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hey what to say[50 Down/2 To Go!]
[-] You really can't have it all. Just when the Christmas season was finally creeping up on me, things get crazy in work and at home and I'm just not feeling the Christmas season. At all. Not to mention the fact that I'm uber late in sending out my holiday cards. It just doesn't feel like Christmas just yet.

[+] Thank goodness for Christmas parties and get together's. Sure, I'm not the most sociable person, if given a choice, but these actually sort of reminded me that hey, it is the holidays and I even had some fun. This is good.

[+] I am not a performer. We were all forced to join our department's performance for our Christmas party and let's just say, big crowds freak me out. I'll present, but don't make me perform. They're very different things, apparently.

[+] Bear with me guys, I think I might actually be able to catch up on all my LJ entries (I'll get around to the comments, again, promise). Cross your fingers!

Boss-less Mondays always manage to cushion the fact that I don't want to be at work. The weekends have been getting shorter and shorter and I'm really alarmed at how fast the weeks are passing. We're down to two weeks. 2011 will be over and I feel like I still have so much to do (like catch up on all the LJ I've missed, perhaps?)

Then, there's that horrible commute home. The train actually broke down on the way home, which is better than it breaking down on the way to work. But a break down is a break down and I'm not too fond of those. Why can't things run efficiently?

I couldn't get up. I blame the gym, really. Sure, I'm not losing weight like I'd like to, but I feel like my muscles are really a stretch and I feel it in the days that come after a visit to the gym. I can't go down the stairs and I'm just aching all over. This must be a good thing, right?

And because I know I'm killing myself at the gym, I'm totally being horrible with that food diary, eating sweets when I'm not supposed to. I like that I was able to have dinner with my brother and parents. My parents are still young but you can tell they're getting old in some aspects and I'll need to be more patient with them some day. That'll be a challenge.

I don't want to jinx anything but I'm really glad that the holiday commute in the morning hasn't been as bad as it could be. Last year seemed impossible to tackle while this year has been pretty good. I hope this continues to forever because a less stressful morning commute is always A+ in my book no matter the 'season.' Is it too much to ask?

And it rained. The weather has been so freaking odd lately, I don't know how to predict anything anymore. I can't always bring my rain boots with me (they're pretty damn heavy) and it's just such a horrible way to end the day. And at the gym? No cute boy and no trainer. Obviously, today isn't my day.

I have all the luck with presentations. I'm usually an early bird to things but for some reason I wasnt today and was almost late to a meeting. I hate being late, that's why I get up so freaking early but on the day I need to be early, of course, I'm not. Oh Murphy's Law, why must you always work this way?

Still, there was a good thing today and that was our Christmas party! Sure, it isn't as big as other companies but it's always loads of fun. Last year, I went pretty nuts (with zero alcohol in my system) so this year, I decided to chill and try to enjoy. I can't believe we have to work the next day though.

I don't know how I managed to sit through it, but that was one long presentation to a pretty stoic and tough group of people. I can be pretty giddy and cheerful when presenting and I like that people listen when I try to make sense out of the work we're doing but this group was a tough one and I hope we stepped up to the plate. Usually you can tell by their faces. This one? Just blank. I hope that's not too bad.

Then I'm off to another Christmas party and though I've been looking forward to this one, in hindsight, I think I enjoyed it too much that I forgot things i promise to do (which leads to the sadness of Sunday). Still, look at me being sociable. This is a rare, rare thing.

And because I was out on a Friday night, I wake up late but just in time for the extended family to come over. It was my late aunt's birthday and even if she wasn't with us physically, we thought we'd celebrate her life still. She had a really cute cake and her family seemed pretty good, all things considered but I still miss her.

By the time evening rolled, all my brothers had their own parties to attend. So after being the dutiful sister and driving them to their respective events, I take my little sister out for some chicken wings and milk tea. Two of our favorite things.

You can't win. One mistake whether at work or at home sort of obliterates any good will you do prior to fucking up. I know I'm probably making a huge deal out of nothing but I'm sick of having people make me feel like shit. I know only I have the power to make me feel bad but it doesn't help when others aid and abet the feeling instead of making it otherwise. Oh well.

I'm probably going to get my period because I've been taking things way too seriously and are way too moody about everything but I hate how one tiny thing can ruin an entire weekend. Obviously, I don't approve. I wish I could just be stoic about everything.
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