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TV Time: Booth and Bones Get a 'New' Abode

[Bones Daily]
The road to Booth and Bones domestic bliss has taken us seven seasons to get there. And though I was only actively watching Bones these past three seasons, it has felt like forever. So though we got cheated out of the 'let's-do-this, let's-fall-in-love' phase, I'm glad we're getting all this domestication from them searching for the perfect house. Elswhere on TV Land, we saw a lot of bombs dropping. Which 'bomb' dropped was your favorite?

[Bones Daily]

Bones 07x06: The Crack in the Code

So let's start witht he obvious cuteness. I love how they transitioned so easily from partners at work to partners with this child. Yes, there's romance but you can tell that this partnership isn't based on that at all. It's based on a mutual respect and yes, love (but not the cheesy, silly type). Bones has evolved so much, agreeing to things easily (as long as the baby benefits) and being distracted at work (technically, she was on a lunch break, so still very legit) by the hunt for the perfect home. So it made my heart melt when Booth opens the door to a fixer-upper that belonged to an ex-con and needs lots of work but the 'bones' are alright. I'm so excited to see them bring this thing to life.

On a side note, the other couples were totally adorable this week. From Sweets trying to find the perfect gift for Daisy (a blue Vespa! He tried the helmet on to check if it was comfortable!) to Hodgins and Angela trying to wrack their brain trying to crack the code. This husband and wife duo really knows how to work things out. Brilliance is brilliance.

The real brilliance would have to be the guy stuck at home killing people from afar. It's him. They've showed us it's him. But how? I hate that this is the last episode before their hiatus, when I thought the holidays were the hiatus. And now we have this brilliant guy (who I fell can be their next Grave Digger, in a sense that they won't be able to catch him the first time) who's totally playing the team. I like it, but I want it now.

BOMB DROPPED: Well, really just a firework that Hodgins dropped into the dummy's body in an attempt to recreate the blowing up from the inside. I do miss Zach for all these possible 'king of the lab' moments.

[Chuck Media]

Chuck 05x09: Chuck Versus The Kept Man

So I was actually pretty sure that Sarah wasn't going to be preggers and though they sure made it seem like it; it was nice to see how Chuck would be as a prospective dad and husband. Leave it to Chuck to CARE too much and totally suffocate sarah and her independent ways. But it's also nice that she sees she's got an awesome support system in Chuck, when and if the time comes (which i feel will arrive at the end of the series).

Then there is that love and hate relationship between Casey  and Verbansky. And though it wasn't right of her to trick the team into a glorified vacation; it's not like they weren't willing to come along. Casey's going to need a lot of time till he really warms up to his relationship with her but I think the fact that he wants Alex to meet her could only mean he's least somewhat serious about her. 

BOMB DROPPED: And though I'm not always into Jeff and Lester, this entrie storyline about smart!Jeff really investigating the discrepancies with the Buy More. And though Morgan thought he'd tricked them with the entire Awesome-is-the-CIA guy, I love how Jeff is so smart now, he noticed the wet paint and all broke down the wall to discover Castle. I really want to know how they're going to fake it this time.

[Maggie Q Online]

Nikita 02x11: Pale Fire

I find it sad that Alex's mom has been sort of brainwashed. Though you can't blame either of them for acting the way they did, I was just hoping against hope that at least we'd see some sort of happily ever after for Alex even for a while. Too bad Renee Swan or rather Mrs. Udinov wasn't as cooperative. At least Alex knows the truth. 

BOMB DROPPED: Mommy!Udinov isn't the most cooperative ally on the block. I guess Alex had to face the truth soon enough so it's a good thing they didn't drag it on too long.

Also it was so nice to see Nikita and Alex team up again. Sure it's only been a few episodes into the season with them apart but i always liked their dynamics and camaraderie. I wonder if this is the start of their reunion. Maybe the writers will make us wait a bit more. 

Speaking of reunions and people resurfacing. It was so good to see Flecher and Owen back on the show. Even if Ryan was getting his butt kicked half the time and by Percy no less, at least he's back on my screen which is what really matters. Then there's Owen and Michael and all that awkwardness. Sure, Owen hasn't exactly been vocal about his feelings but here could be tension there. I want this to be a quadrangle with Ryan Flecher too. 

[Cumberbatch Web]

Sherlock 02x02: The Hounds of Baskerville

I have to say that it was such a surprise to me that Mark Gatiss (whom I know as the writer and co-creator of the show) is apparently also the actor that plays Mycroft Holmes. I feel like such a spaz not realizing this. As if I didn't love Mycroft enough as it is, this totally adds a whole new dimension and I'm just more in love with him now. Mark Gatiss is just brilliance personified and I'm so excited for the last episode.

Both second episodes take Sherlock and Watson out of their comfort zone and into a nice setting that acts as a character. The museum and the Chinese theater group in series 1 and now to Baskerville and the mysterious Dewer's Hollow. And though I'm not the biggest fan of horrors, this one did creep the crap out of me and I was covering my eyes half the time. I'm such a wuss, obviously. 

I love how we meet Henry Knight and his childhood vision of the hound. It was so funny to see Sherlock show off with Henry and how he figured out how things happened on the train. The visuals of Sherlock and the harpoon and whiffing the smoke from Henry's cigarette made me laugh so hard. Oh Sherlock, you're so funny when you're frustrated.

The idea of Baskerville as an area 51-esque place that of course, Mycroft had access too.  The way they make Mycroft seem as powerful (and yet still not know what he does exactly) always makes me laugh. Twenty-three minutes to bust them only to be saved by the good doctor who saved them from the Major. 

I liked that they managed to connect Bluebell too and the whole time Sherlock was playing with Watson in the lab was mean but funny. I actually figured out he was behind that bit but I do feel bad that Watson had to get spooked that bad. Sherlock was of course, amazing too, as he cracked the password of the Major. I don't know how he does it really, but it's something.

I loved the scenes where Henry was being spooked in his house with the garden lights. When they'd flash on, I'd always cover my eyes. I also really liked how Watson tried solving his bit with the Morse code lights only to find out they were folks getting busy in the car on the fields. Oh Watson, don't worry, you're Sherlock's only friend and it was nice of him to admit to it. I'm sure John was flattered.

It was fantastic to see the gorgeous Inspector Lestrade on holiday too. Casual wear with the shades and the tan and helping the boys out somehow (even if he was sent by Mycroft) was a nice little treat. I obviously need more Lestrade in my life but I'll take what they give.

BOMB DROPPED: It's all a hallucination and was caused by that nice doctor who we thought was Henry's dad's friend. I haven't read the books and I'm really bad at mysteries so I didn't quite figure that out from the beginning but it was fun to see Sherlock really figure it all out and come to that conclusion.


Pan Am 01x10: Secrets and Lies

Ted and Amanda are kind of adorable yes? I really like Amanda's character even if they're probably rooting for a Ted and Laura end game. Still, for now, they were quite cute together complete with Amanda making Ted feel less emasculated about himself.  If only for that, I really like her. 

I wish Maggie had told the congressman before they slept together. You know that just complicates things. But how could she resist him? He was all honest about his feelings for her and how he wanted to impress her. Too bad shit is gonna hit the fan with the paper cute newspaper guy printed. I hope Maggie and the congressman overcome this.  

I feel so bad for Colette. Sure, it's better to cut ties with Dean considering Bridgette is back and Dean is obviously conflicted. I wish they had worked it out though. I'm not sure how successful this reunion with dean and Bridgette will be but for now, let's all mourn the loss of Dean and Colette. 

BOMB DROPPED: Dean still has feelings for Bridgette though not quite the bomb, still something that I don't want to swallow just because I really did like Colette and Dean and though she dropped him like it's hot, he shouldn't have sought solace in Bridgette when something tells me that ain't gonna last either.

Finally, let's all breathe a sigh of relief that Kate got through the polygraph. Something tells me that Kate isn't opting out of the CIA. Despite her protestations, she likes and enjoys what she's doing. So I can see her staying in there especially now that she's gotten used to the lying bit. Oh well I wonder how many episodes we have left. 

[Pretty Little Liars Online]

Pretty Little Liars 02x15: A Hot Piece of 'A'

Oh Aria. As much as I ship you with Ezra, you just really need to toe the line here. Ezra's already in so much trouble as it is, if it weren't for your mom, he'd be in jail right now. And there you go bugging him, calling him up, picking fights with your dad (who will only ground you more). And if you think you can use Holden to cover up for sneaking around with Ezra, think again. This will end badly, Aria.

Then there's Toby and Spencer and their little reunion. It's so funny that they just happen to be outside Jenna's door when Garrett talks really loudly into his phone. Yes Garrett, you're a police and are very discreet. Good job on keeping things on the down low. I'm excited for Jenna to get her vision back though. This should make things more interesting.

Poor Hannah, over-stressed about Caleb's surprise party, that she totally doesn't see Lucas scrambling to get her attention. Caleb was pretty nifty with the hacking though but of course A is one step ahead of everyone. I'm not sure whether I like Caleb more than Lucas but I'm just glad Hannah's got boys. I just wish she didn't have to hurt anyone but that isn't possible.

BOMB DROPPED: Lucasssss!!! Are you really A's helper? Or are you just rying to confess you love Hanna. Something tells me it's the latter. Knowing this show, they love to set things up only to have it totally fizzle. And something tells me he ain't dead yet. Just floating around somewhere. He can't be A's helper, right?!

[Emily Van Camp Network]

Revenge 01x12: Infamy

Let's start off by saying how cheesily awesome the voice over intros Emily does every single episode and this week, we get a little dose of pop wisdom from her and also special guest, Roger Bart (whom I still remember from the days of Desperate Housewvies) as Mason Treadwell. I'm actually a little peeved that they didn't get their way with Mason even with Faux!manda's pretending and coaching from Emily and Nolan. I guess Victoria's powers and ties go far and deep. In the end though, it made me laugh that Emily still got her way when she burned down his house. SO much for an end to the hot date with Nolan.

Then of course, there's the awesome friendship between Emily and Nolan and I love that they're reunited (and it feels so good), Emily's really including him in her plans. I got this video from my officemate, Reggie (who's also a huge Revenge fan) and we both didn't realize how adorable Gabriel Mann is in real life (or how old he was; he's 39!!!), but I digress. The point is, I'm growing to love the scheming friends and how in essence, he really is the only friend she's got and I'm glad to see Emily really take that into consideration and value him as an ally.

On more silly plots, it was totally entertaining to see Faux!manda get all jealous of Emily and then act out and make out with girls in the bar complete with blue light specials. So yes, this may have woken Jack a bit from his stupor, but something tells me he's also motivated by the guilt he feels because he can't explain why he's feeling something for Emily when Faux!manda is around anyway. Oh Jack, just fess up already so we can have a legit love triangle (or quadrangle, let's not leave Nolan out).

Finally, there's Daniel in his weak attempts to help his mom out by gaining his trust fund. I love how we're getting Merrin Dungey (hey Francie, I miss Alias so much!) as the hard ass lawyer who's setting the terms for Conrad. It makes it all the more interesting to see that they've set the marriage clause for Daniel. Thus getting our engagement party. I really don't think they'll kill him off (I'm still crossing my fingers). 

BOMB DROPPED: It's bee a pretty wild ride getting to episode one again and I love how they drop this "Charlotte-is-Emily's-sister" bomb now which just makes emily's relationship with Daniel (who's technically her step-ish brother, right?!) a little weirder. Are you ready for episode 13? Because I sure can't wait.

[Chance Harbor]

The Secret Circle 01x11: Fire & Ice

Let's start off by how much I'm going to miss Faye, now that she's left the circle. You can't blame the girl for wanting powers of her own and when she lashed out on everyone after nearly killing them (sure), she did have a valid point. Cassie's been harboring this dark magic and really does get special treatment but the one time Faye messes up, she's literally about to be burned at the stake. I feel her resentment and she's got valid feelings but I hope they all kiss and make-up because I don't want to see her away from the others. Unless she sticks with Lee, which I doubt, because they actually make a hot couple albeit a dangerous one.

I like that they've put Melissa and Diana together. Single girls have to stick together and though Adam isn't dead, Nick is and so at least they have each other. Yes girls, you did dress kind of slutty to the dance, I'm glad you acknowledged that but I'm hoping they throw the girls relationship bones or at least cute boys to dance with. Diana has at least a prospect so let's give Melissa one too?

And finally, we see Adam finally giving in to 'destiny' which makes me a little sad for Diana, who's still obviously pining for him. I actually give Diana props for putting up a brave face. Now that Adam and Cassie have kissed (again, and now with an interruption from Jake, who's baaaaack!), they'll probably at least take baby steps in moving forward in their relationship. I wonder if Diana can still be all friendly with Cassie when that happens.

[The Vampire Diaries Web]

Vampire Diaries 03x11: Our Town

So this show just keeps getting more intense as the episodes go by and I'm literally at the edge of my seat each and every time and I like it. A lot. And this week was no different with Stefan totally calling the shots and being a real bad ass. I have to say, I was pretty impressed with Paul Wesley this episode (and this entire season, so far). 

I don't know why I end up shipping folks that can't be together. When Stefan had Elena in the car and was driving at god knows what speed and had Klaus on the phone, I felt so bad for Elena and how heartbroken she was. Stefan just telling her off and telling her to forget him, really really stung and I wanted to give Elena a hug. How could he just do that to her after all they've been together? If he is doing this, he better not get reformed and suddenly be good again when Elena finally gets around to loving Damon (and admitting to it) because it would suck if he got in the way again.

Then of course, there's Elena and Damon and him coming to her rescue and just being really protective of her. Yes, he loves Stefan but when Stefan puts her in danger, he totally steps up and puts him in his place. And sure, it isn't right to kiss Elena right now, but at least it's right. I need these two to have more cutesy moments. They were just so cute together even for the brief moments we saw this week.

It was great to hear from Matt too this time. The only human left on this show and he seems like he could be a really good friend to Elena. I like that she could count on him to be there at least when she needed some human connection, especially now that Jeremy's leaving. Speaking of Jeremy, I'm glad that Bonnie didn't rat Elena out. I get where she's coming from though. It's not like Klaus can't travel to wherever Jeremey is, but I guess they've got something planned for this absence.

BOMB DROPPED: And lookie here, Caroline gets another milestone on her birthday. She's a hybrid now. Though I feel bad that Tyler really can't help his being sired, I feel worse for Caroline. Of course she'd choose being a hybrid over death. But I wonder how they're going to play this now that she's sired to Klaus as well. She looked so pretty though during her birthday before everything fell to pieces.

And just because, let's all enjoy Alaric and Nanny Carrie Dr. Fell for a bit. Seeing as she's from a founding famly, there could be a hidden agenda here or something devious but I really just hope that Alaric gets his quasi happily ever after or at least a decent girl who won't play him (or die). Let's all cross our fingers for Alaric.

Even More TV Time - Bones:
07x05: The Twist in the Twister
07x04: The Male in the Mail

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