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On Repeat: Madonna Give Us Her Luvin'

Though I admit to occasionally searching for the word 'love' on iTunes and just letting all the songs play on shuffle, I'm going to try not to dwell too much on the romance this year. So let's ignore the 'Slit Yo Wrists' and 'Pining Still' playlists for a while, okay? Besides, there are so many other things to celebrate in February so let's party instead.

And though this set of songs isn't as cohesive as January's (I actually can't think of a common theme), in trying to still keep 2012 on a non-emo level with ultra-pop/peppy songs, I've put together a whole lot of funfunfun for everyone. If you're in need of some adrenaline, click on through. You might suffer a pop-overload though.

Madonna; Give Me All Your Luvin'
(feat. M.I.A. & Nicki Minaj)

There is a reason she is still the Queen of Pop. So much for Britney becoming her heir apparent. I don't know if Madge ever went through a phase (aka slump) that Brit is in right now, but all the haters to the left. From her amazing, jaws-on-the-floor performance at the Superbowl XLVI Halftime Show in heels (albeit the 'slow' movements), she just blew me away and this video is everything fun and awesome that I love about Madonna. She is timeless. Seriously. I love her outfits and the look and just everything. I really wish I had become a cheerleader.

Joining Madonna on her new single are two girls who've also got their own single's out. M.I.A.'s Bad Girls is just something I want to jump up and down to. Meanwhile, despite the repetitiveness of Nicki Minaj's Stupid Hoe, it's still not as catchy (and I don't think we'll ever find one) as her SuperBass. Still, poptastic hits from both.

Smash; The National Pasttime

From football (and cheerleading) we move on to some baseball and though this week, we get the same episode of Smash, next week we'll get a new one. I have yet to write about my love for the show but let's just say I thoroughly enjoyed Megan Hilty's rendition of The National Pasttime (which you can view in full here). Though jamypye did a valiant effort into converting me to Let Me Be Your Star too, I think my baseball song still holds a special place in my heart. After all, didn't director Jack audition with this? I need more Smash.

Girls' Generation; The Boys

A couple days back, I saw a photo of Bill Murray surrounded by a bunch of Korean popstars -- whom I didn't realize was Girls Generation and apparently it was taken backstage at David Letterman. So when I actually caught the girls performance on the show (why are they so adorable and pretty and thin?!), I thought I'd check out the video and of course, it turned out cute. I still prefer them speaking in Korean (though I don't quite get what they're saying), and watching them dance-ish is always a treat.

When I get reincarnated, I'd love to be a Korean popstar just because all that dancing looks like so much fun. The girls don't get to dance all crazy (thanks to their heels) but I'll revert to an oldie but goodie, Super Junior's Sorry Sorry which for me takes the cake for all KPop dance videos. Seriously. I think I need to add 'learning this dance' to my bucket list. Now to find 12 other silly reincarnates like me.

Jay-Z & Kanye; Nig**s in Paris

There's just something about these two when they're together. It's hypnotic and apparently, this video can cause epileptic attacks too. I tried watching it all but I actually had to scroll down. My poor eyes couldn't take it. So you've been warned. But really, I hope this collaboration album isn't a one-time thing. It can't be when it's this good.

I was actually debating between that song or Mr. Carter's tribute to his new baby girl, Glory feat. (B.I.C.) -- which I found terribly sweet of him. Sure, there were all those rumors and crazy shenanigans going on about it but when Jay drops a record, no matter what it is, you know it'll be A+ and I find this one even more meaningful just because parenthood is always something that changes people. I just think it's sweet.

Coldplay; Charlie Brown

I always miss the old-school songs when I first hear a new Coldplay album but in time, things start growing on me and this is no exception. Plus, the video has Antonia Thomas (Alisha from Misfits) and a guy who isn't Superhoodie doing parkour across buildings. I kind of love the color and how psychedelic it all is without giving me a headache (Watch the Throne-style). Now come join me in this neon-extravaganza.

I'm not very familiar with Of Monsters and Men but seeing their video for their single, Little Talks, I actually got interested and curious to see more and hear more. It feels like the right amount of happiness in it without going crazy giddy. I like that.

The Black Keys; Gold on the Ceiling

Before I end, I had to include this pretty awesome song by The Black Keys which I first got off Megan McCafferty's current playlist and then heard them play it on The Secret Circle and then the video came out and it cemented itself as one of my ultra-repeated songs.

And though they're not quite like The Black Keys for some reason, I thought it was a natural progression to go from the deep electric beats to the more shrill sound of Spector's Chevy Thunder. Though I'd be scared to road trip with them (just see the video), it still ended up looking like a little fun. Who knows, maybe.

What songs have you guys been listening to on repeat this month? Are you succumbing to the love songs? I'm this close to giving in, and you know it, right?

Even More Music On Repeat:
fun. Tells Me that 'We Are Young'
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