mini and Nick, I don't even bother. So hopefully the new characters (if we meet any more) prove to be more interesting than the main cast. Is it sad I was more affected by Alex's grandma's death than Grace's?!? Yes, it must be wrong.

[You Know You Love Me]

Gossip Girl 05x14: The Backup Dan

SO this is where we're at after that crazy wedding. I get that Blair's really stressed and distressed and just out of it, but girl, change out of your wedding gown before trying to escape. it feels like such a small thing but at the same time, such a big mistake on her part. I feel bad for all the trailing around Dan's doing just because you know he's desperately in love with her though too un-manly to admit it. I'm glad Blair finally said thanks to him though. It feels like such a waste though having Blair go to Louis in the end. More draaama.

Then there's the Chuck and Serena teaming up to try to find Blair but having them thwarted by Georgina Sparks who really just needs to go away. I remember her character from the books and how they just totally ran away with it. In the books, Georgina was a druggie friend of Nate he met in rehab, I think and they just made her all kinds of crazy this time, which is a-ok but just totally old. I don't care if you're filling in for Gossip Girl, just go away. No one cares about you.

And for more irrelevance. We meet Lola/Charlie and of course, she's at the Blair/Louis wedding with the caterers and of course, lil ol' Nate is attracted to her and is helping her load crates into a van that gets the NJBC their clean getaway. THIS IS GOSSIP GIRL OF COURSE. Everything and everyone is ridiculous and interconnected somehow. I'm really interested in seeing how they finally crack this case of fake Charlie/Ivy. Because though I'm not rooting for either girl, I love how Nate happens to 'fall in love' or at the least be interested in both Rhodes girls. Oh Nate, stay silly.

[Hart of Dixie Web]

HoD 01x13: Sweetie Pies & Sweaty Palms

Why tease us with the cuteness of Jedson if you're only going to allude to more Wade in the future? See, I like Wade, and I like George and I also really like Jedson. So if Zoe can't have the former 2 for now, why can't we give her Jedson for more than one episode?! He was going to sleep over. Zoe was going to get laid! But life is cruel and this is how it goes. I'm sad things aren't working out. Oh Wade, just grow up and man up already.

Then there's Lavon and Dede. At least they're working out for now (or at least until Dede reveals to Lavon she's discovered his secret love for Lemon -- who's picture underneath the table is really really really pretty). I'm glad at least that Lavon was able to get Dede back. But knowing the writing of this show, they'll break them up too and poor Dede really, her heart has barely healed only to be ripped out again.

Finally there's Lemon and George whom I also like for the meantime. It's so easy to ship everyone on this show together and though I want a Lavon/Lemon endgame, I do feel bad for George who feels so disconnected from his fiance and Lemon too, who's been hiding so much all this time. I hope now that they've fixed things, we can see some serious wedding planning. Lemon's wedding is sure to be over the top and I can't wait.

[Pretty Little Liars Online]

Pretty Little Liars 02x19: The Naked Truth

Let's start with the big WTF of this episode. Jason and Spencer are half siblings?! Is there no end to the crazy mysteries and secrets this show has? Of course not. Though I've never been too fond of Jason, seeing him as the big brother to Spencer (that she never knew or had) endears him to me a bit more. I'm guessing this means we'll be seeing more of Jason DiLaurentis-Hastings now. Oh show, continue to give me crazy info.

Then there's the Kate and Hanna showdown that seemed to end well for everyone. I love that the hiding in the bathroom while recording a confession trick always works out fine. Kate's mom looks different from the wedding (or I probably just don't remember) but definitely a downgrade from the original Mrs. Marin. I'm glad Hanna was able to put Kate in her place. She's not even pretty.

And I'm really happy that Mona helped Emily out. I just hope she doesn't get into trouble for it. For all of Mona's flakiness (hanging out with Noel) and whatnot, she's still a good friend at heart. Finally, is seems to be implied that Aria's boyfriend-cover is in a secret fight club?! I'm guessing that's what it is right? With the bruising and the roundhouse kicks? I don't know, with this show, you just never know.

[90210 Media]

90210 04x16: No Good Deed

[Gellar Fan]

01x12: What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag?

I'm glad we finally got a reveal (to Henry at least) about the twin-thing. I mean sure, Andrew knows but now Henry knows that they're both alive and that Bridget has been playing house with Andrew. AND THE BABY IS ALIVE. I swear Siobhan may only come out a few times every episode but she sure gets a whole lot done. Very productive episode for you, girl.

Meanwhile, Machado seems to be getting closer to the source of it all and though the guy in jail is hoping Bodaway keeps him safe, I'm actually hoping they just kill him off just because I don't want him ruining anything with Bridget and Andrew. Not that Bridget isn't in deep enough shit when everything unravels but with the death note on her, it's going to be an even bigger mess.

Finally, I get how Juliet could be so fucked up. With a mom like that, of course she'll be all kinds of crazy. I'm surprised she's even so decent. I'm glad that she has Shivette to confide in. I like how their relationship really bloomed -- considering how Siobhan would just ignore her. I hope they realize that Siobhan couldn't have changed and this Shivette chick is a better fit for them. Too bad Mr. Carpenter seems to be really a baddie. I don't like that they've made him out to be the bad guy. I would have liked it better if it was all in Juliet's head. Oh well, we can't win it all.

[New Girl Online]

New Girl 01x12: The Landlord

THIS EPISODE WAS ALL KINDS OF HILARIOUS. From Nick and Jess almost getting shot at, to the menage-a-trois and both of them refusing to admit they were wrong, I can see a really good romantic future for these two. Not now though, I like Nick's girlfriend and I like his dynamic with Jess but I'm just saying, it can work out. It was really funny when Nick was demonstrating the doing things from behind bit. So very true.

But then there was Schmidt who just stole the episode. AGAIN. From him pretending to be their foreign visitor in the loft to his misunderstanding with his boss to his sitting down with Cece and of course, his new year's resolutions, this guy just ALWAYS brings it. I'm glad he attacked the CFO girl, you know she wanted it. Poor Schmidt though, dancing for the Tokyo conference call. You'll win one day, Schmidt. You will.

[Emily Van Camp Network]

Revenge 01x14: Perception

I honestly thought this was the episode of the engagement party already but I guess I was too damn excited, I came up short. It's okay though because it still managed to pack the punch. Let's start off with Grandpa Grayson who looks really familiar and a little too goofy looking to be Conrad's dad. Conrad looks so serious all the time and I would have imagined a Caleb Nicholl from The O.C. being his dad. Still, it seems Vicky's got Grandpa wrapped around her finger too. I love how the grandpa loves her so much.

Then there's Jack and faux!manda and the entire fiasco of their love being too strong so Jack storms the intimate dinner to berate Vicky and just throw her off and reveal to Charlotte the awful truth. Oh Jack, if you only knew how silly you're being. Emily Thorne is the girl you loved. I like how Jack's totally made himself believe that Amanda is it. And look at Amanda being a rebel and breaking in to Emily's home. I wonder if this is the start of things unraveling for Emily. I love how Nolan chose bros over hos. Emily, make sure he's on your side!

Of course, there's Emily and the hilarious flashbacks to her stalking Daniel back in college. So that was the 'first' time she met him -- giving the very pretentious Daniel a run for his money. I love how despite that flashback probably only a few years ago,it looks like Emily was a beatnik and this was the 70s. Oh show, please give me an awesome next episode, I really need it. And don't make Daniel die.

Finally, I shall end with poor Charlotte, whom I really didn't give a rat's ass about before but know seem to like her more that she's Emily's sister. I wish these two could bond for real and have her break-up with Declan because girl could do so much better. Really, there are tons of fish in the sea. Please don't let this be the one functional relationship of this show. I won't stand for it.

[Crowhaven Road]

The Secret Circle 01x14: Valentine

I'm glad Diana finally got things off her chest. Not just with Cassie and how she's got Adam and Jake after her but with Faye and how Melissa and Diana are now becoming BFFs again. Diana needs to do more Devil's Spirit more often (without passing out Melissa style) just because she needs to loosen up and obviously it can only be done with the aid of drugs. She's so repressed. I feel bad for her.

I also feel bad for Faye, who is obviously attracted to Jake (to me, at least) and yet will have to lose him to Cassie, who's got all the boys. Faye should just hook up with Lee (when his mysterious girl in critical condition turns for the worst) if he gets over his hang-ups. They'd seem like a pretty bad-ass 'baddie' power couple -- like Blair and Chuck before they both softened. I think it'd work better than Jake and her.

Finally, as much as Cassie isn't totally hateable, I would see why everyone isn't very happy with her. Sort of stealing Adam -- I know she didn't but if you were Diana, you'd think it too. And then luring in Jake too. I get she's the lead and therefore, all boys must flock to her, but with all her issues and the witches after her and the dad coming back and whatnot, are these boys really ready to handle all that? I'm just saying. Teenage boys were never very good with drama. But hey, that's just me.

[The Vampire Diaries Web]

TVD 03x14: Dangerous Liaisons

WHERE TO BEGIN ON THE AWESOMENESS OF THIS SHOW?! I guess we'll start off with Elena having two dates to the ball. For a town so small, they sure do have a lot of balls -- move over Upper East Side -- and they have no end to the gorgeous dresses they have. I really like Elena's back in this one and I feel bad for her, being so confused now. It's so obvious she still has feelings for Stefan and now that he's on the mend, I'm sure we'll see a reunion.

Poor Damon though, it seems like he really can't catch a break with her. First she kisses him and then tells him it'll never happen again. Then he tells her he loves her and gets not quite the best answer. Then he saves Matt from Kol only to be told off. At least he gets to hook up with Rebekah, though we all know that was purely physical. I'm glad they both got their rocks off though.

Speaking of Rebekah, I really like her with Matt. It was nice to see her get a conscience. I mean really, how sweet a guy is Matt Donovan? This one couldn't hurt a fly. So yeah, it's nice to know that even a vampire like Rebekah had no fight over the sweetness of Matty. This could work out, Rebekah. Just let the jock's ego (and hand) heal, and I feel like we'll see something happen with him. I want things to happen with him.

For more, we get a glimpse of Klaus and Caroline too. Though his personalized gift to her was pretty loltastic (I love that he drew her with a horse!!!), his other gifts were pretty swanky too. I see monetary bribes don't work on Caroline Forbes (even if she did look wonderful in the dress) and it was good that she got to put Klaus in his place. I'm surprised he even listened to her diatribe but I guess he's got it bad for the sweetest!vampire ever. I want to see a Tyler/Klaus showdown where Klaus emerges victor. I really want to see this work out for him.

Finally, there's Esther and all this bonding business. yes, you want to kill Klaus, but don't kill all your kids please. I love Elijah and Rebekah AND EVEN KLAUS. I want all the Originals to live happily ever after. Why can't you just live with this? It seems that they're following your rules anyway, no need to feel guilty anymore. Will someone please talk some sense into Esther? I don't want any of them dying. Well, Finn, I don't care for but the rest, I do already!!! Do something, Elijah!!!
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