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Making More Less Stupid Mistakes in 2012

It's the New Year again and as tradition dictates, I make a list of things I hope to achieve in the coming year. Looking back, I've somehow managed to achieve some of them somewhat so I'll try to stick to similarly attainable goals. I know I should 'challenge' myself but I really don't want to set myself up for disappointment, so let's aim low and surprise ourselves if we achieve anything this year.

  • Save (For Real)
    I used to be good at this and then 2011 happened. With the travelling I plan on doing this year, I really need to stop the unnecessary spending like cabs I don't need to ride and cute clothes I don't actually need. I have yet to apply for visas and purchase plane tickets and I'd hate for the bank account to be depleted by December (even if it is the end of the world).

  • Eat Better (On Time)
    Since I somehow managed to drag myself to the gym in 2011, I know I'll definitely be continuing that this year. But what I really need to work on is getting better ad what I eat. I eat an insane amount of junk food and it's not helping any. I should try to stop snacking and really eating food that matters. It's going to be hard, but let's try at least.

  • Give Work 100% (Or Nearing That)
    As I've lasted a year in the office and haven't had the thought of changing jobs, I notice I get lazier as the days go by. And it's not even because of a lack of challenge, because goodness there's so much to do. I just need to concentrate more and really give work my 100% when I'm at work. Let's see if I can go back to the drive I had when I was first employed.

  • Be (More) Patient With 'Love'
    My (not-so) secret mantra for 2012 in the vernacular is Landian 2012. Landi means to flirt and because I've been single for the past 24 years (going on 25), there are times when I wonder if the right any guy will ever come. And though there are two schools of though; 1) the you've got to kiss many frogs till you find a prince school and the 2) good things come to those who wait school -- I'm not really sure which thought system to ascribe to.

    If I don't put myself out there and actually get to know people, regardless of said people living up to the so-called standards I have in my head, then I'm closing myself off to possibility. But on the other hand, I've waited 24 years, what's another year or two (or three or four) more of waiting for things to fall into place, right?

    Honestly, I'm not sure any more. But after my pseudo obsession with finding someone during the last quarter of 2011, I realized I work better when I go with the flow so let's just let things fall where they may.

    I hope everyone's 2012s are fantastic and I'm excited to read about you all in the year to come. What are your goals for the year?

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