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TV Time: EmAnda Keeps Her Enemies Closer

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Okay. This is really bad. Not only am I behind on the old-timers like Gossip Girl and 90210, I'm basically behind on EVERYTHING. Three weeks behind on Misfits and Merlin and everything else which makes me sad because I used to live for TV and now I'm barely hanging on. And with my non-Christmas break coming up, it's not like I'll have actual time to finish. Goal for 2011? Finish my 2011 shows before 2012 strikes.

Seriously, click at your own risk and see how pathetic I am. I'll catch up on the other shows when I get home (if my siblings don't distract me) but I'll get around to them all, I promise.

[Emily Van Camp Network]

Revenge 01x10: Loyalty

So there's so much going on on this show and I can't believe we're taking a winter hiatus. Though really, the wait won't be that long considering I'm so behind on TV and January 2012 is literally just a hop away, but wow. This show packed the punch leaving us with just enough to tide us over till they finally come back (OMG it's 2012!)

So let's start with how hilarious and clueless Jack is with Fake!Amanda. Your boy Sammie doesn't like her. She's obviously not the 'real' Amanda Clark. It bugs me because Jack looks legitimately happy and though I ship Daniel/Emily, Jack/Amanda are pretty darn cute too and if this is how happy they could have been, it hurts. It hurts when Emily pretends she's okay with all this Jack/Faux!Amanda crap going down.

Then EmAnda had to go on and make Fake!Amanda take on the character with basis by giving the childhood diary. Seriously. I get you need to keep your enemies closer but taking Jack? Not a good idea. Yes, you're hell bent on revenge but this seems wrong on so many levels. You're going to regret this EmAnda. I can feel it already.

And though EmAnda isn't listening to her karate teacher mentor, the guy has some valid points. Let's all pause a moment and listen to this sage who obviously knows what he's talking about. Emily has legit feelings for Daniel and though she may think she's on top of everything, you know she's wavering already.

Then there's the always hilarious Tyler against EVERYBODY on this show. I love how he's totally gone off the edge and is just blackmailing people left and right. Let's start with Tyler and Nolan. He's so ruthless with this sex tape fiasco, he knows how to play his cards and it's brilliant. Then there's Tyler/Conrad and how he just flung everything Conrad's trying so hard to keep back at him. Tyler's on a roll. Then of course, there's the Tyler/Daniel rivalry that's reached boiling point. I wonder how long Ashley will stick with this guy. He's powerful, sure but pretty creepy too.

And what's most sad and yet entertaining out of all of this is how there is now a Grayson family divide with the divorce papers being filed. Obviously Daniel would team with his mommy, we all knew he was a mommy's boy and Conrad got Charlotte, not that it's such a good deal but it'll be interesting to see how the parents play the siblings off each other and how they both deal with this. After all, they'll still be throwing Daniel his engagement party in all red. I'm excite.

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Nikita 02x10: Guardians

I really like how we keep getting Owen back. No matter how many times he disappears and seems to have gone to the dark side, he keeps coming back to help Nikita. And though I'm clearly on Team Michael, it's always healthy to have a little competition and Owen more than makes up for that. I actually hope Nikita has a thing with him if only to make sure Michael knows what he's missing and comes running back already.

And though the Alex flashbacks have grown on me, it still makes me laugh sometimes to see her all young and talking to her dad in Russian. I'll give it to them for finding a girl who practically looks like Alex's little sister but it's still funny to watch. And it's a freaking miracle she got saved by her memories because that fall? Alex should be totally paralyzed by now. I love creative license on TV.

It was nice to see Percy and Amanda together again as well. Sure, they won't be on the same page on anything, ever but at least they're talking now. But really, when Michael showed up there in the end? I breathed a sigh of relief. He's been gone for too long. Plus, seeing Michael and Owen in one screen makes me insanely happy.


Merlin 04x10: A Herald of the New Age

So let's just say despite the fact that we don't get as much cuteness between Merlin and Arthur this season, at least we're still geting some pretty funny times: like the time when Arthur beat the crap out of Merlin (in armore) on the filed. Yes, Arthur Pendragon, you swing that sword very very well. I'm glad Merlin found another nifty excuse though. That tavern ruse was getting old too.

Then there's the Elyan being haunted by the creepy druid boy that I have never been fond of. I get they're giving more time to the knights but it seems like they're dropping like flies. I hope these new ones stick around just because we need to start it soon.

Finally, I like that Arthur had second thoughts over Elyan. I know deep inside, his heart still breaks for Jin but he's too shy to do anything about it. Oh Arthur, you've grown up before our eyes -- even hotter than last year.


Misfits 03x06

It's such a serious issues and yet Rudy can totally make light of anything. I love that he referrences "We're All In This Together" by High School Musical and does all the funny stuff but when he can get serious, he get really sincere with his apology to the girl. Sometimes you can't tell whether he's joking around or if it's real but I'm glad things got fixed in the end. He's a fun guy and won't ever change but he's hilarious.

I find Seth really really handsome. And when he and Kelly are getting frisky half the time, it definitely adds to his hot factor. Sure, he's still pining over his dead girlfriend and we all know he's gonna have to get over that before anything can really happen between him and Kelly but for now, I'm just happy she's getting somet tail. Girl deserves a bit of attention.

But the most disturbing bit would have to be Curtis/Melissa getting preggers. It's nice to see him confide in Alisha. Who knew they'd go from simultaneously touchign themselves to get off to being quite the pair of pals. I don't know if switching powers is going to help his situation but now we'll see how he works with this new set of powers. How convenient to have Seth around, yes?


Pan Am 01x09: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

I'm so scared they're cancelling this show. There have been rumors which have been denied but with the way things are going, it seems it is the direction they're going in. They're giving all the girls boys and happiness. That can only spell the end. WHY ABC?! Why do you always do this?! So let's start with the girl without the boy this week. Kate needs Nico back. That MI6 guy is not working for me. And what a cliffhanger, yes?

Then there's the always adorable Dean and Colette and their apple-picking, rolling in the hay business. Dean's parents are a tad rude, yes? But I like that Dean's admitted that Colette's the one (even if I'm a little alarmed at how fast they're going). They really are an adorable couple.

Then there's the surprise arrival of Ashley Greene! I like that she gets paired with Ted because he's so underrated. Sure, he's 'admitted' to feelings for Laura, though not to her face, and was surprised with his chemistry with Ashley so it'll be interesting to see him struggle with his feelings for both girls. And wasn't Laura into the navy dude? I guess that's over.

Finally there's Maggie and her congressman. Though personally, I prefer her with the Village Voice guy, this one isn't bad either. I don't know how they're going to make them last with their opposing political views but at least Maggie's getting more action. For the most liberated girl, she gets around the least. I'm going to miss this show so much.

[You Know You Love Me]

GG 05x10: Riding in Town Cars with Boys

I get that no one thinks Charlie is an impostor but there are such things as detectives and private investigators and feel like if they did that from the beginning, they wouldn't be shelling out so much over Charlie/Ivy and this crazy debutante/coming out into society ball. Chuck Bass, where are you scheming at? Someone bust this woman.

Something I'm not used to? Nate in a suit next to Chuck? Nate, don't pretend to be a grown-up, please. You got this because of your grandpa. Don't delude yourself. He's totally feeling his position though. Poser, Nate.

Still, it's good to see Blair and Dan together again. They really have good friend vibes. Please don't mess it up, Dan. Too many chefs stirring the pot totally messes it up. Speaking of other men in Blair's life, her one-liner to Chuck, "Could you love another man's child?" sure got to him. Could you, Chuck? I don't think so.

Also it makes me laugh that Dan is on Team Chuck while Serena is on Team Louis. Who knew this would be where they'd be at? Though I do miss the non-judgmental breakfast club, I do like how Dan has ingrained himself into Blair's life. This is still the only time he is of interest to me.

[Hart of Dixie Web]

Hart of Dixie 01x10: Hairdos and Holidays

It's pretty crazy how this show has taken over my life. Other than Revenge, this is the other show I try my best to at least keep on schedule with and with this last episode before the hiatus, I at least have lots of warm and fuzzies with me. It's no Chrismukkah (and no Adam Brody) but we do have Wade and George to keep Zoe warm and it's enough for me.

That ending with Zoe and Wade? Killed me. I know we're still going to do the yoyo-ing back and forth between George and Wade but for now, since Zoe seems to have shut George down (for their mutual benefit), we at least get to enjoy a bit of tension in the open for Zoe and Wade. I love that he asked her out for a drink. Why is it so easy on TV shows?! I hope Zoe takes that rain check quickly.

Having Wade and George bond more will make it even harder when both of them have legit feelings for Zoe but to see them do a quasi-showdown at the jail was good enough for now. I'm glad that George admitted to his feelings for Zoe even if Wade was a little vague on them. You just wait, Mr. Kinsella when your feelings are full blown and George makes a comeback cause you know he will and it'll be a blast when they do.

i'm glad that for now, George and Lemon are making do. Sure, Lemon's priorities are different and George needed an ear that Lemon couldn't give at the moment but you can see they're at least trying. Sure, Lemon ran off to Lavon but she still came back to George and though we all know that isn't enough, for now, it'll do. I can't wait to see the eventual fallout betweent these two either.

Though we got hilarious flashbacks, you can see that Lavon is struggling with his feelings here. He wants to be with her but he knows it ain't right especially with her still engaged. Still, I'm sure when the wedding gets called off, things go back to square one and we could see major changes. Lemon, why'd you run to Lavon to begin with? Something's a-brewing.

Finally, I'm glad neither Magnolia nor Rose won the pageant. It was really cute of the Lemon and Zoe to get really competitive and how Zoe totally confronted Rose's crush (though something tells me there was a lot going on in that speech) about leading someone on. STAY ADORABLE SHOW.

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90210 04x12: O Holly Night

[Glee Fans]

Glee 03x08: Hold On to Sixteen

[New Girl Online]

New Girl 01x08: Bad In Bed

This show just continues to become more adorable week after week. This week had Jess getting awkward and nervous about having sex with the always adorable Paul and her crazy tactics were just over the top awesome. From the starfish contraption she wore to the role-playing and pretend S&M and watching porn and the voices and asking the boys for advice, she was just all kinds of awesome. I'm really loving her wardrobe too and the little shot they did to shout out 500 Days of Summer in the elevator. Except this time, we get some action.

Then there's Schmidt and the baby shower and how he was so desperate to be part of the camaraderie his girl office mates have. Eva Amurri is looking so beautiful (and so much like her mom) and I'm hoping we get to see more of her. I love that Schmidt is just so unapologetic about being such a douche and yet totally endearing.

But the funniest thing would have to be Nick and his hair issues. He actually looked pretty rad with his haircut and "Danny Glover's grandpa" was pretty hilarious too. I swear seeing him make small talk with the barber was just cute. Nick is always adorable. I can't wait to see him get together with Jess cause you know that's going to happen.

[Bones Daily]

Bones 07x05: The Twist in the Twister

It was really cute how Angela and Hodgins were a little apprehensive to have Angela's dad watch over Michael. In the end though, of course it was grandpa that got to put Michael to sleep (complete with tattoo stick on). I would have loved to see Michael in the little oscillator thing Hodgins did for Michael. I'm sure that would have been useful too. This family is just too adorable for words.

Then there's Booth being way too protective of Bones. They looked hilarious at the crime scene trying to get her to stand up from crouching. Booth was way too overprotective for sure, but you can't help but do this with Bones being all gung-ho and rational about everything. I love it when they were giving each other the cold shoulder. You guys, you're practically a married couple.

And of course for comic relief, Fisher is out of the loony bin again and is staying with his mom. I do love his ring tone whenever his mom calls and how he's so chill about all of it. His new girl is pretty too so I hope she sticks around since she seems to be pretty cool anyway. I love them redheads.
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