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Losing my mind[4 Down/48 To Go!]
[+] And though it's only one day, it's still a holiday -- our first holiday for the year! Kung Hey Fat Choi or a very Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who celebrates! It was definitely an awesome way to start my week. Here's to many many more long weekends for everyone (at least one every quarter and I'll be happy, really).

[+] I attended my second wedding (as a non-family member) and I really feel the 'old-ness' creeping up on me. Yes, we're in our 20s and people are in the marrying age, but it feels weird. Sure, these folks aren't exactly my contemporaries but it's getting there. Before I know it, it'll be my close friends tying the know. Slow down please, time.

[+] And look at that, just one day(ish -- I know it's past midnight) late? If I get to update on a regular basis this week, I won't be too behind just yet. I'll try my best to catch up with the flist and everyone's comments (I won't wait three months this time, I promise). I hope you all have a splendid week up ahead.

It's no surprise I still have no voice, but I'm just a little worried cause I know I have a big presentation on Wednesday and not having my voice then would be a no-no. Thank goodness for accupuncture. I haven't had a treatment in a few months and it really helps me. I'm hoping it works its magic again this time.

And yes, we get a holiday for Chinese new Year. I know the Chinese community here would rather have work on this day but I'm glad we got a day off. These long weekends are rare and cherished and I really do look forward to them. Sure, I do nothing, but it's doing nothing that makes it special.

We had dinner out since my sister's only here for a few days and the restaurant we ate in not only had fantastic ramen but also a pretty cute owner. He didn't look very old so he's probably around our age but it was definitely an added treat to see him being so attentive. More reason to love Japanese food.

Of course, after a holiday, it just means one less day to complete all the work you missed and more. So I return to a mountain of emails and tasks added to those you haven't quite finished yet. On top of all this? I'm still quasi-voiceless. It's coming back, but still not there.

I thought I'd be able to leave work early to attend two officemate's wedding but I only made it to the reception. Still, I'm glad I made it at all. Barb works on the 6th floor for one of the men's sites on our editorial and Mark used to be my seatmate and the head of the programmers and it was sweet seeing them together at work and now, they're married. It was a beautiful wedding and I wish them all the best.

On the way home, I hitched a ride with some of the older girls from the office who also came from my high school. They're pretty rad girls and I find them really really funny. It's always a laugh trip when I'm with them and it was no different on the way home. It would be nice if I got to hang around them more.

All good things must come to an end and Pamy's short visit ended today with Pamy flying back to Singapore. It sucks cause I wasn't able to wake up to say goodbye. Even if she's only an email or chat away, it still felt weird waking up and not seeing her anymore.

Speaking of good things coming to an end, there were finally lines again at the MRT. IT's been pretty good lately and I didn't want to jinx it by talking about it, but I guess the stress-free streak had to stop some time. Oh well, it wasn't too too bad. Just a little tiring and hot but not the worst it could be. I'm glad.

And I'm finally back in the gym after a week of not going. Having no trainer really does make a difference and though I know I want to go, it's still different not having someone bugging you to attend and do reps. Still, I'm glad I was able to go and I'll have to try my darndest to keep this up. I will.

I hate feeling this sense of paranoia every time I do something wrong. I know it'll bite me in the ass but I trudge on anyway. It just sucks cause I feel like one wrong could cancel all the rights. I know I'm being overdramatic about this but it's still a legitimate feeling> I guess I'll just have to work on how I handle things after.

As fun as it is to like-like someone, it's also fun to just appreciate from a far and not do anything about it. I'm trying my best to be casual about things this year but something tells me it'll be hard to contain. I sometimes want to write about things, but writing about things makes it real, right? So yeah, let's keep it vague. I don't write this to elicit reactions. I just want to document this even if I don't understand what the hell I'm talking about weeks or months later.

My team mates lives near me so she usually lets me hitch a ride going home when we leave at the same time and she's not going anywhere else. And usually, I take a cab from where I get dropped off but I thought of 'saving' and riding the jeep. This has me ending up in my old college. And as horribly as that ended, there were still some pretty fond memories and i literally ended up walking down memory lane for a bit. There were good times.

I'm trying my best to be a good girl (for real) at work now, but I'm wondering if it's a bit too late for me to do this. Sure, I'm not a horrible employee but having been at work for a year, there are some things I'm letting slip through the cracks and I'm trying to get that newbie enthusiasm back. It's hard but I'll try my best to work like I'm still not regular. Let's hope.

Still, there are times when things get frustrating. Though I don't want to complain, sometimes I feel like there are so many unnecessary things that I don't have to deal with that I end up facing anyway just because I have zero spine and gut. It's like, 'do I have to?' and instead of actually saying that for fear of being misrepresented, I just nod and go along. I'm such a coward.

But yes. I'm glad it's a Friday and I'm glad that a project I thought I would have to stay late for, didn't have me staying late anyway. Sure, I ended up asking help from others (I hate this, not because I don't want help but I hate inconveniencing others -- and yes, it's theri job, but still) but I'm just glad we got all that sorted out.

Weekend. I love you so. Though I sort of made up my mind to take Monday off (not for relaxation, but for driver's license renewal purposes), I was stil trying to not psych myself into believing I had an inadvertent three-day weekend up ahead. Cause technically, I don't.

ANd because I'm the biggest home body among my siblings, I find I'm the only kid left at home with my three YOUNGER siblings out and about. This is a common occurrence in my family, really but it still makes me laugh how I'm technically the one with the least amount of social life going on. I'm such a grandma

Speaking of my grandma, my mom's mom and my mom's sister spent the weekend with us so we decided to watch season 2 of Downton Abbey (they loved season 1). And though I chickened out and slept for a bit, they went all the way to the Christmas special and stayed up till 4 am. They're made of strong stuff, I tell you.

And because I'm trying not to get backlogged on my movie list so early in the year, I tried catching up before it got too late and caught The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with my aunt. We watched the Swedish versions together so we had a grand time doing mini-commentaries on our thoughts all throughout.

It rained during the afternoon so I'm glad I wasn't out of the house and instead burrowed in the sofa doing what I loved most. I wish the weather would get better though. It's so odd having it rain really hard and then be extremely hot the next. What have we done, earth? Global warming sucks.

My aunt goes back to the US in two weeks and despite her stay being quite long, I'm still going to miss having her around. My mom's sister is the cool aunt and it's always a blast when she's here. I can't wait till she comes back home for good.
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