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TV Time: Saying Goodbye To Chuck Makes Me Cry

[Chuck Media]
I didn't realize the last two episodes of Chuck would be shown back-to-back so I was caught unaware that there wouldn't be anything else after last week and now, we have zero Chuck and Sarah and Casey and Morgan to look forward to. And though it had a good run, there are still shows out there running for god knows how many seasons and this one had to say bye-bye. Oh Chuck, farewell.

[Chuck Media]

Chuck 05x12: Chuck Versus Sarah

Of course Sarah's mind was being controlled. I could tell from the moment she came back and even before they revealed that she was still in contact with Quinn. I felt bad for Chuck and how desperate he was to get Sarah back, how he confided in Ellie that she wasn't the Sarah he used to know and how she'd pull her feet away. It was so sad seeing him really just willing to do anything to get her back, even letting her go.

So when he got her back to their dream house and she saw the initials and let her run away, I just wanted to give Chuck a huge hug. I was so happy that Casey came to the rescue and gave her the mission logs. It amazed how they recreated every single hairstyle she had and had her wear her old uniforms as the Weinerlicious girl and the Froyo girl too. It was such a nice look back at all the different things Sarah's been and how it really helped her remember how much she and Chuck shared. Kudos Fedak for sneaking in a little Sarah retrospective there.

And I'm just glad that with everything being wrapped up nicely, we get a nice little happily ever after for the Woodcombs. Even if we don't get to see Ellie & Awesome and Clara in their new place in Chicago, at least we know they'll be away from Burbank and the craziness. Show, I think you deserve a rewatch and I'll be crying all throughout.

[Chuck Media]

Chuck 05x13: Chuck Versus Goodbye

I absolutely love how they were able to bring back Chuck's mom for this one. Even if we won't ever see Mr. Bartowski, at least we saw Mrs. B was able to help the gang for one last mission. Even if Casey managed to soften up (after hardening up again) so they could finally take Quinn down. I love that it took the last episode to make sure that they were able to put together the 'perfect' Intersect and I'm glad that we're back full circle with Chuck getting to wear it again and finally having the perfect combination of the Intersect that won't fry his brain.

And for more love, we get to see Jeffster literally save the day this time by keeping the music going. I'm so happy they got to perform one last time and even scored that record deal. Oh how fast the Buy More lost all its employees. As if that wasn't a big enough throwback, they did the Irene-Porno virus again to disable the bomb and it felt like the exact same framing as the first season when they did the exact same thing to solve the mission.

For more full-circling, I love that they end with the beach scene. Sure, Sarah and Chuck worked it out but she still let her go in the end and she did believe all he had to say but she couldn't feel it. I'm so glad that they ended with that beach scene just because it's such an iconic image from the first episode and it's rare to get to recreate that all over again and have it mean something new. I'm going to miss this show so much. It was fab while it ran.


Skins 06x02: Rich

So I guess they decided to shock us with the eventual character-kill off by doing it in the start of the show. And I liked Grace. It sucks because there were so many other characters I don't quite care about (All of the boys) and they kill of the girl character I actually liked. It's not fair. And I don't blame Professor Blood for wanting to keep Rich away. And it seemed like Grace was too much of a goodie of a daughter to really defy her dad anyway (not that I wanted her too).

Sure, I get why Rich would be all crying and depressed but I just never really felt his connection with Grace the way I saw it with Cassie and Sid and the great Cook/Effy/Freddy triangle (with some JJ thrown in) last generation. I just don't feel for anyone this season -- other than Franky and Mini and Grace, who is now dead. So where to go from here? I don't quite know.

And so instead we're left with Alo and Mini (screwing like bunnies), Franky and Nick (not quite getting along), Liv (whom I'm not just so interested in) and new folks like Alex who will hopefully reel me in. Let's see. I'm hopeful for that Mini & Franky episode near the end but will it be good enough to keep me interested all up til then? Let's wait and see, I suppose.

[You Know You Love Me]

Gossip Girl 05x13: G.G.

Things I refuse to believe about this episode: Serena had better hair than Blair. At her own wedding. In fact, in general, Serena looked SO MUCH BETTER than Blair, which I just can't stand for. This is your wedding, Blair. You've planned for this for ages and you let Serena look better than you?! I just find this so unacceptable. This is not the Blair of season 1. Screw character arcs. I doubt this is a change Blair would really undergo.

And I won't accept either that scheming Blair would let Louis get away with his own scheming. You can't help it, she had it coming. She could have chosen Dan (or CHuck) but no she went the martyr route and stayed with Louis, who is apparently a snake. So yes, Blair. I want to feel sorry for you. But this isn't you anymore. I really do mourn for the girl we all used to know.

More importantly, I don't believe that Georgina is Gossip Girl. It's just physically impossible. The universe is not this good that Georgina, the girl we all resort to blame things on when we don't know how to explain something is the source of all this gossip. Sure, she's technically just crowdsourcing but I refuse to believe it's her. Watch them try to rectify this because I can't believe this. And in better news? I don't know if this is good at all. WE GET ONE MORE SEASON FOLKS. And since I was seriously thinking of flouncing this season, watch me hang on for one more, for old time's sake. Wow, I'm a sucker.

[Hart of Dixie Web]

HoD 01x12: Mistress & Misunderstandings

Only this show can get away with things like SECRET GIRLFRIENDS!!!!! with Annbeth and Zoe because this show has set its self up to be this kind of show. The kind of show to tolerate that kind of thing so it comes off as totally cute and non-annoying just because it's watching Bridesmaids and drinking alcohol together in Zoe's living room while Lavon and Wade think she's doing the nasty with Juddson Jedson (I really though it was Juddson with the way they pronounced it). Alas, this secret could not go on further and I felt bad for Zoe that she had to give up this secret friendship for the sake of the friend. See Bluebell, Zoe's not so bad after all.

I was also sad to see Wade pine so damn hard. Look at Wade, comb his hair and put on a fresh shirt and try his best to be 'decent' for Zoe when all Jedson has to do is sit around and be at the right place at the right time to get a kiss from Dr. Hart. Oh Wade, don't you worry, it's only season 1 and though I don't know how many seasons your show's going to get, I doubt they'll make you wait too long. In fact, it might be sooner than you think. So just keep combing that hair and you never know when lightning might strike.

Finally, I felt bad for Lemon. Sure, she's a totally manipulative and controlling bitch, but she's loveable that way and to see this one try so damn hard to get what she wants (Memory Matron) only for everything around her to fall apart (including George being totally off-strat with the couples night), makes me want to give her a hug. And as much as I want to see her with Lavon, if these kids were on Gossip Girl, I think we'd probably see a Wade/Lemon coupling just because why not? I'd go for that in a crack!world.

[Pretty Little Liars Online]

PLL 02x18: A Kiss Before Lying

Oh show, I don't know if you'll have GG's staying power and last up until six seasons but I'm seriously getting more baffled every week with how 'deeper' the mystery gets only because I know you have the tendency to totally cop out on a mystery when it suits you. Nevertheless, you brought back Maya who's always fun to watch. And though we thought things were all hunky dory between Maya and Emily's mom, I guess it's not the case. It was fun to see Pam squirm in her seat and try to be 'accepting' when Maya put out all the stops. She did sort of had this coming with how rude she was before. I guess we're all even now?

And for more mystery, we are now introduced to Vivian Darkbloom, who sounds positively hilarious. That flashback with Alison pretending to be Vivian and Hanna in the parlor really cracks me up. I wonder what lame-ass thing Alison's left that the girls will discover. I also stumbled upon this article on Spencer and why she's the 'least favorite' member of the group but it really pertaining more to Troian. It was pretty funny but also had very good insights. So I say bring back Wren and make them live happily ever after. That'll settle the score.

Finally, the girls with boyfriends seem to have their lives in a tizzy especially with Aria's dad finding a job for Ezra far far away and Caleb embroiling himself in the drama that Hanna specifically didn't want him involved in. I guess a hot boyfriend = more trouble for them. SO see, follow Emily and pick a girl instead. Things seem to be much better for her now. Oh show, continue to confuse me.

[90210 Media]

90210 04x15: Trust, Truth and Traffic

[Gellar Fan]

Ringer 01x11: It Just Got Normal

so it's our first episode back and I did miss the show. But more than that, I miss Shivette's old hair. I get that even I got bangs and i'm not too in love with it yet, but you'd think SMG's stylist would have done a better job, right?! I don't know, maybe it'll take some getting used to for it to grow on me, but I prefer her before. She looks even less Siobhan-ish which is probably their point but just to put it out there. I miss the old her. And though I don't miss Gemma as much, it's interesting that Siobhan gets a new friend Greer (hey! aren't you the chick Nate banged sometime in season 2?!) which really just adds to the fun of this already utterly doomed cover.

And now that Siobhan is back in the city, I want her to totally confront Shivette for taking on her identity. Though, I think she isn't too angry at her, after all, Siobhan did run away to Paris but that moment in the shower when Shivette is all secure in her position with Andrew and her big fat ring and Siobhan is outside the shower door, looking all Psycho, I was hoping she'd break the glass and a cat fight would ensue. Instead we get a stolen ring. Oh deer. Wait till Andrew hears about that.

Finally, I refuse to believe Mr. Carpenter is guilty. Sure, Juliet seems to have turned a new leaf and it does seem plausible that the good-boy-next-door teacher type actually has a thing with his students, but it can't be! Now that Shivette's thrown a punch at him though, it'll only be a matter of time till the truth comes out right?! They'll have to investigate this now. Oh I don't know what I want to happen more. Have Juliet safe or keep the cute teacher. I say the latter.

[New Girl Online]

New Girl 01x11: Jess and Julia

I really like Nick's girlfriend, Julia. And even if they just labelled their thing now, I hope she sticks around because she is the anti-thesis to Jess (and would therefore be the perfect girl for Nick BEFORE he falls for Jess, cause you always have to have the opposite, right?!) But really, as much as I love Jess, there's only so much of her adorableness one cane take and Julia balances it all out. I really liked it when Jess was pow-wowing with Cece and their other friend about how Julia doesn't like her. Oh girls, you live up to the stereotypes and I love it.

Other things that were hilarious? Schmidt and his discovery that the towel he's been using was actually Nick's. Oh Schmidt, see don't be so fast to blame it on the girls. Looks like you're at fault anyway. And Wilson being a bad date was good too. His victory dance was pretty cute too. I wonder if this is a girl who'll stick around or if he'll stay true to his player ways. I want to see him bag girls now that he's no longer a professional basketball player in Latvia. (On a side note, I caught a couple of episodes of Happy Endings and as much as I miss Coach, that show is just hilarious, he's in a good place too.)

[Chance Harbor]

The Secret Circle 01x13: Medallion

Let's start off with how pretty Adam's birthday party ended up being. I loved that his dad still went to Diana to throw it even his son's totally making googly eyes at Cassie. I do feel bad for Diana and how she's totally been cast aside even if she gives that heartwarming speech and is so readily available and just waiting for Adam to look her way. Girl, find another guy. You're real pretty. I'm sure some hot guest star will be worthy of you? Or your dad. Oh wait, no that's wrong. But yes, Charles does look mighty fine all the time... But I digress.

And because we all need more Faye in our lives, it looks like she was a very busy girl this week, getting busy between the sheets with Jake (but wait, isn't he 'into' Cassie?! Of course he is, but he's a bad boy, remember?!) and getting high with Melissa on god knows what. This downward spiral is going to bite her in the ass very soon and I'm sure Mommy!Dawn will be there to clean up her mess again but I'm actually hoping she gets to a point where it hits her what kind of idiocy she's getting herself into. For now though, I enjoy her being the baddie. Cause even if Cassie is the evil witch, she's way too nice for me.

Speaking of Cassie, it seems like her evil powers are coming to the surface even more. With Lucy resurfacing and the medallions powers suddenly coming back to Cassie, it'll only be a matter of time till we finally meet Mr. Blackwell again. I don't know if they'll kill her father off completely after we meet him but at least she won't feel like such an orphan anymore, right? ANd I still want to know why Charles would kill Cassie's mom. I still refuse to believe he's a 'bad guy.' There must be a reason. There has to be.

[The Vampire Diaries Web]

Vampire Diaries 03x13: Bringing Out the Dead

Let's start off by how wonderful that entire scene was where Damon and Stefan and Klaus and Elijah were seated to a civilized dinner. I didn't realize vampires could ingest actual food and enjoy it (I'm still stuck in Twilight-canon but hey, I don't mind). Leave it to the vamps to enjoy the finer things in life, right? This entire dinner could have gone on forever and I wouldn't have cared. This is officially the best double date in the history of this show. I don't mind a repeat. That is, if Klaus isn't eaten alive by the rest of his family.

Hey Originals!!! Welcome to the show! It's good to see everyone reunited, though it probably doesn't feel so good for Klaus. I do miss Rebekah A LOT and these new additions Kol and Finn seem like a lot of fun as well. I want to see them just torture Klaus, but not kill him, no we wouldn't want that just because he really does have this coming, with him keeping them staked and in coffins for quite some time. I wish Michael were alive if only to have a legit family reunion.

Then there was the entire Elena and Matt coming home to find Alaric stabbed! I swear who is attacking the folks of Mystic Falls?! Leave Alaric out of it. He's the only family Elena has for now (I miss Jeremy and his cuteness, please bring him back) and she doesn't need to suffer anymore. It's not like both the guys who love her (Stefan: I love her. Damon: I love her too. *SCREAM*) are such tortured souls they can't just man up and toss a coin, so whoever is causing Elena anymore pain by 'killing' Alaric, it's not helping. Throw our girl a bone, will you?!

In even sadder news, our dear old Caroline doesn't get a break, apparently. Mr. Forbes unforutnately doesn't own an immortality ring and well, it's not like it would help him since these are mortal attacks. But I wish he'd just succumbed to vampirism and stayed with Caroline all her life. This way, they'll always have time to hang out since they'll be together for eternity. But, I don't blame him. He hates them. Why would he want to join them? I'm going to miss Bill on behalf of Caroline. Poor little girl.

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