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Dream Land here I come

It's only Tuesday and I'm already pooped. It's not even Friday yet and I'm already so drained. In fact, I'm tried that I can't even bring myself to make some words bold. I just want to keep on typing. My fingers hurt from the crocheting that I don't know if I can go on typing...

We had our class pic today though and that was probably the highlight of the entire day. We all got dressed up in our Mafia costumes. Beasini Family (I can't help but make that bold) represent!!! It was so cool to watch everyone look their character. I didn't know how to dress up though, so it was a trench coat for me. Not much of a costume person, I guess.

Today was just such a long day. Tuesdays are really the worst. All the subjects are crammed in tightly together. There's just no time to breathe. There was so much to do and I had to listen in class. Not that I don't, because I do try my best to, but today, I just felt like yelling! I needed to get out of there.

And now that I am out of there, I just want to sleep. So tonight, instead of doing my notecards as planned, I'm going to sleep. Instead of crocheting the scarf, I'm going to sleep.

And what am I doing now? Not sleeping. I'm stalling. I feel like I'm already so lazy. I'm supposed to be great at time management already and I'm getting worse. Tomorrow, I promise I will become a better person.

But today, I will sleep.
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