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TV Time: Sherlock Leaves Us Guessing Until (Hopefully Just) Next Year

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I totally understand why we only get three episodes of Sherlock per year. But wow, that wait between seasons is so damn long. Like too damn long. I hope it doesn't pull off a Mad Men and extend its absence, because with the way that ended, I kind of need the resolution like, right now. As the shows come trickling in (and I get delayed once again), I definitely felt relief with some plotlines and some WTF moments that make me wish the show didn't come back from the hiatus.

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Sherlock 02x03: The Reichenbach Fall

Let's start off with the fact that I really ned to know how he did that. There was no doubt in my mind he was alive. You can't kill off the main character of an extremely popular show. Sure, both Gatiss and Moffat tweeted the 'gotcha' bit in the end, but I'm really more curious as to how Sherlock pulled off the biggest trick of all. I'm a little sad Moriarty's dead but that only means new villains next year. Now they need to come back stat. No more delaying like last time.

And though I wish Irene would have come back for the finale, I didn't mind that Molly Hooper had such a big role in it. Even when the entire police force was turning their backs on Sherlock, she never did. In my heart though, Lestrade was only doing what he was told to do and really believed in Sherlock but it was still sad to see everyone just turn on him, just like how Watson said they would.

But what really broke me was seeing how heartbroken John was after all was said and done. Going back to the therapist, visiting the grave, seeing Sherlock fall. Of course, he couldn't be part of the ruse, it wouldn't work if he was, but just the fact that he was the one left behind and had to endure that makes me sad. I need to know that Sherlock will make it up to him next season because it's going to take a lot of groveling for Watson to forgive him. I hope all becomes well though.

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Chuck 05x10: Chuck Versus Bo

So I get Bo Derek was a hottie back in the day and when she walked in to the screen, not much has changed, but I wish we had focused on something else this time. There are like three episodes left and though I'm not complaining with how everything has gone, I just keep wishing we could have more episodes, more seasons. So, in the end, I did get a laugh out of douche!Morgan seducing BD.

And though it doesn't surprise me, it is pretty awesome that Sarah now, also has the intersect. Only Casey has yet to check out the Intersect on a personal level and I don't know if they'll still have time with the three episodes left but I hope this doesn't damage Sarah on some permanent level. And I don't know how long they'll dwell on it either. It's not like Sarah isn't an adept enough agent but hey, a little extra help never hurt anyone.

The funniest bit would have to come from resident knuckleheads Lester and Jeff though Jeff seems to be pretty alright on his own nowadays. I like that he's the one steering the rational thought between the two of them. Sure, they wake up in a wrecked car somewhere near Vegas but he thinks of their breath and how there's no alcohol. Jeff would make a pretty good analyst with the CIA, yes? If Morgan's part of the team, Jeff deserves a place too. Especially since he's got most of it figured out anyway.

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Nikita 02x12: Sanctuary

Sean is eye candy and let's thank heavens for that because we saw quite a bit of him this episode and with no Owen, I think we deserve some pretty. And though I don't approve of him sneaking up on the gang in hideout, I think he got what was coming to him. Sure, he was only protecting his mom, but we all have that excuse. It's family over everyone after all. Too bad, he got the bad end of the deal. I can't wait to see him turn around and join the good guys though. You know he will. He's going to be with Alex, I can feel it.

And as happy as I am that Michael's back, I wish his season 1 haircut would return too. Sure, he's more 'rugged' now and not as uptight as his Division-days but he'd look so much better with his clean-cut ways. Perhaps, Nikita would even open up her arms to you again if you cleaned up. You're a little too sloppy for my tastes now and don't think Nikita is any different. Don't be lazy, Michael. We all need to keep the relationship flame alive. Do your bit.

Finally though, we realize just how awesome Percy can be. Sure, Amanda had some feelings for him (I TOTALLY DID NOT SEE THAT COMING) but she really isn't quite the leader Percy was. Of course, the fact that Percy employed really evil tactics, makes Amanda look quite the kitten, but I want to see Percy assume power again now that Oversight has been taken down. I hope we get our wish soon.


Pan Am 01x11: Diplomatic Relations

Okay, let's just say we can't blame Bridget for wanting Dean back, but we can blame Dean for falling into her clutches considering how 'in love' he is supposed to be with Collette. I just feel bad for Collette because just when she finally decides to take the plunge, she gets this slap on her face. And sure, Dean chooses her, but he still slept with Bridget and I can only imagine how long this is going to take for everyone to forgive each other. Oh well. Let's see.

And as much as I was scared for everyone back in the USSR, I was more scared for Maggie. Not only did she write this piece, she's totally embarrassing him at this party. I can't blame her, because that's who she is but I wish she'd taken more time out to really explain herself to the congressman. Sure, they're both hot for each other but it would save everyone a lot of heartbreak if everyone were just honest with each other.

Finally, just when I was getting to be so happy for Ted and Amanda, we get this ball dropped on us. Could Amanda be lesbian or bisexual? I don't know how open Ted would be to this kind of thing but if this was set now, he'd probably think it was hot. But seeing as this is set in the 60s, probably not as much back then. I like Amanda a lot and seeing Ashley Greene in the role makes me so happy. I hope this isn't their way of kicking her out fast though.

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Gossip Girl 05x11: The End of the Affair?

So that's how they get rid of Blair's baby! A nifty car accident that doesn't kill anyone but an unborn child. I feel bad for Blair but also feel like this is such a cop out. Not that she wasn't going to marry Louis without the baby but it just feels so silly. What else is silly? All this talk of Blair still going with Louis even if it's Chuck she loves but she's hanging out with Dan. I so miss season 1 days, I really do.

And how can it be that Serena has better hair than Blair now and makes the most sense? I didn't think this day would come but it seems apocalypse is finally upon us. Serena has such beautiful hair and makes all the sense in the world meanwhile Blair is totally clueless and has bad bad hair. I don't get it, I don't want to. I'm just sad. Bring back fierce!Blair please.

Finally, Nate being a serious journalist (and calling himself one) gives me all the laughs in the world. I'm a little disappointed with Louis with all his scheming but it's not like anyone's characters are safe from character assassination. I guess the writers are on a roll with just totally destroying everyone. I am, however suddenly interested in this real!Charlie Rhodes character. I hope she buries Ivy in the ground. This is just all kinds of weird.

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PLL 02x16: Let the Water Hold Me Down

Oh Aria. I don't know how to make this girl feel better because she's pining so bad, I actually feel bad for her. Seeing Ezra at the movies, even if she was on a faux!date with this guy that is nowhere near Ezra on the hotness quotient makes me feel bad for her. If they had replaced him with someone who looked like Noel, I'd feel less bad for her. I wonder how they're going to resolve all this now.

And of course, it is revealed that Lucas isn't bad after all. Of course he isn't. Did we expect them to really resolve it now? Now that they've embroiled so many others in it and have gone to totally absurd plotlines to protect A? I didn't think so. This show has the biggest cop outs in history and I'm not surprised with this one either. Did we ever think they'd really pin it on Lucas? I didn't think so.

And though I'm not actually sure what's happening with Spencer and Emily, let's just say I wish Wren were back and that Emily got prettier girlfriends. I just realized that Rebekah from TVD was one of Emily's girlfriend's and I wish they'd bring her back. It seems like everyone on PLL, including Nanny Carrie Melissa have moved over to Mystic Falls.

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90210 04x14: Mama Can You Hear Me?

[New Girl Online]

New Girl 01x10: The Story of the 50

Nothing makes me smile more than this show and seeing all the reasons why Schmidt has had to put money in the douche jar is no exception. That entire montage in the end made me laugh so hard, I've probably watched it way too many times to count. Schmidt, you may be a douche, but you're a loveable one.

Having said that, his entire party was pretty much awesome. Leave it to Jess to plan a spectacular party on the fly with a pole and the wrong stripper and some brojuice. Seriously, I wished I were in that bus with them. It's always nice to see the gang do nice things for each other and even Schmidt deserved a 29th birthday party to remember.

But really, Nick and his new girl? I like her a lot. Lizzy Caplan has always been a joy to watch and this time, I'm hoping she sticks around longer. Sure, we know the Nick/Jess ship could sail soon but while we're waiting to get there, we might as well enjoy some of Lizzy Caplan on the side. Her wardrobe on this show is A+ too. I want it bad.

[Emily Van Camp Network]

Revenge 01x13: Commitment

Engagement in the rain? Yes please. Only Daniel could pull off something this cheesy. And though I kind of feel bad cause it all seems to go downhill from here, at least we get some Daniel/Emily cuteness before it all turns to ashes. Oh Emily, admit it, you've fallen for this guy even just a bit, right? No use denying it to everyone. Even your karate master can sense it. So at least own up to it a bit.

Poor homeless, little Charlotte. It's a good thing big sister Emily knows the truth, because I doubt she'd want to move in with Declan above the stowaway. She really needs to find a place of her own because I wouldn't want to live in with Declan either. Speaking of, I hope Emily has a great influence on her and will just tell her to break up with him because even if Jack is a-ok, doesn't mean little brother is. I'm such a hater but I really don't like Declan.

Victoria, what you're doing isn't right. I can't believe she got the sympathy vote from Daniel over the alleged rape when we all know that isn't so. everyone in the office has been speculating over who really died and something tells us Emily's dad is back from the dead only to die again. I don't know how this will all work out but I hope it's Tyler who's killed at the engagement party because I don't want it to be Daniel, that's for sure. Even if he got himself into Emily's bad side thanks to his trusting comment sharing. Oh Daniel, you never learn.

Finally, I'm still confused with all this Conrad business. I want to see how the good lawyer is going to come to Emily's rescue because at this point, I don't see how anything is doing her any good. How I wish it were Conrad killed at the beach but we all know that ain't happening. Let's cross our fingers it's not someone we like too much, yes?

[Chance Harbor]

The Secret Circle 01x12: Witness

I see this nifty trick you've got there with the flashbacks, Cassie. Don't we wish you'd had done this episodes ago when we needed so many other mysteries solved. It's okay though because this was one of the more important secrets we've had to mull over. I wish we'd seen your father but something tells me he isn't quite as dead as you think. It seems to be the common theme with this week's episodes, dead dad's who probably aren't as dead as everyone thinks.

And Dawn, what are you doing?!? Charles can't be a true baddie, right?! Then again he did 'kill' Cassie's mom, but his hotness has made me forget about that. Sure, Charles is at fault just as much as you Dawn, but I don't think it's right for you to rope in Adam's dad to help do your dirty work. I'm glad that Adam's dad sort of saw right through her and decided to keep the crystal. I guess drunken dad isn't as useless after all. Come take a central role in this drama, why don't you?

Finally, Faye, seems to be sucked into the 'wrong' crowd nowadays and I can't wait for her redemption before she becomes the bad girl in the good group. It's so much better that way cause at least those around her aren't as evil (or perceived evil) as her new clan seems to be. Of course, it wouldn't hurt if Lee joined the goodies either but for now, let's let her have her fun. Just don't hurt yourself, okay?

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Vampire Diaries 03x12: The Ties That Bind

Let's start with the fact that Elijah is back. Sure, we only saw like a split second of him but knowing he's back and not sure where his loyalties lie, it's always nice to get another Original back in the show. With Rebekah staked and buried at least Klaus isn't alone in his Original-ness. Plus Elijah could talk some sense into him, even just a bit.

It's good to see Bonnie's mom (see, everyone's parents are coming back to life) and her new ward. Something tells me that Bonnie will be involved with this quasi-step brother while Jeremy is away. It doesn't hurt for her to have some love interest while Jeremy's been banished. Plus this means Jeremy can get another girl. I was never sold on Jeremy/Bonnie. Maybe they can bring back Anna? Yes, I like that.

And no matter how much Stefan denies it, it's so fun to see him so jealous. Now that he knows Damon's confessed and Elena's told him about the kiss, it's just amazing what repressed feelings can do once brought to the surface. See, Stefan, you've still got that humanity left in you. It's just funny how you choose to manifest it. Let it out. I want to see an all out war with Damon and Stefan battling it out for Elena.

Also, Elena, it's okay to feel this way. TO feel confused. As much as Stefan's slowly working his way back to the goodside, I hope you don't discount how real your feelings were for Damon. I like that she's at this fork in her life and the fact that Stefan isn't making it any easier for her to make her decision with him swinging back and forth. I hope it's really Damon in the end though.

As much as I feel for Alaric grieving for Jenna, I do like this Dr. Fell resurgence we're seeing. Sure, she's a doctor who cheats with vampire blood, I hope that's the worst of her offences because I'd hate to see Alaric fall for the wrong girl and leave him broken again. I'm glad they got their kiss on -- even if Elena spoiled the party. And it's officially my favorite Torey Devito character. Nanny Carrie and Melissa just didn't do it for me. Let's hope Dr. Fell is a keeper.

And as much as I missed Caroline in the last episode, I was hoping she'd kick Tyler to the curb at this point. Unfortunately, it seems Mr. Forbes has come into the loop and is trying to un-sire Tyler from Klaus. I hope Mr. Forbes survives this though. It looks to be a dangerous road up ahead.

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