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TV Time: Jess Wants You To Turn On Your Lights

[New Girl Online]
How adorable is this show? No really. I didn't know think they'd be able to pull off this show for more than the pilot, so to see it still be funny and adorkable nine episodes later makes me so happy. And their Christmas offering was just the right balance of holiday cheer and awesome sauce. I like how they're pacing it and I how they're trying to tone down Jess and her quirk. This feels just right.

[New Girl Online]

New Girl 01x09: The 23rd

So they end the Jess and Paul romance before it goes any further, which I both like and don't like. I like it just because we get to see more Nick be more open about his feelings but I don't like it either because Paul was the cutest thing ever. Justin Long and Zooey Deschanel are pretty adorable together and it makes me all giddy to see them bounce off each other.

And look at Nick miss his airplane again to make Jess happy. Something tells me telling Paul she didn't love for her had some inner agenda there. I like how he rallied the troops to get Jess to smile. Oh the lengths he'll go to, to make her happy. I see the beginnings of an epic romance if they don't mess it up. Let's see how cute they can go.

Then there's the always hilarious Schmidt and his objectification in their office parties. Of course he puts a sexy spin to everything. My favorite being CINCO DE SEXY which I really do want to see. I'm glad he's 'standing up' for himself and having some love from Cece on the side. Schmidt, you will always be loveable, no matter what.

Finally, I'm glad that Winston might actually find a job. Though I see chemistry between Winstons and Schmidt's preggers boss, he's actually also very adorable with her son and as long as Winston's got a decent job, we should be happy for him. Oh Lebron, it seems you've won this child's affections.

[Chuck Media]

Chuck 05x05: Chuck Versus The Hack-Off

I know we're down to the last 13 episodes of the last season of Chuck and because it's the fifth episode of the fifth season of one of my favorite shows plus it's the first episode back after a pretty long break so it means quite a bit. And I'm really liking what they're doing with it, really just tying up all the plot lines they've started and doing things a lot differently for characters. I'm so going to miss this show.

Let's start off with how much I'm loving the Jeff turned straight Jeff and Lester and how their relationship's dynamic has totally changed. And for the first time, I'm genuinely really interested in what's happening with them. I love how they brought in Abed and the Community folk to guest-star. This Hin-Jew knows his stuff, Morgan!

Then there's the Casey and his bad-ass woman whom I wish had come earlier just so that Casey would get more conjugal visits outside the slammer. I do love that they got Casey out. He's saved them so many times, it was time to return the favor.

Finally, we see Chuck and Sarah question their life after spy life. It was pretty hilarious to see them all blurred out at the nudist camp but in all seriousness, I'm glad they're bringing up what happens to them when all is said and done. They're right about one thing though. They're pretty good at this spy thing for now.


Merlin 04x11: The Hunter's Heart

So I was actually looking forward to having Gwen and the evil rebel sot of get together just because it seems he has some goodness underneath it all. I like the get-up he put her in, very Jasmine-like with the sheer pants. But of course, leave it to Morgana to make Arthur see her once again. It's so obvious they're gunning for an Arthur-Gwen reunion.

Which really, I wouldn't mind, except that New girl and Arthur are actually pretty hot together. She's so beautiful and true Merlin-fashion, I was actually pretty sure they would make her turn out to be a bad guy under Morgana's spell so I'm pleasantly surprised to know she was just a normal girl, who fell for Arthur and his burping (SO ADORABLE!).

Meanwhile, Evil!Uncle and Morgana continue to plot and Arthur is still so freaking clueless about it all. I swear, Arthur needs a kick in the ass because Merlin literally came forward and Arthur has ignored him once again. Oh well Arthur, you brought this upon yourself.


Misfits 03x07

This show can be as out there as it possibly can and it's pretty awesome how they've not brought zombies into the fold. We had Hitler, and now we're getting The Walking Dead -- I love how there's some cross over now between my favorite shows. Though over here, the zombies aren't as gruesome (it does feel like a Zombie!Noah's ark) but at least this one looks like fun.

I don't blame Curtis for wanting to help people out given his new powers but this zombie thing can totally be put on him. So much for his fascination with the cheerleaders, they were pretty gruesome biting and feeding on each other. The look on Rudy's face when he discovered it says it all. He didn't know whether he was going to enjoy this or get grossed out.

Rudy really is the guiding voice this episode bringing to light the fact that they've killed so many probation officers and yet can't kill zombie!cats. Rick and team, take out your notes and see what these kids are doing. Powers or not, it was fun to see them beat the crap out of everyone undead. Swing that bat, Kelly.

[Glee Fans]

Glee 03x09: Extraordinary Merry Christmas

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