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TV Time: Ambivalently Starting on Skins

I didn't particularly enjoy Generation 3's first series for Skins but just like an addict, I keep coming back just because. I actually miss Generation 2 (considering I was missing Generation 1 when that was going on) but I'm trying to be hopeful and positive for this series. Could I just be getting 'older'? I doubt it. Still, if it's going on its fourth gen, it can't be , all that bad, right? Let's see. Knowing me, I'll stick around some more.


Skins 06x01: Everyone

And so we start the second and last series for the third Generation and though I wasn't in love with the series before this one, like I said, I'm giving it a shot because there are only 8 episodes anyway and I'm anal in continuing Brit series, because really, they're still good when 'bad'. And we find the group on holiday and the 'newlyweds,' Rich and Grace seem to be in happy land. They are still married, right? Wasn't that what happened in the season ender last series? Except why is it that Grace's dad can still keep Rich away? Oh yeah, cause they're underage! I guess all that running away together didn't work out for them, so I'm not sure how this thing with Grace being sick is going to work out. Could she be the requisite character they kill off this generation?

I'm slightly confused with how Franky & Matty got together (I need to rewatch or fastforward through the last series) but it seems Franky's a totally different person now. I agree with Mini's comment about her liking her more when she wasn't sure about her preferences -- or at least when the writers weren't sure who to pair her with. I guess the reason is because NONE OF THE BOYS ARE ACTUALLY CUTE and I liked her more with Mini.

Speaking of Mini, could they not find any other boy for her? She's adorable and I love her and totally deserves someone monumentally cuter than Alo (no offense, dude). Could she be that desperate to get it on? Either way, I'm hoping they give her a better pairing because I cannot get on this ship.

[Chuck Media]

Chuck 05x11: Chuck Vs The Bullet Train

Oh Sarah. We all know wearing those glasses were a big mistake and now you've got this mission to kill Chuck, which actually makes no sense to me anymore considering he doesn't have the Intersect anymore. But I guess, they need to have a huge cliffhanger for the second to the last episode and they've never pitted Chuck against Sarah. They were too adorable though in bed in the bullet train with Chuck doodling their future. I like these times best.

And I'm glad that Lester and Jeff are finally in on the truth. It's about time these guys were looped in considering they've practically uncovered the secret episodes ago. Plus see, they're pretty nifty to have around. It's really a sign that the end is near when even Lester is deemed useful in a crisis situation. It makes me sad that everything's being wrapped up so nicely already.

Finally, I'm glad to see some Casey and Alex love. Ever since they introduced Alex to the show, we've seen a soft-ish side to Casey and him being a dad becomes him. I like that he'd put Alex over his partners (I mean come on, of course, he would) and yet would find ways to get them out of the sticky situation. I wish we'd seen more of Casey, just because I feel we can never get enough of him.


Pan Am 01x12: New Fronteirs

It's crazy how the CIA has totally snuck itself up here in this show considering it's about stewardesses in the 60s. Who knew this would be the twist the show would get? I'm glad that Maggie didn't succumb to the guy just because she is so much better than a smuggler and well, Kate is getting better at her skillz. I'm not sure where they're bringing this Kate storyline with her getting better at her craft. I don't exactly see her becoming an agent as a happy ending for her. What I do want? Niko. I'm cheesy, I know.

Also something to laugh about? Colette's story with the runaway Prince. There is a reason this show is nowhere near the level of Mad Men awesomeness. Sure, they have that period thing in common but the writing is levels apart. Not that I don't appreciate Pan Am for it's fluffy ways but this was just too funny. Oh Colette, just talk it out with Dean instead of falling for this 'prince.' He's not even that cute.

Finally, though I'm glad Amanda let her secret out of the bag, I'm actually hoping Ted will cop out and marry her and suffer throughout the marriage. Of course, this won't happen but it would make his character much more interesting if he suffered in silence, the total opposite of the 60s Alpha Male while his wife was the one initiating an open relationship. Alas, this won't be so. And okay Laura, I guess now you have your in. When Amanda mentioned the Laura-Teddy connection I realized Amanda was but foil for Ted to unearth his 'true' feelings for Laura. Well, it's not like I don't want that either.

[You Know You Love Me]

Gossip Girl 05x12: Father and the Bride

Oh where to begin with this show? Since the title is called the Father and the Bride, let's start this discussion with the Father in question. COULD THEY NOT HAVE FOUND A HOTTER PRIEST?! Because Father Cavalia sort of looks like Euro-trash and is not someone Beatrice would ever find hot!?! Also, isn't it funny that his name on her phone is Father Cavalia. Of course, this could be to disguise him in case anyone checked her phone and saw her lover boy was named something else but still, I found it funny. It's amazing how this Beatrice turning good made me laugh so much. I actually wish she'd stayed bad so that Blair would have to really stay stuck in her relationship and not rely on outside forces to push her to Chuck. Now, we've got a total cop-out.

Then of course, there's the bride. WHY ON EARTH IS BLAIR WALDORF LINING UP FOR MACARONS!!!? Never mind the fact that she's a princess to be but by herself, she's NY royalty, right?! Did we not establish she's Queen Bee?! Why would she be lining up outside?! I don't get it at all. Writers, this is unacceptable!!!!

Also unacceptable? Somehow, having all the boys after Blair now. I'll take Louis and Chuck or Louis and Dan or even Dan and Chuck but to have them ALL going after her? It's a bit much. Of course, Dan wrote the vows. Of course we had to find out through a note, but I wish Dan would actually man up about his love because he's doing it half assed and if they want a love-quadrangle, I want each player to go all out. They're all half-assing they're feelings for Blair, I say she ends up with no one. Come on guys, I want grand gestures, dammit!

[Hart of Dixie Web]

Hart of Dixie 01x11: Hell's Belles

I missed this show so much and though i wasn't as in love with this episode as I was the Christmas episode, I'll take it because it's cute and adorable and everyone on this show is just so nice. So now we have Lemon and Zoe sort of calling a truce considering Zoe went through every single step of Belles initiation only to turn it down. It would have actually been fun if she accepted the honor and went through with the entire thing. That would test their love/hate relationship and instead now, we're back in limbo with them. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Also, there are much cuter Belles uniforms. Lemon looks great in hers because hers are pretty.

I wish we'd get to the Lavon/Lemon bits instead of focusing on Lavon and Deded again. Dede was funny for not wanting to go out with Lavon because of his feelings but something tells me they're just delaying the Lavon/Lemon reunion because it's too early on. I feel like Lavon couldn't talk to Dede if he tried and Dede wouldn't have anything to say either. Oh well, let's bide our time till the writers think it's the right time for our L/L reunion.

And finally, though I'm not the biggest fan of heartwarming stories, it was nice to see Earl burying all those jars of money. I hope no one discovers it and he's able to give it to Wade because it's actually kind of sweet that he's been keeping it all for him. I don't know if Crazy Earl can stay crazy now that they've revealed that side of him but hey, at least we know Wade's got some cushion in case the Rammer Jammer closes shop.

[Pretty Little Liars Online]

PLL 02x17: Blond Leading the Blind

I watched this show with my little sister which was new because I usually watch this alone and it was funny cause she kept pointing out inconsistencies and how they're always telling us the story instead of showing us. Which I don't really notice on my own but since my little sister was around, totally brought it to my attention. Still, because there was some Wren(!!!!) on the show, I didn't actually notice much else. His cuteness makes me so happy. I will literally ignore 97% of the show for the 3% he's in. He needs to star in another show that I can watch without cracking up more.

Also, I get where Hanna is coming from in wanting to protect Caleb so all this going behind her back to loop him in and use him is so going to bite the girls in the ass one episode soon. I don't think they'd appreciate it if Hanna went behind their backs and did something to their boys when she explicitly said otherwise. I see another friend!fight coming on and this time, it's not a staged one for A.

Finally, I'm scared for all this playing Aria's doing behind her mom's back. She's going to get caught with Ezra and then what will happen?! Then again, I can't blame her. He is the cutest regular cast member. Still, I'm not sure what the deal is with her cover guy because if he's not gay then what is he keeping secret? Yes, I can't believe I care about that either.

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90210 04x00:

Even More TV Time - Skins:
05x08: The Woods Are Bad!
05x07: Grace Gets Her Shakespeare On
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