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TV Time: Of L Words & Lazaruses Rising on Ringer

[Ringer France]
Ringer hasn't been the break-out show of this season but it's kept me consistently hooked on it. And though there are storylines that I don't care much about (read: anything not involving Andrew or Shivette), they still somehow keep me watching week after week -- which really is a feat considering how busy and late I am to everything. The mid-season finale had the right stuff to make me want to come back in January for sure.

Ringer 01x10: That's What You Get For Trying To Kill Me

[Gellar Fan]
Let's start off by how happy I am that Andrew and Shivette are finally copping to 'loving each other.' My only comment would be, you guys are way too clothed. Thank goodness shirts were torn off and lights were dimmed and blankets were artfully strewn and Andrew brought out the big guns. I swear, I would have kept the ring. Screw, Gemma. After all, she's finally dead, right?

Speaking of Gemma, I guess the writers figured the show was working without her, what's one less paycheck, right? I feel bad for Henry and his meddling and I'm glad that Charlie/John is gone, but some part of me wishes Gemma were still alive just to wreak havoc since she pretty much knows all the shit that's going down.

So now Siobhan is back and cleaning up her own messes and I wonder how long it'll take her to show up at Andrew's again to just cause everything to go crumbling down. You know she'll do it. She's got this Katherine from TVD vibe to her and you can tell she's a troublemaker. I just hope not at Andrew and Shivette's stake.

And finally, there's Juliet who I actually am confused with. Because it could go both ways. Mr. Carpenter could be a pretend goodie, but a baddie underneath. Or Juliet could be pulling another stunt. I don't know anymore. They better not kick off Jason Dohring though. Because he is so pretty on the eyes.


Merlin 04x09: Lancelot du Lac

There's lots of love in the air this week in TV-land and it's also on Merlin. Though this one didn't end as I had wanted it to, Arthur and Gwen were pretty damn cute. Sure, still very innocent in their actions, but I'll forgive them. The candles may have been a fire hazard and the tournament totally unnecessary, but it was all very romantic and grand and very Arthur.

Too bad he had to catch her snogging faux!Lancelot. I swear, I could feel his heart break when he caught them and charged towards Lancelot. It's not fun to see the woman you love kiss someone else and the night before their wedding at that. I felt for him when he was confronting her and sending her away. This hurts too much. Morgana: 1, Arthur: 0. Damn, let's just rewind please.

So yes, Morgana wins this round and we don't get Lancelot back after all, but I'm hoping we get some changes of heart soon. They can't send Gwen away FOREVER right? And sure, he doesn't trust her now, but he will eventually, right? So many questions unanswered, if only Merlin could work some love spell, now would be a handy time.


Misfits 03x06: Kelly

Okay, there was so much going on in this episode but let's start off with the one I enjoyed the most. Kelly and Seth. Kill me with cuteness. Who is this actor playing Seth and where has he been all my life? From the moment he showed up at the community center asking if real!Kelly wanted to have a drink, I was sold. Then he was so concerned with her and really wanted to help her out and the kiss in the end? I need more of their cuteness, really. Kelly deserves a good guy. please let him be a good guy.

Then there's the weird Kelly and Jen exchanging powers and bodies and I'm just glad that they were able to sort it all out because Seth >>> Jen's boyfriend even if he's also kind of cute. On a side note the entire Rudy and his twin and the therapist bit was hilarious and they can literally put Rudy anywhere and it'll be okay.

Finally, there seems to be a running theme in Misfits, breaking people out of places they're confined in, burying people and of course before that, probation officers dying or getting killed by one of them -- even if accidentally. I really liked this probation officer. He was creepy but not in a scary way, just really skeevy. I hope we get an even funnier one next time.

The Walking Dead 02x07: Pretty Much Dead Already

SERIOUSLY. This show just keeps getting crazier. And though I've been annoyed at the lack of action, from staying on the farm way too long, I'm glad there's finally something going on. Let's start with the walkers and how Shane went batshit bonkers and wanted to kill them all. Which I really don't blame him for. They're not exactly Shawn of the Dead-types that you can keep in your outhouse. They're pretty vicious.

And then we get the reveal that Sophia's one of them? I love the shots of the entire gang all lined up on the field after beating the shit out of the walkers and then the close-up on Rick's gun as he shoots Sophia. It's harsh, but it feels like a breath of relief. Finally, they can move on.

Then of course, there are the love stories. Who knew we could cram so many in a show about zombies? The Shane/Lori/Rick fiasco continues to go crazy as Rick reveals to Shane that she's preggers. I swear these bros need to talk it out because they've got mucho tension between the two of them.

Also filled with tension? Dale and Andrea (yes, you're so jealous she's running off with Shane) and Sophia's mom and Darryl (which is kind of hot and wrong and just well weird). I love how Darryl held her though when Sophia's zombie walk was revealed. The best of course would have to be Glenn and Maggie. I don't know if she'll leave Hershell but they are cute together and I'm glad he had someone for a bit.

[You Know You Love Me]

Gossip Girl 05x09: Rhodes to Perdition

I can't believe Nate's got a new job. Of all the unemployable characters on this show, Nate tops that list but he is a Vanderblit so I guess taht still opens doors. So funny how he's trying so hard to be the media magnate. I'm glad to see Tripp back even for a bit. That's the only upside of this plot. And really Serena. I wish you would just believe Max. You'd all be better off without Charlie. I can't believe they're believing Charlie over Max. What world is this?!

Another victim of Little miss Liar? Cece Rhodes!!! Girl, wisen up. Please don't fall for Charlie's silliness. If everyone just came together and talked, it'll all be out in the open. And Lily and Carol, you girls please make nice already. I love how no one closes the doors in this house. It's so convenient to overhear things.

Chuck needs to stop showing up! From the therapy to the cake tasting, he needs to back away or at least let Louis come back stat. I don't know how they're going to make Louis disappear because ti seems like all systems are go for this wedding. And just because. There is Dan and Alexandra. Ew. Seriously. This is too unimportant in my life.

Hart of Dixie 01x09: The Pirate and the Practice

[Hart of Dixie Web]
There's too much adorable happening in this show and I can't help but love it more. I love how Zoe literally went around town trying to find one more patient and resorting to bribing folks at the Rammer Jammer. Still, all this worked off cause you know she means really well. I'm glad she was able to show Brick how good she really is and though I doubt this will make Brick like her any more, at least he knows he can count on her.

Then of course there's George's parents who really are quite the pair. They're a little annoying and I don't blame Lemon for not liking them. Alas, this seems to be the case with in-laws and she has to deal with them. I'm glad George stood by her though and they were able to sort things out. I can't imagine them moving out of Bluebell anyway. Looks like they're still on the path to marriage -- for now.

But of course, what I really wanted to talk about was how Wade was just all choked up and confused over Zoe. From driving her to the airport, to wanting to say his feelings to just chickening out, i'm glad they didn't go there just yet. We're only nine episodes in and I'm afraid if they do it too soon, we'd be jumping the shark. So let's not first, yes? I'm glad there's tension though. At least from him.

And yes, Planksgiving sounds crazy and silly but it's so very Bluebell and they've built this community that would make it seem believable. I like it. A lot.

[90210 Media]

90210 04x11:

[Glee Fans]

Glee 03x07:

[New Girl Online]

New Girl 01x07:Bells

I wish I were this talented with Bells. because Winston is apparently a bell savant and it was cute how he got really really into it and got really methodical about his participation in the EnsemBell. This show is far too cute for it's own good. The way he was totally going all Nazi on everyone in the group was pretty funny too.

Nick and Schmidt having their differences over having things repaired was pretty hilarious too. Of course, Nick is handy around the house -- he looks like the type to be. The montage of all the things he's fixed had me laughing. They got pretty intense fighting over it too. But in the end, it's all good. They're just being them. I love this show too much.

[Bones Daily]

Bones 7x04: The Male in the Mail

Let's start off by saying that Booth and Brennan get more adorable with each episode. And it's so interesting to see how Bones has totally immersed herself in the fact that she's starting this new life WITH Booth and will therefore need to be there for him each step of the way.

Now that Pops has broken the news that Booth's dad is dead, I do feel bad for him. Sure, they didn't have much of a relationship, but you could see how affected he was when Bones allowed him to just confide in her and let go. I really love how their intimacy issues are getting resolved and though they may be sharing this baby together, at least now they're sharing even more of themselves.

And as a side note, Dr. Edison is always fun to watch as he gets flustered over Bones's boobies. Yup, they're big and yup, she needs an ice pack but so does he. The interns all react to the pregnancy differently and it's so fun to see them squirm.
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