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TV Time: Attack of the Ex-Probation Workers

I always love it when I get less shows to watch (though conversely, I miss the shows when they're gone) and this week, I was down to three (the least since summer when all I had was Pretty Little Liars) and they were three pretty awesome ones too. With the end of Misfits and Chuck going along nicely, things are great in TV land. Here's to hoping things bode well for Merlin and Arthur too. But knowing that show, all will be well.


Misfits 03x08

I was always wondering why Rachel looked so familiar until I heard her talk and realized, OMG! It's Lady Sybil! And she's come back from the dead sans Branson and is totally horny for anyone -- most especially Curtis though. It was actually pretty funny to see everyone come back from the dead, though it made me miss Nathan for some reason.

It was really good to see the two probation workers who were together and could finally be together again. It was a pretty interesting concept to have them come back from the dead to finish something -- though of course, they couldn't use this same concept when they killed Alisha off, which I didn't see coming. I know they kept hinting at it, but somehow I was still hoping it wouldn't happen.

And so we're down to just Rudy (even if there are two of them), Curtis and Kelly (and Seth). I do have to agree with Rudy though, how exactly will it happen? Will Simon keep going back in time to save her? So their story won't ever move forward? It's a little sad but knowing Misfits, they'll make up for the loss somehow.

[Chuck Media]

Chuck 05x06: Chuck Versus the Curse

I love love love how they're really trying to make every character have their own spotlight and this week, we see Ellie and Awesome become quasi-awesome spies. I loved how they were both trying to spice up the marriage (hello agent provocateur undergarments -- the upper half only!) and how Devon was just being his sweet, adorable self. These two are the best parents ever.

Of course, there was Alex and Morgan and the PANTS box. Let me express my love for the PANTS box. Only this show can make a box of items be this cute thanks to the acronym. I'm glad Alex saw just how devoted Morgan is to her. I'm sure by next episode, all will be well in their relationship.

And thank goodness all is well with the CIA and the General helping them out. The gang can't be in the red for long, right? At least everyone came together to take down the enemy. But really, Sarah and Chuck breaking the Bartowski curse (together) was really sweet. I like that Sarah really wanted to be there for Chuck and told him she was in for the long haul. I can't imagine the doubts Chuck was experiencing but knowing Sarah's there with him makes it all worthwhile. These two are going to be okay.


Merlin 04x12: The Sword in the Stone (Part 1)

Let's just say that I was a little blah by how this season was going. Just because I didn't feel like Morgana was being a legitimate bad guy. But these past few episodes have been getting progressively better so I've been enjoying them a lot. I love how the knights have really stepped up their game and have been so present and active.

Then there's the never-before-seen scenario of Arthur following Merlin's orders blindly. From his outfit to his dumbface consent to anything Merlin said, I sure hope Merlin was savoring the moment, cause you knew it wouldn't last long. And though I'm not sure where Tristan or Isolde came from, it was a nice addition to the crew.

And though we only got a hug from Gwen and Arthur, I'll take it. This show has always been GP when it comes to affection so I'm sure that's a lot. And on the brighter side, I'm just glad that Arthur finally saw Agravaine's true colors. It's about time he realized who the baddies really were. If you only listened earlier, dude.
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