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Movie Raving: Ides of March

Oscar Bait [Ryan Gosling Fan]
What happens when you put Clooney, Gosling and a political drama in the season of movies that are begging to be called for an Oscar? You get a really awesome Oscar bid that actually makes you wish it'd win some. With the recently released Golden Globe nominations and the news that Mr. Gosling is nominated for not one, but two acting awards (the other for Crazy, Stupid, Love), you can't help but check out this movie that got him his dramatic nod.

So after watching two political thrillers (Fair Game and The Conspirator in one afternoon), I didn't know if I had energy for another one. Well you know what they say? Save the best for last.

Photos courtesy of Ryan Gosling Fan
Clooney certainly brings out the best in his actors, but his driving trait as a filmmaker is that he knows what plays - he has an uncanny sense of how to uncork a scene and let it bubble and flow. [Entertainment Weekly]
There is a reason everyone loves George Clooney and this movie is one of them. Sure, he brings a different girlfriend every awards season but I don't blame the girls either, it's GEORGE CLOONEY. He adapted this play for the screen so well, I can't imagine it being anything else. The movie was well told, well cut and well shot. I'm not the smartest tool in the shed but I didn't feel lost or confused by the many intricacies of the movie.

Plus it was sort of funny. If there's anyone i see running, it is George and seeing him all Obama-esque with the "HOPE" posters and the campaign speeches and the being charming, George nailed every single aspect of the politico down to the sudden twist of the sex scandal. And yet, that, he made look real too.

He made politics look exciting that I wanted to intern for him (not for 'benefits' that Evan Rachel Wood experienced) but because it really did seem like he was working for something to believe in. Which considering how jaded we all are, it's pretty awesome.

Photos courtesy of Ryan Gosling Fan
Clooney directed with an actor's appetite for vivid star turns, and he certainly gets them from Ryan Gosling, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Paul Giamatti. [Chicago Reader]
More than George, the entire cast was stellar. Paul Giammati as the competing campaign manager who tried 'wooing' Gosling into their fold then throwing him by the wayside afterwards was pretty stealthy. Philip Seymour Hoffman who valued loyalty had me ra-raing for him after he put Gosling in his place.

Marissa Tomei playing the veteran journalist who always wanted the scoop played her cards right every time. Even Evan Rachel Wood and Max Minghella as the impressionable but hardworking staff members had me gushing.

Everyone was just right for their jobs and I'll give it to this cast for being so good and so amazing with each other, it felt like a really tightly run ship. Someone better win an acting award cause it was too awesome.

Photos courtesy of Ryan Gosling Fan
Gosling continues to prove he may the best actor of his generation. His performance in The Ides of March, following his comedic turn in "Crazy, Stupid Love" and his portrayal of a stoic loner in "Drive," proves this actor is capable of practically anything. [Miami Herald]
But really, at the heart of it all, we know I was in it for Ryan Gosling and what a reason to be here. I read on IMDB that he was the third choice after now Executive Producer, Leo DiCaprio backed out and Chris Pine (who'd starred in the LA version of the play the movie was based on Farragut North) dropped out as well. Somehow, I couldn't imagine anyone else in his role.

He played it so cool and calm and you could see his thirst and drive and how much he believed in the cause of Mike Morris in the beginning all the way up to his disbelief after finding out about the sex scandal and his eventual blackmailing of his candidate. The transformation is so subtle and yet so powerful. He looks so hungry for revenge by the end and yet so on top of his game at the same time.

A lot of folks called the movie cynical and you can't blame them, but I'm full of positivity for Gosling at least because this guy is going to go places. He's got two Golden Globe nods for a reason. Now let's hope he wins one of them for this. He's got some tough competition (his director, Clooney is up for The Descendants) but the honor's there. Let's cross our fingers for the win.

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