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Glossy Groupie: Rachel Is Totally Loveable

Glamorous [Rachel McAdams Online]
I've gotten more of a hang of the collage thing and though these took some time, it wasn't as tedious as last month's craziness. And this month, we get some lovely covers from some awesome folks -- case in point: Rachel McAdams. With The Vow getting a release in time for V-Day this month, we get her all pinked up on the cover of Glamour and glamour, she does so well.

Also, with The Hunger Games coming out next month, it's no surprise we're getting magazine covers already. I'm hoping for more fashion covers for Jennifer Lawrence but I won't say no to this one. The new trailer has been making me very very excited. I know I'm not the only one. Countdown, please?

Photos courtesy of Rachel McAdams Online
On falling in love on a movie set: “A set may seem like a good place for romance, but I don’t think it’s very conducive; it’s too distracting. Every relationship I’ve had with a coworker has come after the fact, because you wind up actually spending a lot of time with those people promoting the movie.”
It surprises me how I still get so very excited whenever I see Rachel come out in anything. Though I haven't adored her for as long a time as I have Jennifer Garner, she's been around pretty long and yet she still manages to elicit awesome reactions from me every time she comes out to play. Her current blonde self has been very sweet and lovely, though I do miss the brunette already. She may rock all the colors of the rainbow on her head, but I'm still partial to her brown hair. I'm just biased like that.

Photos courtesy of Zooey Fan
On being called an It Girl: "'It' girl is supposed to be something that only lasts a certain amount of time. They keep calling me an 'It' girl, and at this point it makes me laugh, because they've done that so many times: 'You're it'; 'you're not it.' What is 'it'?"
There's a lot of hate and there's also lots of love for Ms. Deschanel and though I'm on the love side of the spectrum, it is a little hard to ignore the pundits. Still, she looks like her adorable self on the cover of Allure and though she wasn't the inspiration for my newly-cut bangs, I think the next time I get it trimmed, I'll see if I can pull off the fuller look. Now if only I had the voice too.

Photos courtesy of I Fancy the Fassy
On choosing roles: “I like characters that are flawed because we all are. When people break up in a script, you think, Oh, right, there must be tears shed here. But maybe the fact of the matter is that they’re both laughing. People are complicated. Our behavior towards one another is strange. So I like opportunities to investigate that.”
Well, hello there, Mr. Fassbender. You look very very good on two magazine covers this month, not counting that The Hollywood Reporter I somehow missed January and the W Magazine this month that I can't find a decent copy of. And though you did get snubbed at the Oscars, here's to hoping I still see you as a presenter? I'm sure the ladies attending wouldn't mind your presence either.

Photos courtesy of Nina Dobrev Network
On doing more films: “I want to become a different person, and that’s what working in film allows. I want to be a punk or a sweetheart or a drug addict! There are so many things to explore… Sometimes they’ll be like, ‘She’s not plain enough.’ Or ‘She’s not edgy enough.’ That frustrates me. I feel like a blank canvas, and I wish people would be a little more open-minded.”
It's Nina's second time around on Nylon and this time, she's the cover girl. I never did catch her on her ex-tv show DeGrassi, but seeing her every week on The Vampire Diaries as Elena makes me feel like I've known her for quite some time. Though I'm not too fond of the cowboy look she's rocking here, her hair looks amazing. Now how about a joint cover with Ian, yes?

Photos courtesy of Lovely Dakota Fanning
On younger sister Elle, 13: “She is incredibly free-spirited and totally wears her heart on her sleeve, you know exactly what she is thinking by taking one look at her. She’s just incredibly … I don’t know, I wish I could be more like her sometimes.”

On big sister Dakota: “I remember the first time Dakota asked me for fashion advice about what to put with what. I was like, ‘My big sister is asking me?’”
Just last December, these siblings came out on the cover of W looking absolutely angelic together, and though this month Dakota and Elle took separate titles, they looked equally adorable. I'm sort of falling in love with Elle even more. I can't believe she's 13 and really looking beautiful and dressing amazingly yet totally age appropriate. I love seeing her on the red carpet and hope she continues on this totally safe path she's been on so far. Let's not the LiLo route, okay?

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Lawrence Fan and Emily Van Camp Network
Emily on not knowing what will happen with her character: “They’ve been very careful what they tell us, because we do interviews and things like that and tend to over share. Entering a bleak season is going to be incredibly symbolic to what’s happening in the story. A central character is going to die on that beach, and the repercussions are going to be very bleak for many people
I have to say, Revenge has eaten me alive. Where a lot of US television is boring me to tears lately, this show keeps me hanging on and totally riveted to the the amazingly cheesy and melodramatic plots and scheming. Plus, it doesn't hurt the two leads seem to be dating in real life too. You all know I'm a sucker for that. Seems like Josh Bowman totally upgraded now.

Jennifer on taking the role: “I called my mom and she called me a hypocrite, because when I was doing indie movies and everyone was asking why I didn’t do studio movies, I said, ‘The size of the movie doesn’t matter.’ And she said, ‘Here’s a movie you love and you were thinking of turning it down because of its size.’ I thought, ‘I don’t want to miss out because I’m scared,’”
Finally, we finish with the much anticipated movie adaptation of the books that just owned me. I've been totally excited/afraid ever since they announced the movie version especialy since they've been marketing it too much like The Twilight Saga (and I can't blame them cause it did work) when really I feel they can do so much more on their own without having to make it seem like it's the next big thing. It is a big thing on its own and I wish they'd just stick to the film and book's merits. Nevertheless, after seeing the past two trailer and how very very active they've been on social media, i'm getting less afraid and just a lot more plain excited. March 23 can't come sooner.

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