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On Repeat: fun. Tells Me that 'We Are Young'

they are fun.[ournameisfun]
It's a new year and hopefully we get awesome new music as well. Though 2011 was basically a mash-up of recs from friends, I'm making a conscious effort to not just 'mark all as read' my Stereogum feed on my Google Reader. But hey, I'm always always open to music recs just because I know you all have awesome musical taste. Now don't be shy, guys.

And to start the year, I have music that's trying to get me into a 'game-face' attitude at work just because the holidaze made me a tad lazy and I need to get my fight on this 2012. So let's call these anthems of sorts (or not, really) to help kickstart my January. What are on your playlists this month? Let me know!!!

fun. - We Are Young
(feat. Janelle Monáe)

As you all know, I'm terribly behind on Glee so I wasn't even aware that fun.'s song was featured there. I first heard of fun. from the awesome searchtheskies (who really is their number one fan) and I kept hearing about them from her that I finally decided to check them out and true enough, what catchy and fun music they have. And yes, I feel Molly on her protectiveness of the band so I hope I don't contribute to 'mainstreaming' them but their new album is making me excited.

David Guetta - Turn Me On
(feat. Nicki Minaj)

I'll admit I only listened to this cause I saw it had Nicki Minaj in it and we all know how I obsessed over her last year so anything new from her, I will take (even if it's only featuring her, really). And though I'm not one to dance at clubs (I get shy, I know I'm weird), this one makes me wish I was the type to dance shamelessly at bars. Hey, 2012. Let's welcome a new Patty.

Scissor Sisters - Shady Love

I haven't heard from this band in a bit (though I admit, I wasn't really looking), the last song of theirs which I loved was I Don't Feel Like Dancing back in 2006. But when I saw their video for this song (which is equally catchy), it looked all kinds of awkward and adorable and I wanted more. Though I do wish the band was featured cause that lead guy may be guy, but I find him cute. Wrong market, I know.

Katy Perry - Bullet

Apparently, the about-to-be-divorced Katy Perry (somehow I wasn't surprised when I heard the news but was still sad for her; I mean you don't wish divorce on anyone, really) only recorded this song as a demo for some country artist and though I haven't heard the version that was intended to be recorded, this one sounds fun and has that country twang and I can totally see Katy doing a crazy cowboy-themed video. Do it, Katy. You know it'll be fun.

Jessie J - Domino

I saw this video on glasswinged's Facebook Wall and though I know I wasn't the Patty she was tagging, I ended up inviting myself into the thread and totally enjoying the song and the video. And though initially, I only really liked Jessie J's cover of the song she wrote for Miley (aka. Party in the USA -- most guilty pleasure ever!) but then after going through the rest of her album, I found her to be really really fun. Why am I surprised? I need more upbeat fun songs in my life.

Martin Solveig - Big in Japan
(feat. Dragonette & Idoling)

There was a time in 2011 when all I'd do was listen to Hello (it has Dragonette!!! and the video was about tennis!!!) and would really just want to dance. So for 2012, I thought, hey, let's venture to the rest of the actual album, Smash (which also happens to be the name of the NBC TV show with Katherine McPhee which I'm really excited for, but I digress) which was also pretty awesome. And so I saw the video of the cute song which also features Japan heavily. Now I want to visit Japan even more.

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