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Nice With You[48 Down/4 To Go!]
[-] My aunt who's been battling lung cancer for almost two years passed away December 2 and though we were all preparing ourselves for it, there was still some part of me that was wishing and hoping and praying she'd win the battle. We miss you and love you, Tita Letty.

[+] The months go by faster and faster. It's already December and though I'm glad the year is ending, i'm also a little scared at how fast it all went. I am getting older. Time moves too fast when you want it to slow down.

[-] I'm sending out holiday cards tomorrow, so expect them in 2012. for real. Our postal system sucks that way, and I suck in that I'm late in sending them out. I'll do better next year, promise.

Holiday Love Meme

Yes, it's self-serving, but a little love on the holidays never hurt anyone. Let me know your threads! ETA: It's new! The old one got full fast!

Who wasn't lazy going I work on a Monday? I know I was and as hard as I tried, I could not get myself to be totally focused on anything despite the back to back meetings. Thing is, we made a little list of all the stuff we had to do and it's a long long list. Good luck to us.

And it was my brothers birthday but i missed dinner just because I didn't know we were even doing anything. I hate that I did. I know he didn't really mind, but I mind and it sucks big time. I'll try to make it up some other way.

I feel really embarrassed about a mishap though technically I was in the wrong, I did apologize but somehow I still feel weird about it. I hate messing up. I know it's inevitable but somehow I knew i could have avoided it. Silly Patty, really. I should be more careful and less hapless next time.

And despite all the fires I had to put out or tried to at least, I was able to leave work early enough to reach a Christmas party of my parents friends. We grew up with them and used to travel with them so it was nice to catch up.

I love holidays. We started the month with one and we ended with another. November was pretty rough and I'm glad it's over. I hope December is better. The holidays definitely cushioned the craziness of it all. Who knew one day off work could make such a big difference? It really can.

And so I spent the day in relative lethargy. Reading and sleeping and eating. With some errands squeezed in between. I am not looking forward to the holiday rush of projects before the actual holidays

Overwhelmed is how I feel. Not even my usual lists can help me calm myself just because things keep adding and time is running out and the list isn't getting any shorter. I know I should just go through it one by one, but it just feels like too much sometimes.

Thus I'm so glad I was able to get out of work earlier than usual and hitched a ride home with my dad. it's always so much easier when you don't have to worry about getting your ass home after a long day at work.

We knew it would come but it was still sad when it happened. I was in my way to work when we get the call that my aunt Letty has lost her two year battle with lung cancer. I took a day off from work and rushed to my cousins side. It was the least I could do, really.

And though the family was pretty calm about it, it's still sad. I got my Singaporean siblings looped in and they booked flights home. It's going to be a long weekend of the wake and the funeral up ahead.

Despite the sadness and mourning, there are still some things to celebrate like my little sister turning 16 and having my family complete. My siblings arrived from Singapore early this morning and we trekked to the airport to pick them up and haul everyone again to Forbes for the wake.

Sure, we spent the entire day at the wake but it's the least we could do for my aunt and her family who we grew up with. Plus knowing us, even a wake could be entertaining. Other families might think we're rude or too rowdy for a wake, but that's how we are

It rained the whole day. It gave for cool weather as we put my aunt to her final resting place. It was nice to have everyone there. My aunts family was there too and though I'm not elated to them by blood, I feel a lot closer to them now, hanging out in the hospital together this past month.

After we put her into the crypt, we all got together and had a belated birthday dinner for my little sister. It's been a long weekend and we'll feel Tita Letty's loss long after she's fine for sure. Rest in peace, Tita Letty. We miss you.
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