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Love Will Take You[47 Down/5 To Go!]
[-] This post was supposed to go up during the sort of last week of November and instead it goes up in the second week of December. Clearly, I'm trying to catch up. The holidays are horrible in getting you behind on everything but I'll keep trucking. Pardon the flood that you're experiencing. This seems to be the status quo nowadays.

[+] I don't go out. If at all, so the work-event that required me to go out and be sociable was definitely a highlight of the week. I wasn't successful in getting anything concrete out of it (an interested party?) but at least I had fun with my team mates which is enough for me.

Holiday Card Post

So a little disclaimer to everyone I'm sending cards to. Because of part procrastination/part busy real life/part horrible postal system, please expect your cards to arrive late. They'll get there. Just late, I hope you understand. Thought that counts? Yes? Okay, no but sorry anyway. I'll make up for it next year, I promise.

Naturally, I'm lazy and not feeling in the mood to go to work but unfortunately, we ned to so I hitch a ride with dad at an unholy hour just to beat the morning traffic And struggle to be productive. It's so hard. For real. I try, I really do but I guess i'm just not cut out for behaving and fully concentrating. I blame MTV and screwing up with my concentration.

I can't believe I'm saying this but my body actually missed the gym. Or it was just remorseful of all the unhealthy things I consumed over the weekend. I'm not looking forward to it but I guess my body felt guilty? Is that possible?

Heavy day was heavy. Putting out mini fires at work is never fun. In fact, I wish to never have to do this. Best part about the day? Getting to go home early. I was supposed to drop by my aunt at the hospital but it's been so long since I was able to get home early so I took the opportunity.

Funny though. Cause my brother was in the living room with his friends and my sister was working so I couldn't use the TV or the computer. I ended up reading. I wonder when I'll ever catch up on TV. It's not meant to be, yo.

Sometimes you really can't get what you want. Whether it's work or weight or whatever, you can't win all battles. And I'm cool wih that. I just feel like lately I car seem to win anything. It's been a pretty downer of a day and things just weren't looking up. I'm such a whiner, but yeah, that's how it felt.

Still. It's all melodrama in the end. Being thanksgiving tomorrow in the US, I know I have a ton to be grateful for so I'll focus on those instead

I'm so proud of my team mate Risa who mounted her first event. Our group is quasi new relative to our print group so digital-led on ground events aren't common but her brand threw a party and it was such a success. I love that it all worked out cause Risa was so stressed all week planning for it.

True to my boss's promise, they signed me up for the dating game (remember in my old job where my ex-boss bid for the guy I had a crush on in the office for me? Things don't change) and though I didn't really like the searcher it was fun (and pressuring) to come up with silly, and entertaining and memorable answers. It will be the nearest thing I get to a Q&A miss universe style and it's no joke. Wow. Go beauty pageant. Contestants. New found respect.

And though I know these things are fleeting and ephemeral, it was still flattering to know I can be noticed if by for my looks. A UFC fighter (who's married) happened to be in attendance at he event and he told or managing editor that he had to meet me cause he was impressed by my answers. Sure, half the crap I spouted on stage was bull but his point is, I was funny and entertaining and that's all that matters in those things. Consider me flattered.

I dont know how I manage it but I end up early at work. I tried doing things but I felt so sluggish thanks to my period. I was so tempted to take a nap in the clinic but I stayed on and just tried to get as much as I could considering the laziness. The highlight of my day would be the milk tea we had. I miss it so much.

My aunt finally went home from the hospital and is now back in her house wig a 24-hour nurse and her family around her. I'm so happy she's at home and though not Marginally better, at least she's more comfortable.

I woke up later than I wanted to but for some reason I had this drive to go to Quiapo to get Myself a new pair of glasses. And I'm really happy with the pair o got and I've been wanting something similar for a long time so I'm glad I finally got a pair

Spent my afternoon at my aunts house which as nice. It was especially chilly in the house but that's because my ain't gets hot really fast. I should remember to bring my jacket next time. I can't stress how happy I am she's home.

I get up for the 8am mass despite having stayed up late trying to catch up on TV and LJ. I totally expected to crash sometime during he day. But it was nice to stay awake and talk to my aunt and uncle in the US. And it feels good to talk to them even for a bit. Family is important and I miss them so.

Still, another Sunday down and I worry that time flies too quickly sometimes. When I want it to slow down, it speeds up and when I want it to speed up, it takes forever. You can never really get what you want, it seems.
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