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Sneak Peek: Amanda Goes Retro for 'Lovelace'

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It's a new year and apparently, there aren't many people busy at work. Not everyone was relaxing though. Amanda was very busy filming the Linda Lovelace biopic, Lovelace (whom after research, I find out, starred in the porn film Deep Throat; Interesting...). And right as they shoot, Entertainment Weekly releases the first still from the moive. Hello, Mr. Sarsgaard. I love the very apt porn!stache.

Photos courtesy of Amanda Seyfried Fan, Jon Hamm Source, New Girl Online
Only Amanda's busy with movies but the TV shows are ongoing so it's no surprise to see Zooey shooting episodes of New Girl and it looks like she's biking with Schmidt. I'm really enjoying this series and I'm pleasantly surprised with how they've expanded it considering how we were unsure about it from the pilot. Though I'm channeling someone else for my 2012 style makeover, I do love Jess's style on the show and wish I could totally revamp my wardrobe to copy hers. Adorable.

And because we FINALLY have a definite date. Let's all mark our calendars for the March 25 return of our favorite show, that's been away for far too long, Mad Men. We've seen Jon out and about in full Don Draper -regalia looking really really good without a clue of what the hell he's doing. But do we really care? Of course not, because he looks too damn good. I wonder what plots Matthew Weiner has up his sleeve for this season but I'm sure it's going to be good. Come soon, March 25!

Finally, I'm a little scared over how they're treating this movie. Obviously, Amanda won't star in a porn film but really just a story of this porn star's life. Though they're not exactly the nearest in looks, I'm confident that she'll pull this off. Plus it's going ot be directed by the same guys that made Howl! with James Franco so this suddenly sounds a little more legit. Let's wait and see.

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