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Heading Straight for your heart[3 Down/49 To Go!]
[+] It's sad to say but the biggest thing that happened to me this week was that I go my hair cut! It's still long-ish (just all one length now) and I got those bangs I've been meaning to get. I don't know if I actually like them, as I feel like Dora the Explorer, but I hope they grow on me.

[+] I also got to see Katy Perry in concert and though I missed her the last time she came to Manila, I'm glad I was able to catch her this time around. You wouldn't have guessed she just got a divorce because she was lively and awesome and just so much fun. I hope she's okay though.

[-] And see, watch me get behind on LJ again, just three weeks into the new year. I really think I'll be cutting down on TV shows as that's the usual culprit behind the delay. That and laziness. I guess some things never change, even in the new year.

[+] Let's all hope the last week of January isn't such a bad one for all of us. One month down already.

It feels so good I start the day early. Miracle of all miracles was that I woke up really early and beat my dad to getting ready in the morning. Im going to cross my fingers that this is the start of earlier call times for me in the morning even if my bed beckons me back to it every single day.

The reason I wanted to get to work early was because I had a presentation. Little did I know that I would be presenting to my ex-boss today. There was me, then my manager and then this boss and though she's moved companies as well, it just felt odd being on the opposite side of the table now from her.

I'm glad I was able to leave work early ish too cause I really wanted to do was watch the final episode of Sherlock. It's been a quasi ritual to gather the siblings for this and I'm glad we're all fanboys and fangirls for steven moffatt. Oh what i'd do if I met him in real life. It'd be awesome to pick his brain.

Lazy day are here again. Despite the lists that never end, I find myself not wanting to do things. I find that though lists help, I still get overwhelmed with how long the lists have gotten. I'm going to try and truck through this crazy phase in the office. I hope things calm down a tad.

And though I've been trying to dress decently in the office, I was not prepared for the Impromptu event tonight that had me and my officemates feeling like the most underdressed folks there. Sure, it was just cocktails, but i saw bosses from agencies and even bosses from my old office and I just felt so not in my element. I'm glad I had team mates with me.

I was supposed to go to the gym but the event ended late so and I got lazy (which is a scary sign) but I get home and try to surf the web but it gets cut off and it doesn't want to go back. I hate having to call the repair guys cause my little siblings never seem to do this. It's My little sister is now doing the egg exercise

Apparently, it's weird making a presentation for your ex-boss. I had to present one of my brands to my ex-boss who now works as a director at an agency so that was weird. When I was under her, I was terrified of presenting and she knew it, so I tried my best to show her that I have evolved as a person. I don't know if she's convinced but I did my best and hopefully she'll be pleased.

It's funny cause now, I"m totally cool (at least cooler than before) with presenting so I don't know what changed between the first and second job. Perhaps I realized that these folks aren't really listening to me anyway so I can say whatever I want? I don't know but I'm glad that's over despite the awkwardness.

And because I'm such a good girl, I still did not gym today. My body is telling me to go and do it, but my mind is just tired and probably needs a break. I have to pat myself on the back though. Four months of continuous gym-visiting without a break (even Christmas week!) so I think I deserve this week off.

Wow. Things just seem to be so bad right now and though I wish I could make it all go away, it seems like I can't. And it sucks because what seemed like something that wouldn't be so big is now a giant mess of crazy. I hate drama. I really do. I wish I could lead a monotonous, drama-free life. I can forego excitement any day for boring. Really.

This day wasn't all bad though. We got some good feedback for some of the things we've been busy with. And it's always nice to get a pat on the back from the superiors. Sure, it's nowhere near done and there's still lots of work up ahead but the initial, 'wow, that's good!' means the world to me. I'm so easy that way.

I got to have dinner with my grandma and her sister. I wonder how it'll be when me and my siblings are all grown up. She's in the country and will be leaving to visit my dad's brother in Thailand soon but she'll be back again. The dynamics between her and her sister are hilarious and they're sort of arguing but in a really chill way. Passive aggressive at its best.

I don't know how there is still so much work on a Friday. I told myself I'd leave work early but of course, that didn't happen. Instead, I was forced to commute late with everyone to my friend's house in Manila. The two-MRT/LRT trip wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Still, I wish commuting were less of a hassle in Manila.

As a resolution to see each other more often, my high school friends scheduled Hannah's birthday sleepover almost a month in advanced and I'm proud to say it actually happened. It's so rare that we all get together with everyone working or in medical school.

And though I feel like throwing up and just sleeping the entire time, I took a one-hour nap and rejoined the festivities of alcohol and hanging out with my high school friends. It's good to know we're not as grandma-ly as we used to be. We stayed up past midnight! That is a feat for us, really.

I don't know why I expected to wake up (five hours after we finally slept) and be all well again. Sure, my doctor-to-be friends supplied me with drugs, but I didn't really think five hours of sleep was going to cure it, right? Wishful thinking on my part. At least the headache was gone.

Unfortunately, I wasn't well enough to actually go the beach with college friends, which was my original plan. Seeing as this was a long weekend, I had lined up another friends outing and though this was to the beach, I didn't think I was strong enough to make it so I had to cancel on them. They looked like they had a lot of fun though.

Instead, I comforted myself with more milk tea for my little sister and myself and finally took the plunge with the haircut. I usually get my hair trimmed on my birthday but seeing as it's Chinese New Year on Monday, it was good luck to have it cut now. I haven't had blunt bangs in a long time (like when I was six years old) so this was something I had to get used to. I feel like Dora the Explorer.

And today I wake up with zero voice, which is a natural progression from yesterday's sleep over (with barely enough sleep) and the sniffles so I shouldn't be surprised but I still am because I haven't lost my voice in a really long time.

But instead of staying home and resting, I go out with the family and have lunch with my dad while he's on duty at the hospital. It's so fun to have almost everyone complete, it feels just like the holidays -- except I am voiceless and hurts to talk.

This of course, doesn't stop me from meeting up with the office mates to watch Katy Perry. It was such a spur of the moment decision on our end, that I was surprised it pushed through. Though it started 2 hours late (I thought one hour would do) but Katy brought it complete with all the costume changes and the props and her set. It was beautiful and I'm so happy I got to go.
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