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Harder thought[51 Down/1 To Go!]
[+] First of all, BELATED MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone! I didn't do my usual Christmas post but I was just so far out from any of the usual routines that I didn't bother, but I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and here's to the last week of 2011!

[+] For some reason, I've been so fixated on boys/men & relationships in general. I've gone on without it for 24 years and I'm fine but I guess it's the season of mistletoe and having someone to keep you warm (though technically, it's hot here) that it makes me think about it. A lot. I hope this phase passes soon. It's exhausting.

[+] Thanks so much to the lovely maraudersaffair & noted for the wonderful holiday cards! I hope mine reaches you soon-ish.

[+] One more to 2011, folks. And despite my spam-mage and lateness, I think I've caught up. It's a Christmas miracle. Now to flist and be a good friend.

Well let's face the facts. I won't have a Christmas break. Today I find out I need to prepare for presentations scheduled for the day after Christmas. I guess I should have seen it coming anyway.

The good bit about today? Seeing both my crushes even if there was zero interaction with them. Not that I'm one to initiate interaction but technically I can. I'm just too damn shy and lazy? But go me at least for the eye candy on a Monday

Plus. I got to give out all my christmas gifts for work and I fit into a dress 2 sizes smaller than mu usual at Topshop. Good day is good despite the non-holiday up ahead.

Knowing that my vacation is non-existent, I've been planning my Christmas week with maximum time for relaxation after work. Plus with my sister arriving from Singapore, there's bound to be something to do the entire time anyway.

Just because my body is here though, it doesn't mean my brain is and it sucks because I seriously have deteriorated in terms of concentration at work compared to a year ago. I need to get my mojo back before 2012 because next year looks like a tough one.

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. It's always a contention for me to want to know more about a person or to just keep the mystery and not know anything. I guess I'll always want to know. Though it wouldn't hurt if he wanted to know me better too. Yeah right.

And really, I know I keep obsessing over boys right now but I can't help it. I know I'm only 24 and have a lot to enjoy, and I am enjoying it but sometimes I just wonder how it would be to be in a relationship. Ok. I put it out there.

So much for being able to do work. Our ISD did a mass repair and we were stranded without my computer and unable to do any work. It felt like such a waste of time considering I wanted to leave as early as possible.

Still, I'm happy I was able to see my ex-officemates even for only 20 minutes. I do miss them terribly and wish I could have stayed longer to chat. I'm so not feeling Christmas with the amount of work I have to do.

I feel sick. I had to finish so much at work today (in hopes of not going to work on Monday) and despite my going there early, I still felt like there wasn't enough time for anything. Am I just a horrible time manager? Probably. Because there is never enough time in a day.

But I am proud of myself. On my last day of work, I took strides to be less socially awkward around boys (I like) and feel like Landian 2012 (aka Patty being more sociable with the opposite sex) might actually be a success. Baby steps is my motto but they're steps still.

I got home pretty early after dropping serious cash (I don't quite have) on clothes for next year (in my attempts to look more professional or more my age, really) so it was a good thing i was just home all day and away from the malls lest I spend any more.

Plus it was Christmas eve and we were busy preparing for having the festivities in our house for the first time. I can't remember a Christmas where we didn't have mass in my Grandma's church or have dinner at her house so this was pretty memorable. I liked it. A lot.

Shockingly, despite going to bed at 6am after opening gifts and watching DVDs, I woke up at 11:30am and did a mega catch-up on Gossip Girl. I haven't followed this show at all and if it weren't for Leighton Meester, I'd give up but for the sake of my anal-ness, I did and it was hilariously entertaining watching it with my siblings.

And though technically, there is no holiday on Monday, I made a conscious decision to just not go to work (with the boss's blessing) just because it's the holidays and I felt like I could indulge in one more day, right? Despite the short Christmas non-holiday, I had a lot of fun.
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