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Red Carpet Round-Up: Rooney Goes on a Euro Trip

My Bang Idol[Rooney Mara Source]
I love how big movies take two press tours, one for the US-based (LA and NY) and then there's the European tour which always brings lots of pretty dresses and lots of appearances. And for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, it wasn't any different. Rooney Mara got all dolled up and brought James Bond Daniel Craig with her and brought the pretty parade around Europe.

But because I've decided to cut down on the pretty posts (I get lazy and tired), there's a whole lot of awards season photos that made it to the cut. The Academy Awards are but a month away and I should start on seeing all those movies soon. Have you seen them all?

Photos courtesy of Rooney Mara Source
I'm kind of in love with how Rooney dressed up for the European leg just because she took some bold choices and yet was consistently looking like herself (and a very glammed version of Libseth). Of course, her red Valentino at the Rome stop was my favorite, but I absolutely loved her black Louis Vuitton at the Parisian premiere. She is rocking those bangs (I need to own mine) and the dresses are divine. I can't wait for the Oscars!

Photos courtesy of Rachel Online, Garrett Hedlund Source, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Online
Rooney wasn't the only one getting all dressed up. At the recent Art of Elysium Heaven gala, I kind of realized why I'm so in love with Camilla Belle even if she doesn't have any movies of note. She looks AMAZING. Her yellow Carolina Herrera is something I covet and wish I could wear one day. If she never makes another piece of film, it'll be okay as long as she looks this good, all the time.

Speaking of good looking folks, the Sundance Film Festival just wrapped up in snowy Utah and it looks like we've got a good crop of indie-ish films to look forward to this year. I'm most curious about Bachelorette with Kirsten Dunst and the gang just because it looks like fun and it involves a wedding and therefore by default, I am interested in it. I'm also developing a major girl crush of Kiki Dunst, whom I used to despise when Jake was dating her but I was a silly kid back then and now, I find her adorable.

Photos courtesy of Sweet Hathaway, Ryan Gosling Fan, Carey Mulligan Network, Eddie Redmayne Spain, and I Fancy the Fassy
Though I'm still not over the Gosling No-Show at the recent Golden Globe Awards, I was hoping the Academy Award nominations would make up for it, only to find out there is not just no Gosling, but no Fassbender as well. I kind of knew they'd snub Di Caprio but I was hoping for more eyecandy. Still, I'm glad for Gary Oldman who is utterly deserving. I'm just a little sad.

So instead, let's reminisce the awards shows wherein all three boys showed up, albeit at different events. I didn't even realize Gosling was up for an award in Thailand (and apparently shooting there too). Manila is so near, Gosling! I know we've got the Bourne crew up here (complete with some Daniel Craig) but because I technically haven't seen them in the flesh, it doesn't count. Ryan, could you take that detour to our islands too?

Photos courtesy of Rob Pattinson Fan, Emma Stone Central, Rooney Mara Source, and Leo DiCaprio Network
There was a time when I would actually sit through awards shows just because a certain Twicouple Rob or Kristen were showing up but it seems like my glory days are over in that department and I didn't even bother looking up acceptance speech videos on YouTube this time around. Instead, I scoured the internet for what Emma Stone was wearing because that green apparently Gucci number she had on was totally perfection. Not everyone loved it, but I did. Plus we got to see Jennifer Lawrence gearing up for The Hunger Games promotions and you know I'm excited for that.

And though Leo did get snubbed by everyone (he's so used to it, I'm sure, BUT IT STILL HURTS!!!), he did show up at the places he was honored and be it the BAFTA Tea Party or the AFI Awards, our boy came out and took it like a sport. Will he be this generation's Scorsese? Getting snubbed year after year? Although, the director is getting his due now, it feels like this will be Leo's fate as well. Let's hope he ages gracefully then.

Photos courtesy of Captivating Felicity Jones
As much as I love the color Emma brings to the Critics Choice Awards, I'm more enthralled by the basic black and white numbers both Michelle Williams and Kirsten brought. Trust Chanel and Christian Dior respectively to bring out the big guns, I'm excited to see who they'll both wear to the Academy Awards. At least, Michelle's assured a spot, but Kiki could show up to present, right? I'm crossing my fingers.

And though Carey Mulligan isn't as present on the red carpet these days, she did show up at the National Board of Review's awards and she looked pretty arm in arm with Shame co-star, Fassy. I was really hoping she'd get some sort of nod for Shame but it looks like they both got laid aside for darker horses this race. Oh well, there's always next year, right?

I'll definitely try to add the Directors Guild Awards and the Screen Actors Guild Awards but I figured I'd put off posting this long enough, I might as well have something up and just add to it later. So watch out for that. It shouldn't be too long till I post those.

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