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Murder with a Crochet Needle

I'm missing the freaking Amazing Race finale because of this. I just realized that tomorrow, I have notecards to submit. I have to submit five different note cards all on economics. I am so unlucky! I was wishing for CL all along and here I get the subject I'm flunking. Beautiful.

I don't know how the crap I'm going to paraphrase something I can't even find. I just want them all to be verbatim! Grr...

To think I was really happy when I left school today. I almost ran into Tab and I mean literally. Rounding a corner, I almost rammed into him. Although I must say, what a moment that would have been. Still, I'm glad I still had some of my sense in tact because it would have been embarrassing to crash into him with my crochet needle. I almost injured him, or worse, injured myself by running into him. I'm kind of tiny compared to him. Not exactly the most romantic thing on earth.

Complete with the heart fluttering feeling, I was a bit lightheaded as I walked my way. I liking someone no matter how shallow and unreal it may be, makes you feel good. Even if I have a ton of work for tomorrow, the thought of him makes me smile. The funny thing is, I don't even know him. And I'm totally fine with that.

Since I don't know him, I can content myself with fantasizing with the imaginary personality I've created for him. He can be just the type of guy I want him to be. He can also like me -- in my dreams of course. This way, no one gets hurt and I can continue dreaming. Delusions, I know.

He may be a real guy, who isn't a Hollywood actor, or a local one at that, but he still has this fake quality because I have no chance of ever ending up with him. Still, Tab brings a smile to my face by just the thought of him and that's what makes him crush-worthy.

And now, as I crash back to earth and hear Sir's voice ringing in my ears, I must return to economics. But who knows, maybe when I finally finish this, I can go on dreaming about Tab's fictional personality.
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