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Red Carpet Round-Up: Kate Shines One More Time

This year, we got a lot of Kate -- whether she was still the engaged commoner and now as the oh so pretty newlywed princess. And though we haven't had that many appearances (or as many as I'd like), we did get some pretty awesome outings from the lovely couple, complete with Kate looking chic as always. With Kate, comes Harry too, of course (and William!), so it's a win-win situation for me, really.

Others came out to play too, including Gong Yoo whom I haven't seen in forever. My friend went to the Coffee Prince cafe in Korea and made me all jealous. Come back to my TV screen?

Photos courtesy of Zimbio
I'm kind of in love with how she's wearing so much McQueen. This velvet dress just looks luscious on her and though I'm a little scared at how thin she is, she looked radiant, so I'll let it pass. I'm not the biggest fan of her coats but I guess it's a royal thing that. I like her hat though!

The belt she's wearing just accentuates how skinny she is, but the point of these photos are the fact that she's always lovingly looking at William. When she gazes at him it's like nothing exists. They're too adorable. I don't want an heir to the throne just yet. The two of them are cute enough of as it is.

Photos courtesy of Zimbio
Harry of course was at the same event as Kate and it's wonderful to have him and William at the same place cause whereas William needs to be on his best behavior, Harry can sort of goof off and he always looks like he's just having a ball. Looking good in that suit too.

Photos courtesy of Sweet Hathaway, Mia Wasikowska Online
Anne and Mia both went out to premieres in little black dresses. Anne came out to support Meryl Streep (her co-star in The Devil Wears Prada) and to show off her engagement ring? She looked so pulled together and so happy. I hope this is it for her. Meanwhile Mia came for her movie, Albert Nobbs which I'm pretty curious to watch considering the story and all. Pretty girls all around.

Photos courtesy of Rooney Mara Source, Ashley Greene Central
Rooney continued her promotions for The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo and she continued showing her style at Jimmy Fallon wearing a Rodarte for Opening Ceremony dress. I love that she's doing something different with her hair. I'm so excited to see this movie. Meanwhile, Ashley was in Times Square for the unveiling of her DKNY billboard. I love how bold her red jacket is to contrast the muted black and whites of her ad. She looks lovely!

Photos courtesy of Gong Yoo Thailand
Like I mentioned, Yoo has been in hiding for a bit and he's been doing a lot of movies so I guess it's normal for him to attend awards shows now. I love that he's doing films but I want more of him so TV shows would make more sense for me. Oh well, any appearance is a good one. I'm guessing he won something?

Photos courtesy of Ian Somerhalder Online, Nina Dobrev Network
Finally, my favorite real!life vampire couple came out to support the Ripple Effect foundation dinner and I'm in love with Nina's dress. She really knows how to work something. Though her Emmy dress is still my favorite, this one isn't half bad at all. I wish they had a photo together though.

Thanks for sticking around for these spams all year. I'm rethinking my LJ-life next year, fangirling wise, because honestly, it's been pretty tiring but we'll see how it works out. Just the TV recap and then it's the year ender already. WOW. 2011, why so fast?

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