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Trailer Tuesday: Twenty-Eleven in Film

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I'm actually a little disappointed at how blah the movies are coming out in January. I guess after the high from December, anything will pale in comparison. Suddenly I'm thankful we didn't get any of the December movies on time, this way, we get to see something worthwhile at the start of 2012. But before we say goodbye to 2011, let's look back with another fantastic video by the lovely genrocks. Seriously girl, you're awesome.

Filmography 2011

Twenty-Nine films out of the 230, a little worse than last year and I really do need to catch up on so many awesome films that came out this year so I'll go mark off the films I need to see right away. Gen did a fantastic job again and I hope 2012's edition matches this one.


It has Lady Sybil (WEARING A BRA! FLASHING HER BOOBS! WHAT WOULD CARSON SAY?!) and new girl crush Felicity Jones, plus it looks quirky and fun and all that coming-of-age goodness. I'm not sure what era this is supposed to be in but Lady Sybil needs a hairbrush through her hair. It looks cute though. Plus the dad? He's got potential or I'm just that deprived.


WHO ISN'T IN THIS MOVIE?! It has Ewan and Fassy and a whole lot of others and was directed by Steven Sodebergh. And though the trailer looks like just another action movie, I don't know if Ewan or Michael would commit to something if it didn't any artistic merit, right? Let's see.

Man on a Ledge

And for more action in my life, this time we have Sam Worthington stuck on a ledge trying to prove his innocence and though it has a different plot from Colin Farrel's Phonebooth somehow I get flashes of it from this. But hey, it has Jamie Bell and has a heist so you know I'm in.

One for the Money

I haven't read the books (though I know I should) and i'm not Katherine Heigl's biggest fan but this one looks pretty fun. I should probably rush read the first few books so I'll have a bit of a background and so I can see just how (un)faithful they were to the source material. Still, possible franchise.


For more revenge and explosions (my god my 2012 will be so action packed), we have a pretty intense action drama directed by the lead actor Voldemort Ralph Fiennes which is pretty much dad-material but somehow because I'm interested in Jessica Chastain, might check it out. It looks really heavy though.

The Grey

My office mate has a dad!crush on Liam Neeson so ever since she mentioned this, I've paid closer attention to him and his work and this one looks like my dad would enjoy it and so it would be a nice bonding moment with him. Then again, my dad watches High School Musical so anything goes, really.

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