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Glossy Groupie: Jen Has No Bumps Ahead

Hey Mama [Jennifer Garner Net]
And so we start yet another year of fangirling and though I wanted to do something different, I was hoping it would be less taxing. Alas, the good folks over at WHOWHATWEAR make it look so easy coming up with 'collages'. I'll admit I'm not photoshop expert so you'll have to bear with me. Let's see how long I'll last.

Expecting mom, Jennifer Garner is on the cover of In Style magazine without the baby bump so this must mean it was taken before she started showing. It doesn't matter though because she is glowing. I'm really rooting for a baby boy (like I've said time and time again), but really if the baby looks anything like Violet or Seraphina, they should be fine. Cutest family ever.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Garner Net
On her marriage to Ben Affleck: “I don’t know how or why it works as well as it does. Honestly, I would do anything for that man, because I know it’s not taken for granted.”
It's just my luck that when I finish my first attempt at this 'collage' business and upload them, I see new outtakes for this shoot. So no, sorry, I'm not in the mood to edit so this'll have to do. And really, I'm working with awesome photos. I can't believe this woman is hitting the big 4-0 because she looks fantastic. She doesn't have her Alias body any more for sure but she still looks stunning.

Photos courtesy of Rooney Mara Source
On all the nudity she had to do for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: “Nudity is such a huge part of the character in the book, so I never thought twice about it. There was no time for hesitation. I didn’t have time to second-guess anything or be scared; I just showed up and was comfortable.”
Rooney did two very different shoots (edgy for Dazed & Confused and demure-ish for Allure) and rocked them both. Though I'm not a big fan of the her headdress for Dazed, the inside editorials make use of her current Lisbeth Salander vibe and I like it. But I also like what Allure did by softening her up. I'm curious to see how she'll eventually style herself when all of this is done though; what end of the spectrum she'll lean towards.

Photos courtesy of Carey Mulligan Network
On Shame’s full-frontal nude scene: “I’ve never been comfortable with the idea of nudity. I’ve done only semi-nude, very innocent things in the past, and I’ve always been of the quite British mind-set that I won’t do gratuitous nudity … I thought I had a week before the nude scene to go to the gym, but we shot it on my first day of filming.”
Carey is starting the year right with a feature from W thanks to her performance in Shame (which I still can't find a copy for -- insert sad face here). I'm a little in love with the styling for this one especially the flower-detailed dress which is similar to the Valentino she wore but really the detail is amazing. Someone cut my hair and make me look this awesome?

Photos courtesy of Anna Kendrick Fan
I didn't even know Thailand had their franchise of In Style but they did and Anna was featured with quite a lot of photos. I guess she's promoting 50/50 because What to Expect... won't come out in a bit just yet. I love the styling though and how glam she looks.

Photos courtesy of Gong Yoo Thailand
No, I don't know what this magazine is nor do I know what the article was about but any bit of Gong Yoo I can get, I will take. And this may have even been a December feature, but I'll take it. Starting the year with Yoo hopefully means more of him on my TV. I miss you, so.

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