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Sneak Peek: Leo & Carey Go Gatsby Down Under

Hey there[Carey Mulligan Network]
It's the holiday season and so I don't blame the celebs for taking a break from their work as well (even if their work seems tons more fun relative to the rest of the population, but I digress). Still, it's always good to be the hardworker and we've got some awesome folks waiting for us, shooting along.

So many big movies coming out next year with the three superheroes (Batman, Superman, Spiderman) making a comeback but there's also Baz Luhrman's Great Gatsby. From what I've seen, it looks pretty and it looks like it should be fun to watch. Please don't disappoint, Baz. I believe in you.

Photos courtesy of Leo Di Caprio Network
I promise to read this book over the Christmas weekend just because it looks thin enough and will hopefully add to my goal of trying to reach the 50 books I though I'd be able to read (technically, I'm way past my 25 book goal, but it kept growing) but really it's one of those classics you just need to read. Plus Carey looks really cute in all the vintage clothes and of course Leo is a GQMF with the suits AND it's got Baz Luhrman behind it, so I'm sure it'll be high in drama. I like that a lot.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Garfield Source
Now that he and Emma are totally out in the open, I'm even more excited for next year's Spiderman redux, just because we get to see both of them be 'professional' and act co-star-like when we all know what's really going on between them. And so, we see Andrew hanging by a harness, for what I assume will be flying with spinning webs scenes. Come on Marc Webb, you family name isn't related to Spiderman for nothing, right?

Photos courtesy of Ryan Gosling Fan
This really is the movie that keeps on giving. I don't know for how much longer they'll be shooting but if it means Ryan showing up in suits and fedoras all the time, this movie can shoot forever. I hope the finished product is as pretty as the behind-the-scenes we've been seeing so far.

Photos courtesy of Chris Pine Fan
Chris got called back in to do re-shoots of their upcoming film and though I have yet to see the trailer, it should be promising with Pine and TOM-freaking-HARDY in it too. We definitely all win with this set-up. So let's hope the finished product makes me want to watch it at a cinema.

Photos courtesy of Lovely Dakota Fanning
Not such a big fan of the wig (though the color actually gives her more life as opposed to her blonde hair that washes her out) or the period costume on Dakota but I'm interested to see what the hell the story of this is for Dakota to be shooting overseas in period costume. At least she knows she's born in the right era.

Photos courtesy of
I am four episodes behind on this show and though I have zero Christmas break to speak of, the behind-the-scenes shots always make me a little excited for it. I hope things turn out well for Blair. I know for sure I'll be all caught up before 2012. I have to be. i love how green and pink combo too.

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