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12 of 12: December 2011

[+] Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
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[+] Have fun camwhoring!
[+] Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

dining room06:40 am
A couple of years ago, my mom landed an extra Christmas tree so she set it up in our dining room to house the food gifts we receive. I think it's brilliant just because we get to use a different set of ornaments and the living room doesn't get insects because of the food. Plus, it's so much nearer us when we're eating dinner and want to sneak in some dessert. We all win.

office desk08:11 am
I'm up to 45 books already and was hoping to reach 50 books by the end of the year but I seem to be in a mega slump reading-wise and have so much catch-up to do, I don't think I'll reach the 50 goal (I originally pegged it at 25 anyway) so I'm not too worried. This book has been entertaining thus far. My dad got it for my birthday so it's memorable no matter what.

office desk10:58 am
It's the last month of my Jane Austen calendar and I'm going to miss is so bad. My ex-boss got this for me and it just fits so right with my love for all things Austen and Pride & Prejudice. So I don't know how I'm going to top this calendar-wise next year. Here's to hoping we find a pretty one.

office hallway12:28 pm
The weather has been pretty crazy and it's a rare sunny lunch time. The funny thing is, it'll be super bright out and then the rain will pour for a few minutes and then it'll be sunny again. Is this global warming? I don't know anymore. It's just better to bring an umbrella no matter what.

KFC12:47 pm
Though I've been trying to abstain from pork and just really be nice about what I eat in general, things have been pretty 'bad' in the food department this Christmas season. This was good/bad because of the veggies but still bad cause of the pork. I can never be those well-behaved eaters. I've tried and I was miserable. So I guess it's back to eating normally for me.

KFC12:51 pm
Meanwhile my team mate has been eating the most fun things. Cereal for lunch! I swear, I was so tempted to dig in and have some myself but there's still a thing like self-control which I try to impose every now and then (it's rare but I succeeded).

gym09:12 pm
The gym has a freezer of treats that I guess are pre-approved for folks working out and obviously i don't touch this with a ten foot pole. Obviously if it's healthy, it can't be that good. but I kid. I'm sure it's healthy and tasty but it's not like I need anything additional. It does tempt me though. It's right outside the locker rooms. Tempting, I tell you.

gym09:15 pm
You know how you they say you have to have your colors done to know what looks good on you? I don't know if pink looks good on me but I have a lot of it. And I'm not even a pink person. You know what color I like? Yellow and I have like one yellow dress and a shirt. I should have so much more. I should probably get my colors done next year and refigure out this wardrobe thing.

gym09:24 pm
There's this door at the gym that's always locked that was open that night because there was some leak going on in the other exit. It was fun to go through the other door just because it was a new route. I know, I'm so easy to please. It's crazy.

mall09:27 pm
Seeing all that luggage is making me feel pressured to work on my visa for my trips next year. Of course, I haven't done anything and I just realized I should because without the visa, I can't buy the ticket and the nearer we get to the trips, the more expensive the tickets get. Ugh. now I'm feeling the pressure. I must work on it before 2012 ends.

Santolan station MRT09:40 pm
I'm not sure for which election this is but it says I need to go register. I wonder when I'll find the time. The signs are everywhere, I'm just lazy and ignoring everything. Look at me, the responsible citizen. no, I'm not proud.

kitchen10:49 pm
For my first healthy-ish meal of the day, we have fish and a cucumber salad. I have to say, that was brilliant. I don't know if it was too healthy cause it was so good but fish has to be good right? And that cucumber thing? I could eat loads of that.
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