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TV Time: Julian Fellowes Isn't a Grinch After All (For Now, At Least)

After the craziness of that finale, I didn't think there'd be any redemption for anyone but Julian Fellowes sure knows how to give a Christmas present. Though we don't know how long this happiness will last (I can feel he'll totally feel an upheaval of everything we got happy over in the next season), for now, I'm a happy camper. No, make that an ecstatic camper. There is too much love going around this holiday. Best gift ever.


Downton Abbey Christmas Special

When Julian Fellowes giveth, he also taketh and so we get to see Anna and Bates get their reprieve for a bit. I wasn't sure they would commute his sentence from death to life (you never know with this show) so I was glad to see them really just give him the life bit. I'm hoping next season they can work on his freedom cause it's so sad to see Anna and Bates apart.

Still, it's good to see Daisy at least trying her best to be the daughter William's father never had. Mrs. Prattmore is a dear for rigging the Ouija board but more than that, I'm glad that Daisy has father and mother figures now. I didn't realize she didn't have anybody so at least everyone sort of wins in this situation.

And though we don't get to see Sybil or Branson, it's nice to know that a baby makes three for them. Though Robert is obviously hesitant, it's nice to see Cora try to bring him around. Sybil as a mommy will be fabulous and it'll be fun to see a little baby running around the house. I hope they get to move somewhere close in a quaint little cottage, perhaps? I like it already.

I loved the Servants ball too and how they gave everyone Christmas presents. I love how the relationship between the upstairs and downstairs folk aren't strained at all, though there are some hang-ups, in general it's a good one and everyone dancing together was really sweet. I want to see more of this.

Lady Rosalind's maid and the gold digger together was a little sad for her but at least Violet had warned her daughter. I hope Lady Rosalind finds someone. Her lady's maid was annoying to begin with so it wasn't a surprise she was doing some hanky panky on the side. Embarrassing for her though.

But before we get to the main event, let's just say I feel bad for Edith and Anthony Stralind. I'm sure Edith won't mind he can't use his other arm. I just want a happy ending for her. She looked so crestfallen right there and wanted to give her a hug. Please give her a better season next time.

SO NOW. MARRY AND MATTHEW. ARE FINALLY ENGAGED. IN THE SNOW. WITH THE PRETTY SNOWFLAKES AND MATTHEW GETTING DOWN ON ONE KNEE. But more than that, it's nice to know that Matthew knows everything and that he's okay with it and Richard Carlisle is gone and Matthew asked Mary stay and just what the hell?! It's all our shipper dreams come true so I hope Julian Fellowes doesn't mess it all up in one scene next season.

BUt really. How awesome is it that Robert and Violet and FReAKING Isobel were on Team Matthew/Mary?! It was like they were all conspiring to make this happen and with reason. They're so good together and so cute together it would be a shame. I'm glad they brought up the Pahmuk and Lavinia cards too.

I loved that Mary and Richard kept fighting and Matthew saved her during the hunt and how he got into a fist fight with Carlisle and beat the shit out of him in the drawing room. Mary, there are boys fighting for you. Remember this. And though things won't be good for Mary next season, it doesn't matter right now cause Matthew is by her side.

And the joy on their faces when they realized they were both doing this thing and the snow falling and their kiss and the hugs and i'm dead. Really, I'm just dead.

[Chuck Media]

Chuck 05x07: Chuck Versus The Santa Suit

I do love that we get to see Brandon Routh come back to the show and he's pretty bad ass as Shaw again. Sure, he's torturing Sarah half the time but it was nice to see Chuck really man up and get help from the General and just be in control in general. He's gone such a long way from season one and it's so nice to see him just be awesome.

Speaking of the Awesome's, I feel bad they feel so pressured to make Clara's first Christmas awesome and it was pretty great to see them exhaust all possible odds to make it wonderful for her. They're such paranoid parents so it's nice to see them get a nice little treat in the end. I love how the family always comes through for each other.

Finally, it was really nice to see Casey really try his best to show Alex how much he loves her. And though in the end, at least he was able to tell her to her face, I like how he was really trying to get his message across no matter what. Best dad ever. He's such a sweetheart.


Doctor Who Christmas Special

The family is love. I always love Doctor Who Christmas specials if only for the ultra uplifting feeling I get after. And this time around, I felt so bad for the mom, but didn't see that they'd bring back the dad for the ending. Which is totally fine by me because we need happiness during the holidays.

I love how the Doctor/caretaker was with the children and how helpful he was and calm despiet the creepy treepeople (who really reminded me of snow angels). I liked the idea of the energy from the trees leaving the forest. I also like the 'soldiers' who were in charge of evacuating everyone from that dimension. they were much needed comic relief.

BUT REALLY. Rory and Amy Pond. Seriously, this couple makes me cry everytime I see them and though we only have one more season with them, I'm going to cherish these three seasons with them as the companions. No other companion was this lucky and I'm glad they got to be with the Doctor for Christmas. That's just a great holiday.


Merlin 04x13: The Sword in the Stone (Part 2)

So let's start off with the fact that King Arthur finally gets his Queen Guinevere. I've never been Gwen's biggest fan but she is cute with Arthur and the fact that it finally happened makes me incredibly happy. I hope we can get more cuteness out of them now that they're married cause it solely was lacking this season.

It was also pretty fun to see Gwen and Morgana and their chick fight. I doubt Morgana's going anywhere next season especially with the Dragon coming to her but it was nice to see her get put in her place. She wasn't the most effective bad guy this season but she was less annoying than she was in the past, so I'm hoping a level up in bad-assery with the dragon.

But my favorite part would have to be Merlin restoring Arthur's confidence and having him pull out the sword from the stone. Who knew it took some magic, right? I love the bromance most of all. Their barbs and their comebacks to each other were and always will be hilarious and it was nice to see their friendship stay strong. I wish Merlin would get to come clean about his powers but I doubt it. At least it seems we'll have another game-changing next season.
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