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Trailer Tuesday: Rachel Really Loves Romances

[Rachel McAdams Online]
And another month is over and we look forward to more movies in the month of love. And though, I have yet to find a date for this year's Hallmark-created festivities, there's lots of other things to dwell on anyway. But of course, leave it to Hollywood to remind all the single girls out there, that well, there's still some romance to be had. I wish there were more romantic comedies though. Come on, film producers, where are those good old fashioned awesome ones?

The Vow

I'm a little shocked this wasn't written by Nicholas Sparks but with both Rachel and Channing Tatum in this -- both of whom are graduates of the Nicholas Sparks book-to-movie adaptation school -- it's bound to be quite the tearjerker. And the sucker in me is going to go see this at the cinemas, quite possibly alone (I don't mind) and will get all giddy because I'm easy like that. Plus it has Ben Covington Scott Speedman in it. I can't say no.


I guess folks are going for the 'alternative' screening for those who aren't into sappy romantic stuff. It's a good thing it's got Amanda in it. Though I wouldn't choose to watch something creepy without someone with me and with the lights on, this one looks more thrilling/suspenseful than scary so I'll probably be more enticed to check it out. Plus it has Carter Baizen Sebastian Stan and he's always a creepy person that's fun to watch.

This Means War

Attention, Chris Pine! You've always been adorable but I'm hoping to see you in a rom-com (Princess Diaries-style back when you guys weren't big timers) just because I feel you'd do well in it. And because this is the nearest we'll get to one at the moment, I'll take it. In fact, I'm glad you threw in some Tom Hardy, because that piece of man-meat is always a treat to watch. Now let's see if I enjoy the explosions as much as I do the 'romance' you've got in it.


This just looks heavy. Definitely something fun to watch with my dad cause these movies are his kind of thing. Plus, it's got the very very good looking Ryan Reynolds in it and this time he isn't just buried underground! And based on this, it seems Denzel Washington can be a pretty determined/intimidating mofo if he tries. Plus Ryan with a gun? Yes, please.


This one just looks like lots of fun. Paul Rudd? Jennifer Aniston? Yes please. And though I'm not sure if this was where they met exactly but Justin Theroux's in this too and though I don't know for how long he and Jen will last, but they seem pretty cute together for the moment. I hope this girl finds her happily ever after too.

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