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Why so tough? You see me running, but you can't keep up; So let me slow down for you, baby what?

I'm Gonna Get My[5 Down/47 To Go!]
[+] Hello February. My favorite month of the year has started and seeing how fast January went, this month will surely be even faster given we've only got 29 days to it. I'm going to try and enjoy every single one of these days just because February comes but once a year and I think I better live this one up.

[-] I need to take more photos. I just realized that I don't even have enough decent photos to choose from for my weekly recaps. This must be rectified. There is a reason my phone is also a camera. Busy-ness cannot be an excuse. It is for the gym, but for picture taking? Never.

[+] I realize there's a lot to do with bangs. And though I'm not styling master, there are ways to make me look less-Dora the Explorer, more decent grown-up with a job. If Rooney can do it, I shall try. Let's have fun with the bangs instead of trying to turn back time to before I idiotically asked the stylist to cut it. Here's to a fun week for everyone. It's going to be a great week. Repeat 10x.

So, it's the time of the year (well technically every three years) when I need to get my driver's license renewed and knowing all government offices in the Philippines, I was prepared for tons of inefficiency, which of course, I got. I had set aside the entire day to work my papers (even if I don't drive regularly) just because I knew that things would take long, but when I get the LTO Main office, they tell me the ENTIRE system is offline and they don't know when they'll get their system back online.

This pisses me off royally just because I had set time aside. I end up going to work only to hear from my teammates boyfriend, who was also renewing his license in a satellite center that those centers were not offline. So after a quick lunch and a trip to a satellite center where I had to redo my 'medical' check-up cause the main office didn't endorse mine, I get my license. My first one too with long hair!

It's already pretty late int he afternoon when I finish so I just take the rest of the day off and it's funny cause it's not like I didn't plan on taking the day off but the disappointment from the Main LTO office got me down. At least I was able to spend time with my aunt and grandma who shockingly agreed to come out with us in her wheelchair. This is a day of miracles, indeed.

I'm not the biggest fan of meetings. Just because I feel like I waste so much time sitting down in them when I could have gotten so much more things done in the same time I sat through these. In fact, I rarely ever call meetings unless totally needed becuase everything can be done via email or instant messenger. Of course, brainstorms and presentations are for face-to-face time, but other things? Let's just email? I'm so anti-social that way.

Then again, these meetings are the only times I ever interact with people outside my immediate work team so maybe I shouldn't complain. It's not like we ever meet with single, available and hot guys but a girl can dream, right? Who knows one day, when I'm looking pretty, preferably, I'll meet a gorgeous client who not only places BIG but also wins me over. Okay, let's go wake up now.

And for more good news, my dad picked me up. I really like it when I get to hitch a ride with my dad. Sure, the MRT is probably faster, but the ride home in a car without having to body bump with stranger and ditching the jeep or taxi afterwards is such a relief.

In a miraculous feat, I actually woke up early enough to ride with my dad. I know i harp about this week after week but it's such a good thing to get to work early, skip all the hassle of the MRT morning rush and get started on my day without the stress of getting to work. Plus, my dad leaves REALLLLY early in the morning and lately, I never wake up. But I guess times could be a-changnig. Or not.

Every month, we're suppose to produce this report that contains a lot of figures. I'm not a figures person. In the same way I'm not an ideas person (more on that later). And I've told my boss this. And she knows it. But since this is the first one for the year, the tables had to be reconfigured for the new year and this means lots of poring over tiny cells with formulas and lots of cross referencing and me getting cross-eyed. It'll get better next month, for sure since everything's fixed already but the damage has been done to my eyes. I will forever be scarred.

Thanks to this wonderful report, I ended up staying late too. Imagine if I got to work later than I did, I might have slept over. But since lately I've been going home at a decent hour, i didn't mind staying 'later' at all. In fact, there's that very tiny bit of me that misses the peaceful nature of the office at this time. You can get so much done cause it's so much quieter. I like it.

Second day of my favorite month and I'm not feeling well already. I don't know why, but I hitched a ride home with my team mate (we live in the same vicinity) and I wasn't feeling good at all. I'm glad there was fast food there just because I was able to grab something quick to eat before I got any more dizzy. I don't know what's bringing this about though. Could it be that my body actually misses the gym? Cause I don't.

I don't miss the gym at all. I feel really guilty that I haven't gone in like a week, and I'm probably gaining back the weight, but I just don't want to go. I've been pushing myself to go and the work has been crazy that i haven't gotten to, but the determination and drive just isn't there which is bad because I pushed myself last year and I did it but now that I don't have a trainer anymore (I'm' trying to save), it' snot working. Did I make myself too dependent? I hope not.

Nevertheless, I'll try to strive to do some sort of physical activity outside the gym just so I don't kill myself with guilt and don't gain back everything I lost. I saw photos of myself last year when we had ID Pictures and my face looked really bloated. I don't want to go back to that anymore. I had our artists edit it so I don't look too bad but I don't want that for real life anymore. I must get active again.

I planned on leaving work early cause I was supposed to have dinner with family, but like all Friday night plans, they usually get pushed back thanks to deadlines upon deadlines that I really don't want to deal with but have to in order to actually have some semblance of a weekend. I realize I can't do this job forever. There are some folks in the company who have been here for yeeeeeeears. It's such a hectic work life, I don't know if I've got what it takes to keep hanging on.

Anyway, moving on from work... my dad has like 34 first cousins compared to my mere 10 (including us, on my mom's side) and 12 (still including us on my dad's side) so whenever I see my dad with any of his first cousin's, it amazes me that he's close to so many more people. Sure, I'm close to my first cousin's (more on my mom's than my dad's, cause they live here) but we're only 10, it's understandable. I can't fathom being thisclose to 34 people! But it's true.

My dad's first cousin, who's based in London, is here in Manila for a few days and since he's been helping me so much with all the things I want to do in London, I went out to have dinner with him to say thanks. And I felt so embarrassed cause I've never even met this guy but he's been so awesome to me. I hope one day to be the cool aunt who's got awesome connections and can hook up nieces and nephews when they need things. I wouldn't mind being that at all.

By the time I get home, I'm so tired, I collapse and fall into bed and don't wake up till noon on Saturday which leaves me with half the day to catch up on all my TV shows. I'm actually done by the time Saturday finishes but do I immediately work on it? Of course not, instead I nap a bit and read some more and do all the things I could do some other time but I don't because procrastination is my middle name.

So by the time my brother's friends come over to party, my sister and I have been quarantined to the second floor and for some reason, we are craving pizza. My brother ordered some and by the time we have the guts to go ask for a piece, the pizzas are decimated. Of course, they would be. My sister and I are relentless though. We actually call McDonalds to have food delievered! At 1:30 in the morning! I don't know what came over us.

But apparently, 10 chicken nuggets can keep you up all night because suddenly, I get the urge to repaint my nails. I've never done this before. I usually get my nails done as I'm useless with my hands but we challenge ourselves and do two-tone nails and polka dotted toe nails. Take note, we're horrible horrible manicure and pedicure folk, so the results aren't very good up close, but pretty passable from afar. We will prevail.

Again, it was a miracle that we woke up for the 10am mass considering we stayed up till 5am doing our nails. But we do and the rest of the day can finally begin because we actually woke up at a quasi-decent hour. I spend the afternoon watching movies and I end up seeing The Artist (which I now get is a serious contender for the Oscars) and Capitalism: A Love Story which made me really sad seeing how dire the situation was in the US too -- not that it isn't bad in the Philippines, in fact, it's worse, but you get this idea that everything's fine and dandy in the states and well, I guess it's not the case.

My sisters and I have been eagerly anticipating Smash and after watching the pre-air pilot a couple weeks back, we've been totally excited to see the rest of it. And I've been trolling the web looking for anything really to keep me tided over till they finally premiere, but let's just say, this show looks like it's got some serious potential to enter our favorite-show-list that we share among siblings. I think I've rewatched the pilot too many times to count.

And obviously because of the crazy full weekend I've had, I end up putting off LJ (again) and really just sleeping the rest of my Sunday. I think I get to bed at around 6 in the evening and don't wake up till work on Monday. If only we had unlimited weekends when we could sleep and eat and have fun all day and then just go back to work when we feel like it. If we ever do. Oh to be an heiress. That would be fun.
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