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Cold[52 Down/0 Left!]
[+] And we've reached the end of the year and a start of a new one. It's crazy how fast time flies and it really does feel like yesterday when I started the 1 Down/51 weeks to go. But here we are and I want to thank everyone for the awesome ride that was 2011.

[+] Though I wasn't able to do a major overhaul on the LJ (like I do every year), there were minor tweaks to the layout (mostly just font and the sidebar position) so nothing exciting to report but it's new-ish, nevertheless. I'll try to work on it as I go along.

Not sure if that's still going on but I signed up for it and so if it's still open, feel free to leave my future self a note! It would be awesome and I appreciate it.

[+] Thanks beeeeej, explainingsound, round , stitchesofgold and make_me_irish for the holiday cards! You guys brightened up the holidays!!!

So I took one day off work, with the boss's blessing anyway. It was fun to just veg at home with the siblings and not give a crap about anything. I really liked how all meals merged into one and how there was no regular schedule.

I wish I had the next two days off as well but alas this is not the case. With presentations and just things to take care of, there won't be much time for relaxing. Oh well.

My last presentation for the year and it wasn't the best but it wasn't the worst either. I should be more aggressive I suppose next time and assert myself. But I'm glad it's over and done with.

Good part? I was able to leave work early enough to go to the gym and have dinner with my parents and PB and Paola. I love it. Especially since I don't really get any days off, its nice to at least spend some time with them.

I had some stuff to do in the office today but in general, we were there to physically fulfill our attendance and watch over things. So it was a nice chill day without any worries which I like. A lot.

I was able to leave early-ish enough do I could 'help' my mom prepare for my high school friends christmas dinner at my house. It's been a while since my friends came over so it was nice to have them. But I didn't want to burden my mom to much so I tried to pitch in as much as I could. It was nice cause all my siblings helped out. My brother and little sister baked pizzas from scratch.

My friends and I are usually grandmas but we had a few drinks and the tarot cards came out and it was just nice to catch up. Until next Christmas when we have to accomplish our goals.

I don't know how I managed to wake up sans a hangover but I dragged myself to work and had the shortest and best work day ever just because I didn't get any pertinent emails and I got off work early enough to gym in the middle of the afternoon then meet my sister for a bit and have dinner with my family.

And though its hard to get the entire family together, I'll take 7 out of 8 over our usual 5 out of 8 or less. I wish I had taken a leave this break if only to spend more time with the family. Perhaps next year?

I love what one day holidays can do. I woke up at a decent hour and was able to just chill and read and be lazy. I like it a lot. This holiday season should have given me more days like this. But I'll take this one. I like it. A lot.

I ran some errands and took my siblings out for some milk tea before doing last minute stuff for our New Years dinner tomorrow. The whole family's coming together again, which we don't usually do so it'll be different for sure.

I woke up late ish and wasn't able to help my mom out much but I was able to do my LJ catch up on entries and fix my room -- at least superficially. I'll need to do a major clean up sometime soon though. There's so much I need to throw out. I own so much shit.

And of course, we can't end the year on a good note. There's some drama right after the anticipated mass and I sleep through dinner but wake up in time for the countdown. I hope I'm not PMS-ing the entire 2012.

It's always the lead-up to a big event that's more my scale. We woke up relatively early considering we slept at 5 in the morning but I did take naps in the afternoon -- exhaustion caught up with me. And needless to say, it was a pretty boring day. Except for the part where we had to bring my brother to the airport for our goodbyes.

Funny story though. Once we get to the airport, my little brother Pio teases the eldest brother (who's one year younger than me) _lexizzle that he left his laptop at home. True enough he did. Pio was only joking but apparently PB really left it on the kitchen counter. It's a good thing jamypye's going back to Singapore on Wednesday, otherwise we'd need to send it via courier. What a way to start the year.
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