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I know that I'm not all that you got; I guess I just thought we could find new ways to fall apart

Carry You Home[1 Down/51 To Go!]
[+] Hello 2012, let's be friends, okay? So far, it's been a chill-ish week but I feel like everyone's still lazy so things aren't as nuts yet, but I'm trying my best to keep a positive positive about everything. Let's stay positive this 2012, yes?

[+] I'm going to try to not be behind on LJ this year. I know it's easier said than done (especially with all my TV shows returning) but I'll try my best. Plus, I realize there's still so much fun to be had here even if it's past its glory days. I still love you, flist. Never forget.

[+] Thanks so much to jo_herself for your lovely holiday card! I hope mine reaches you before the end of the month. No really, I'm crossing my fingers.

[+] I hope we all have a fantastic 360+ days ahead of us. Time flies so fast and though we want it to slow down at times and speed up other times, let's enjoy the moments that make up the year. Or at least let's try. Have a fantabulous week ahead. Any exciting plans, anyone?

it was supposed to be my First day back at work but I woke up with a really bum stomach and didn't want to risk going to work only to be hanging out at the toilet the whole day.

Instead I took a sick day and stayed in bed and tried not cursing my luck. I hope this isn't an omen of the new year. Though of course I shouldn't be surprised considering I ate a shitload of things over the holiday but still, I hope it's not the pattern of the year.

I like that I was able to just chill and spend time with the family. We were barely complete even if we were all in the country so I treasure the rarity of it. Damn, we're growing up.

I just found out that we'd have a huge presentation on Wednesday and because I was absent the day before, I had no choice but to work on this the entire day. I was scared that I wouldn't finish, but I miraculously did.

For my first gym visit of the year, I was somehow sluggish and not in the mood even if gym guy was there. Perhaps the exhaustion over the holidays finally caught up with me but I really hope I get more energy this year.

I like that the commute to work isn't as horrible as it could be. I don't want to jinx anything but it's been a really good few weeks commute-wise.

First presentation of the year and it was to a group I had presented to in my previous job so we've known each other for quite a bit. Even if my boss was present, I'm glad I didn't get too nervous -- like I usually do when presenting in her presence.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty light and I'm getting paranoid at this lightness just because after light phases come very busy times. I'd rather be crazy busy now and then have chill times later on. I'm a little disconcerted at how calm I am.

Somehow I was able to get home at a decent hour so I rewatched Sherlock with my aunt and little sister and brother and my brain still gets blown every single time. I need the rest of the season already.

I've been waking up later and getting to work a little later too. And though I should be alarmed by my lateness, I do love the extra minutes of sleep so I won't gripe about it too much.

Just when I was telling myself not to get all boy-crazy, I have an 'encounter' with the office!interest. Sure, it was a mere 'happy new year' greeting but I'm easy to please. And on my way back up, he comes right back in complete with an, "I'm back." Yes, it seems you are.

It's my last gym day with the trainer and though I was seriously considering renewing, I realize I have so many things to spend on this year, I really should cut down on other things. Hopefully I'll still be conscientious about my gym-ing even without the trainer.

I can't be a boss. Not that I'm even nearing That but I'm just not good with telling people off or giving not quite good news and I get that it's work and it's nothing personal but it will always be personal for me and I guess at this point in my life, I can't see myself ever becoming cutout for those kind of boss-ly tasks.

And no matter how often you get told off, it will always be embarrassing. A little work snafu occurred and I didn't even know I had committed one but since I'd been at the job for a little over a year, I thought this telling off wouldn't be a big deal to me. But it was. I wonder when I'll ever stop beating myself up over things like this.

I'm glad I was able to join my family though for my late grand aunts birthday dinner. She loved Chinese food so we had some at Peking Garden. I had never been there, but was happy to discover the food was good. Then as my little sister and I fell into the shopping vortex that is Topshop, we tried talking ourselves out of purchases but obviously we failed.

Best news ever. My little sister passed her first college. She took an exam for four universities and she got into the first one. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the three other schools, so let's all send her good vibes.

I spent my afternoon finishing the book, 'extremely loud and incredibly close' and it was fantastic. I was in tears half the time. I don't know how I managed to finish it cause I was so sad but it was so beautiful.

And because I thought a night out was in order, i listened to music with my parents and aunt. Im not one for going out as we all know but I happen to love bar food even if I don't like the actual bar itself.

I got to bed really late the night before (or rather this morning) so I'm surprised I managed to get up before lunch at all. Then I saw my mom dressed up (and it was raining outside) so I figured they were going somewhere. True enough, we were visiting my aunt's crypt. It's her 40th day on Tuesday and because I doubt I'll be able to swing by, I'm glad we passed by.

I tagged along to get one of my dad's Christmas gifts exchanged for something that fit him and managed to resist the many Post-Holiday sales. Seriously, it's not fair how many sales there are. I wish I just had this reservoir of cash that never ran out. Because there is literally so much I want (but don't need) and wish I could afford.

Still, there are still cheap thrills. Like taro milk tea and watching 'coming of age' movies with my little sister, the very awesome movie critic. We caught The Art of Getting By and I realized I've watched quite a bit of Emma Roberts work and though it's nothing brilliant, she's not bad either. Straight-to-DVD movies are the way to end the weekend.
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