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TV Time: Sherlock's Got Some Feelings After All

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Blow my mind, why don't you? Sherlock took forever to return to my TV screen and now that they're back, they just made the wait seem sweeter because the first episode was jam-packed with awesome, we didn't know what to do with ourselves while watching. I think I've rewatched it three times now just because I needed to absorb all of it's brilliance. I hate we only get three a year. Which shows do you wish we got more of?

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Sherlock 02x01: Scandal in Belgravia

Let's start off by how beautifully shot this series is. From the writing to the directing and the score and the special effects and the camera angles and the attention to detail and just everything. So yes, the wait from 2010 was way too long but I'm glad we have it now.

And really, how absolutely fun is it to watch Moriarty galivant on screen? This guy is so brilliant in his planning, it was by a stroke of luck that Watson and Sherlock got away from that. I wonder how he plots all the snipers and is basically just one step ahead of Watson and Sherlock the entire time! It's like they can't beat him!!! But it's okay for now cause they got saved by a phone call -- from Irene Adler (taking a break from dominating some royal, but we'll talk about that later).

It was cute to see Watson and Sherlock at home, with Watson blogging and getting pretty high pageviews and the two of them turning down cases Sherlock finds boring. The transitions were particularly brilliant in this scene. It's always so fun to see the two of them banter just because they have this weird bromance going and I know every slash writer out there is rejoicing. It was particularly cute that they made them wear the very iconic Sherlock hat and how they're now interwebz celebs. So current aren't we?

While waiting for the big case, they take on the man with the broken car and the man in the field and I love that Lestrade calls ahead to give the detective a heads up. Of course, this isn't a big enough case for Sherlock to leave his house so it was fun to see him solve it from his house. Then we get to meet Mycroft in Buckingham Palace no less and it's always fun to see the two brothers interact because there is so much hostility and it's not in the chiding way either. I see some Cumberbatch-side. They're not afraid of semi-nudity I see.

I love how they introduce Irene Adler. This woman is beautiful and powerful and smart and totally reads through Sherlock and Watson's little play with Sherlock being beaten up. Having Irene baffle Sherlock is all the more brilliant because we finally meet someone Sherlock can't read and this obviously surprises him. I like that Watson is uncomfortable with her nudity (even if she is extremely hot). The entire sequence with the American operatives and Sherlock getting her vitals and then being drugged was just so fun. Only on Sherlock.

Then of course, there's the entire Sherlock and Adler sort of having a flirtation going on between them. Even if it is just Adler flirting at him and Sherlock not replying, I think his ignoring her speaks so much. This girl intimidates him and just isn't the average person he can toy with which makes it all the more enjoyable to watch them interact. He can't bullshit a bullshitter. The best part? His new ringtone. I love the reaction everyone gives when it rings.

One of my favorite scenes though would have to be Sherlock apologizing to Molly Hooper. He was insensitive but totally himself except that it's revealed he is the object of Molly's affection (which for all his smarts, is pretty silly not realizing it was him) all along. Poor Molly, at least she got an apology. I swear we were shocked he said sorry no matter how many times we've watched it. Oh Sherlock, you do have a heart (even if you were pretty silly with Watson's girl of the moment; And yes, Watson, you're not a very good boyfriend -- at least to girls who aren't named Sherlock!)

I also love how Adler left her phone with him and the entire passcode deciphering sequence. Sherlock was really out to impress her and it was fab to see him get the answer so fast. You could tell he really was aiming to impress. Too bad she's in cahoots with Moriarty and totally tipped him off. Sherlock, you should have known better, really. It's such a shame that the entire UK/US ploy was a failure thanks to his pride, but hey, that's Sherlock for you.

But of course, Sherlock prevails in the end and he totally reads through Adler's denial of her feelings for him and thus telling Mycroft to reject her demands for protection. I swear, Sherlock, you are too brilliant for your own good. Sure, John and Mycroft were worrying about how to break it to Sherlock that Adler had 'died' but leave it to Sherlock to outsmart them and prove he's still got it. I don't know how he infiltrated that terrorist cell but he did and saved Adler. At least we get to see them together someday if ever.

I loved every bit of this episode even Mrs. Hudson's small bits and how the boys were so protective of her -- with Watson and Sherlock telling off Mycroft for being rude to Sherlock rescuing her from the US operatives to how they indulge her but still let her clean out their fridge (filled with fingers). The mother figure they never had.

Then there were all of Watson's one-liners, like, "I always hear 'punch me in the face' except it's subtext" or "Hamish, John Hamish Watson" as the name for Adler and Sherlock's child as he observed the sexual tension unfold before him. God, he's adorable. We need even more of him than we already get. Their bromance is lovely.

And obviously, the dynamics between Adler and Sherlock are just brilliant. I love how she wants to date him and is desperately trying to flirt with him and illicit a reaction complete with, wanting him to beg for mercy. I swear Irene, just drug him and tie him up. You know we all want to see that. Needless to say, I loved this episode and am so excited for the next one. I'm sure it'll be as brilliant or even more so.

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Chuck 05x08: Chuck Versus The Baby

It was really nice to see Sarah's little sister. I was so scared when Shaw mentioned the baby cause I thought a) Sarah was preggers (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) or b) that Sarah has a child with another man. So it was cute to see Sarah and her mom and that at least this little sister got the 'normal' life Sarah never got.

And it was really sweet that chuck wanted to be there for Sarah even if she's trying to protect him for his own good. Who would have known Sarah would fall for her first asset. How far she's come. It's always nice to see how they've evolved so much.

I also really like how Alex and Morgan as well as awesome and Ellie were integrated together. The Woodcombs are always so fun to watch and seeing them get Morgan and Alex together for good was a nice touch. I'm going to miss these folks so bad.

[Pretty Little Liars Online]

Pretty Little Liars 02x14: Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares

Oh show, continue to get more complicated please? As if the happenings last year didn't make things hard enough, we add a few more hitches along the way to make it crazy.

I'm happy that Ezra and Aria are out in the open and naturally Mr. And mrs. Montgomery are furious but I feel like this anger is going to fade? I don't know. I hope they get over it just because they've hid for too long and really deserve a happy time.

As for the 'fight' the girls staged, I had a feeling it was a front though props to them for good acting. And I wasn't really expecting the show to reveal A but I wish the girls had at least tried to pull the hood down and at least reveal something. Oh well, maybe next time.

I'm glad that Caleb is back though. With all the family drama Hannah is going through she needs some happiness. And look, she has Lucas as back up too. It's always fun to see Hannah and her many boys. Stay sassy, Hannah.

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Revenge 01x11: Duress

I'm really amazed at how crazy Tyler can be. He did not show this potential when he was on Nikita. But now, with the meds and the gun and tying Nolan up (kinky!) and pulling that gun out, he really has gone over the edge. It's telling that Ashley sympathizes with him too. I cant wait to see how he gets out of this if ever. I wonder if it was Tyler who was shot because again, you can't kill Daniel off.

Speaking of Daniel, it was his ultra 'simple' birthday clam bake and in true GG-eque fashion, the entire cast was there. Save for the gun slinging, it really was refreshing to have them serve themselves even if Ashley did orchestrate everything still. It was pretty funny to see Victoria and Conrad duke it out for the best prize ever. Vicky, you gift idea thief you.

the Grayson's and their divorce proceedings are going not so smoothly. It's obvious they're both going in a power play, complete with Vicky pretending she was under duress while signing the prenup but I guess they'll manage to work it out. I like how Daniels on Vicky's side and Conrad has Charlotte. Conrad's little non-bribe bribe to Declan was hilarious. If I were Declan, I'd take the money and go.

You know who hasn't gone yet? Faux!manda is so sticking around and she just looks so out of place. Everyone is so classy -- even Jack kind of looks like he belongs -- and she just looks cheap. I'm mean, I know but it's true. I can't wait till she has to leave. I need the triangle to happen so badly.

[Chance Harbor]

The Secret Circle 01x10: Darkness

Let's start with how I'm actually liking Bad!Cassie, cause really, no matter how much she fears this evil side of her; I don't feel like she'll actually turn dark. I know she won't have control over it if she does get evil, but the fact that she's so paranoid over it, just means she'll be more wary and therefore, less likely to turn evil. Plus she gets all the nifty powers too. I see you all being jealous.

Of course, another of the elders pops up and this time, she doesn't look old at all. Diana's grandma is one hot lady. No wonder she spawned such a cute son. But really, I get her intentions were well, not too evil but her methods were a little intense and if even Charles finds it appalling then there must be something wrong. Also, I need more of Charles and Dawn because right now, that's the only ship I'm sailing on.

At least until this Lee guy came along. This new boy that I feel they're pairing with Faye has got some serious potential and though he's apparently not too keen on her being a witch, at least he's not closed of on it completely. I do hope they give this one to Faye just because I feel she'll do well with a cute guy in her arm, plus be a lot less on edge? I don't know, that's just me. Give her and Melissa a bigger part, please?

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Vampire Diaries 03x10: The New Deal

Let's start with the fact that Stefan doesn't seem to know where to stop this vendetta against Klaus. I get neither of them will rest until everyone is safe and all but Stefan and Damon just need to stick to one side and fight together. Apart, they're no use, but if they team, I'm sure it can only be good, right? So please, I hope this new plan of Stefan with Bonnie and now Damon works out. Because I hate seeing the brothers fighting. They should only fight over Elena, not anything else.

So this Klaus thing isn't going away soon but it was nice to see him get reunited with Rebekah even for a second. I love that the doubt Elena put in his mind drove him to stake Rebekah again. I kind of feel bad for Klaus, I know I shouldn't, just because he has so much going against him. Sure, he's an original and has killed so many but just getting his family back together and thinking they'll be okay is so naive of him that I'm scared he actually won't get it.

Still, it's pretty messed up what he did to Jeremy and Alaric and of course Tyler. Having Tyler as his sire would of course give him permanent allegiance no matter how much Tyler denies it, but at least he won't kill him just yet. Having Jeremy almost run over and now being sent away (I doubt this is for good anyway, so I'm not too scared; he's such a cutie) really is killing Elena and now she won't have any family (save for Alaric). If only for this, I get why they want to get rid of Klaus, but still, I'll miss him.

You know who I'm glad has a potential love match this year? Alaric. I love that Nanny Carrie Melissa Dr. Meredith is totally flirting with Alaric. With Jenna dead, he's totally alone now that we've also sent Jeremy away so at least this is a potential love match for him. Plus, how cute is that Paul Wesley's wife is now on the show and is someone else's love interest? Oh Brothers Salvatore, your women can't stay away (not that Nina has any say, she's the star!)

Speaking of Damon/Elena, how awesome was this episode for them? From their bonding at The Grill to Elena opening up to him about how she worries about Jeremy and then of course the porch scene where she totally doesn't stop him from the kiss and even caresses his hand on her face. This is something you shouldn't feel guilty about though of course, Damon will. I'm in cloud 9 right now just because I don't see Stefan turning 'good' in the near future so at least we get to enjoy some Damon/Elena for the moment. Elena, just admit it. Go fall for him already please?

And on an end note, I missed Caroline so much. So so much. I need her to be in every episode. For real.

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