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Red Carpet Round-Up: Rooney Kicks Off the 'Dragon Tattoo' Craziness

It's Starting[Rooney Mara Source]
Thanks to our local film festival (coming up Christmas Day), I won't be seeing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo until next year (who knows when?! unless I get a copy somehow) and that makes me really sad cause after breezing through all three books this year, i was really really excited (and a bit nervous) for David Fincher's take on the Swedish trilogy.

And so we join Rooney as she goes on her press tour for the movie and I'm loving how she's sticking to her haircut and how on strat her fashion choices are. I'm impressed, I have to say. Yes, I'm easy but still, pretty right?

Photos courtesy of Rooney Mara Source
For her first outing, she opted for a white Givenchy Couture cutout long gown which I'm personally just in awe of. I don't know when I'll ever be able to pull off cut-outs on a dress but she looks wonderful. Even the severe haircut is offset by such pretty make-up and of course Daniel Craig on her arm. Love it.

I like how she went short and dark in NYC for the premiere on the East Coast. I'm sure it was cold, but the sheer back on her Prabal Gurung</i> mini dress is just fun and flirty and I love the red lips that she paired with it. Slicked back hair looks so good on her. It's not fair.

Of course they had to premiere this in Stockholm too (home of Stieg Larsson) and she looked so effortlessly chic in her black Roksanda Ilincic pantsuit with cutouts. I need to get reed thin to start the cut-outs but she looks just right.

Finally, a more laid-back look for Rooney as she goes about her TV and press junket rounds. I love that she wore another white Roksanda Ilincic dress she wore and how she really finally looks at ease in her outfits. I'm so excited to see this movie.

Photos courtesy of Zac Brasil
And though I'm not as excited to see this movie, the fact that Zac's in it means I will see it eventually. And like any good cast member (under contract by management, of course), Zac was out and about promoting the hell out of the premiere. Looking very GQ for the NY and LA premieres and having very pretty ladies in his arms, Zac worked it -- sans the pornstache, thank goodness.

He flew all the way to Japan too to promote the film and it feels very Tom Cruise-ish to have him charm the Japanese ladies this way. I don't know why I got that vibe but I do. Oh Zac, stay adorable, yes?

Photos courtesy of Rachel McAdams Online
The last time we saw Rachel, she was at Cannes premiering Midnight in Paris so having her out and about for Sherlock Holmes has me smiling from ear to ear. And though her dress does look similar. I love that she wore another backless Marchesa dress cause really she's got the hot back, let's flaunt it. Now appear out more often, okay? We missed you so.

Photos courtesy of Sweet Hathaway
The newly-engaged Miss Hathaway was pretty busy too doing the Kennedy Center Gala and looking lovely with her fiance in her black Giambattista Valli column dress. Her signature red lips were present and the smile on her face was just the best accessory. Girl is obviously in love. I hope this is it for her.

Photos courtesy of Garrett Hedlund Source and Jamie Bell Online
OH MY GOD IT'S GARRETT!!! This guy has practically disappeared from the face of the earth so it's good to see him back somehow. Please don't stay away too long. We miss you. Jamie was doing the last of his Tintin duties promoting the movie on TV and looking adorable. I need to get stuck in an elevator with him for sure.

Photos courtesy of Jon Hamm Source and I Fancy the Fassy
Jon and Fassy were both looking handsome out on the town doing their thing. There's so much buzz about Shame and Fassy in it that I'm actually really excited to find me a copy of this if I ever get awake enough to touch the computer at home (without any of my brothers playing Sky Rim). Meanwhile, Jon was just dapper as always rocking the suit at an event. Jon + Suit = cannot go wrong.

Photos courtesy of Amanda Seyfried Fan
Amanda was a pretty busy bee herself hopping from carpet to carpet being pretty. I do love what she wore with her carrying a cake. The detailing on the dress is pretty intricate -- and it makes me sad I don't know who made it. But her pink Calvin Klein dress was pretty chic as well.

Photos courtesy of Emma Watson Fan
Emma flew to Hongkong to do a series of promotional events for Lancome (she is the face of the brand after all) and she looked absolutely ethereal in her white and blue ensembles. Girl knows how to sparkle and how to do it properly. And the growing out of the hair? Not awkward at all. That's just pure luck.

Photos courtesy of Captivating Felicity Jones
New girl crush Felicity was also a very busy girl promoting Like Crazy and she's been everywhere looking quite lovely. Looking dainty and elegant in her blue Calvin Klein dress with the sleek updo? that's class yo. Can't style that if you tried.

Photos courtesy of Zimbio and Yoon Eun Hye Net
Eun Hye and Kate were out too. Eun Hye appeared at a store's opening wearing bold animal print and looking adorable with her colored hair (I wish I could pull off) while Kate and William attended the Prince's Trust concert (she was in Zara!). I love how she's wearing brands we could actually afford (not that i do shop there often) and also wearing the likes of McQueen. Oh Kate, please continue to make me love you.

Photos courtesy of Adoring Camilla Belle
Finally, Camilla was out and about looking gorgeous in both her pink and black dresses. It's not fair how easily gorgeous Camilla looks on the red carpet. As always, she doesn't need a movie to promote to look good on the red carpet and I don't mind. She's just eye candy.

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