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Though your arms and legs are unde, Love will be the echo in your ears

Love will be there still[49 Down/3 To Go!]
[-] Things I realized I cannot be is a criminal. I know I've always wanted to be the bad girl, but I get so guilty so quickly and beat myself up over it, I'd be a horrible bad girl. I wish I could be good at being bad.

[+] I am however, terribly starved for romance in my life. I breezed through Nora Roberts quartet of bride books and realized, wow, I am such a sucker for stuff like that. I am a girl. yes, that's obvious.

[+] I finally sent out my holiday cards so expect them Valentines. Seriously, our postal system is el sucko. Thanks to mellowdee for the awesome card! You're my first for the season and you know I heart you mucho. Thanks so much Miss Melody!

Holiday Love Meme

Just because it's still the holidays and this one hasn't been closed down yet, might as well spread more love. Let me know your links! I want to spread love too.

It was so hard to wake up today. Maybe because of he crazy weekend and the fact that my siblings are back in Singapore. But I had to trudge to work anyway and I got in early so at least there's that. I hope the rest of this week isn't too horrible to get through.

But there's also the fact that I'm so behind on work and on LJ and my TV shows and how i just want to take my christmas break so bad but it looks like I won't even have one. Ugh. I don't like starting the week this way.

Today is a good day. Despite the fact that I left the house really really late, the MRT had zero lines and I got on a skipping train. I swear, just this fact makes my day so wonderful. Little things like this are enough to make a day = a good day. I'm that easy.

Add to this fact that I'm boss-less for a day and I'm sort of not too behind on work and I finally finished the Nora Roberts trilogy. It was beautiful. I'm such a fan now. I need more of her books now, seriously.

So much for thinking I was making a dt in my work, ten thousand more things get added and I honestly don't know if I'll ever finish with all the things I have to do. Im trying to stay positive and focused but with my brother coming home tomorrow and the holidays coming up, I'm totally divided in my thoughts.

And you know how when you look your worst, that's the day you see a crush? Well that happened to me and I hate it cause I've been making a conscious effort to look decent recently and the day I slack off, that's when we see each other. Well technically, I didn't say hi or
Even make eye xontact (and neither did he) but still

I love when meetings get cancelled. I know I'm only prolonging the agony but it feels so good to have things get a little lighter when things seem to be terribly heavy and burdened. I literally did a happy dance when I found out an early morning Friday meeting got the boot. So yes, it'll be rescheduled for some ungodly date during the non-holiday but at least I get a reprieve.

My brothers home though for the Christmas season and I left work early so i could leave the gym early to meet him after getting out of the airport. And sure, my body hurt like crap as I commuted (and miraculously found a cab) to Resorts World to have dinner with him but it was fun and I'm so happy he's here.

Longest presentation ever. I know it's presentation season and those usually run for a few weeks but this meeting literally had me out of the office the entire day and it wasn't like I could get out of it as I was presenting our portion after all the major portions so I couldn't just run. oh well, I hope we get lots of leads from that.

I was able to attend my first Christmas party for the season though and it was fun. I'm not a very sociable person and though I wouldn't say I was terribly close to everyone in the group, we are part of one group at work so it was nice to feel some 'belonging-ness.' How very Maslowe of me to want to achieve that need.

Woke up at 230 in the afternoon. And I didn't even get home late the night before (having hitched a ride with my dad, because really, Friday evening traffic and cab-catching is horrible) so I don't have an excuse, but I did and it was glorious. Half the day gone. Sleeping in is the best.

We ended up seeing Immortals with my siblings and though i'm terribly easy to please all I have to say is thank god Henry cavil is hot because I wouldn't have caught that movie otherwise. Wow, that was just something else.

I am a fugitive who wakes up too early. I woke up at the crack of dawn to take my little sister to her last college entrance test in the heart of Manila. And I don't know Manila at all. So my mom and I go do groceries while waiting for her and on our way back to pick my little sister up, a cop stops me for SWERVING.

Can I just say, I was NOT swerving. I was in the correct lane but he happened to see it was two girls in the car who probably didn't know any better so he stops me and tells me to move to the side. and what do I do? I RUN AWAY. I don't know what possessed me to run away but he gets on his bike and follows me.

My mom is deathly afraid and is praying to the high heavens that things chillax and he doesn't get to us and for some miracle, we get away. But I just refuse to have to pay him off (you know he wanted it) or for him to get my license (WHEN I WAS CLEARLY IN THE RIGHT) so I did. But my god, never again. I felt so horrible. I cannot be a fugitive.
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