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Glossy Groupie: Rob & Kristen Take Another Bite

Not Serious [Everglow Media]
Four movies later, and a bazillion EW covers after, the trio are back on the covers of EW, to promote the first installment of the last film and I have to say, they're looking pretty damn good. Perhaps, the three plus plus plus covers behind this were just practice, but they look really chill and just like they're enjoying themselves, like they should be.

Meanwhile, GQ unveiled their four-cover 'Men of the Year' issue and let's just say, I'm a very happy camper with how things turned out. Looks like I've pretty much latched on to every 'breakout' star this year. Let's see how I fare next year.

Photos courtesy of Everglow Media
Though Taylor looks quite the odd man out here, they look all grown up and just all comfortable with each other. From Kristen in her short dress, working every shot and Rob, just looking like the handsome man he is, this was a pretty good one for the trio. I can't wait to see their last one together next year.

Photos courtesy of Kristen Stewart Fan
Though I wish we'd have more outtakes, I'll take this one just because she looks stunning. This feels like the Elle US versus UK from last year where she looks great in both but the UK versions somehow make me love it more. I don't know, call me biased.

Photos courtesy of Ashley Greene Central
I've grown to really love Flare magazine and their cover girls so I'm really happy Ashley got her own cover. She looks lovely and though A Warrior's Heart, isn't something I would catch, I'd still watch out for Ashley just because she always looks pretty in pictures and adorable on the red carpet.

Photos courtesy of Lovely Dakota Fanning
DAMN. I wonder how their parents look just because they look amazing together. Elle and Dakota are on fire and are so elegant in their couture on W Magazine and they really are golden girls. I really have high hopes for their careers (and their fashion choices) so I'm hoping we get to see even more of them. They look like the 'wholesome' and non-twin version of the Olsen Twins.

Photos courtesy of Mila Kunis Web, I Fancy the Fassy
How great is it that we get Fassy, Mila and JT on the cover? Not to mention Jay-Z, which pretty much makes it good all around. Mila's really had a great year this year and I can't wait to see what she's got for us next year and well, Fassy... you know how delicious he looks so I'm a little sad this is all I could find from the cover shoot.

Photos courtesy of World of Justin
Justin meanwhile, has been in and out of my head since the better part of gradeschool and though I'll always be a JC Chasez kind of girl, I wouldn't mind Mr. Timberlake either. He's looking really cute with Fallon here and these two have a bromance to rival the great bromances. Keep those raps coming, please.

I didn't realize he was covering so many magazines lately and I guess we can blame it on Friends with Benefits and just being pretty awesome lately. I wish he'd get back to the recording studio stat, though he hasn't made any hints. I would kill for an album in 2012. After all, it is the end of the world. Might as well go out with a bang right?

Photos courtesy of Lea Michele Web
I have to say I'm not Lea's biggest fan nor am I a fan of the photoshoot much but she and Dianna both graced December covers and to be fair, they've had a pretty big year. Though my interest in Glee has been declining steadily, they're still rising in the charts somehow. Let's see how Lea fares outside Glee-verse next year.

Photos courtesy of Dianna Agron Source
Dianna meanwhile, is looking very Twiggy-esque on the cover of the double-month issues of Nylon. Not only does she end 2011, but she starts 2012 too for the magazine (that apparently is a portmanteau of my two favorite cities). I wish her the best out of Glee too just because she's so very pretty and has potential all over.

Photos courtesy of Noomi Rapace Network
Finally, the original Lisbeth Salander gets her own cover too thanks to this month's Sherlock Holmes. I'm actually really happy for Noomi even if the Swedish version is going to be eclipsed by the US retelling. I'll always love their take on it. She's looking amazing too on the cover too. You can't take that away.

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