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TV Time: Nikki Cares for Birkhoff, Guys

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As happy as I am that this show managed to wrangle a second season (and we got Michael and Nikita together right away), I'm also a little scared with how it's going. I don't know if it'll be renewed for another one, so I guess the writers are making safety plots in case this is the last for them. Honestly, I wish i were more into it, the way I was obsessed with Alias, but I guess loves like that only come once in a lifetime. For now, I've got Nikita.

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Nikita 02x09: Fair Trade

I have to say, I missed Michael. A Lot. Sure, we got a lot of Michael/Nikita moments early in the season and yes, she did let him go, but you could feel her pain with being apart from him. I love Birkhoff, he's pretty nifty and useful, but the Michael/Nikita tension was missing and I like how when she was on the phone with him and frustrated, she yelled at him, "Why aren't you here?" Why indeed, Michael?

Meanwhile, I'm so happy that Nikita was willing to risk everything for Birkhoff and conversely, Birkhoff wasn't going to give her up to Amanda no matter what the torture. In a world of spies and agents where you can trust no one, it's always nice to know you've got friends. And we finally get to see Amanda's torture methods. I must say, I'm impressed. In bandage dresses and heels, she can pack the pain.

Finally, there's Sean and Alex and the will-they/won't-they dilemma. Sure, he's protecting his mom and just following orders and strategies to get Alex playing for their team but somehow I feel there's an internal struggle there. Yes, he's tracking her and using her but I can tell they'll develop this into something more. I'm excited to see where it goes.

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Chuck 05x04: Chuck Versus The Business Trip

In my 13-episode countdown, there are only 9 episodes left to the cuteness that is Chuck. i'm glad they got the Intersect out of Morgan right away. I would have hated if they wasted time on it, especially since we've seen all the different things an Intersect can do to a person. Plus, it was so much fun seeing Casey be all vindictive and petty, spoiling Star Wars for Morgan as revenge for breaking Alex's heart and being a douche. Protective!Casey is the best.

This is why I got so scared when Casey went on his shooting spree in hopes of protecting the team. Sure, he took one for the team, but murder is murder and now his head is on the plate. Could Carrie Ann Moss (Verbansky) come in and help save him? I hope they get him out soon, because I heart Casey too much.

Sarah and Chuck once again try their hand at being normal and this time Sarah feels the effects of non-normalcy. I'm sorry she can't have 'real' friends but I guess she should be used to the life of a spy now -- except now she's a former spy. I'm glad we still get to see the General and random missions cause it's still pretty fun.

I do however love this entire new!Jeff we're getting. Who knew carbon monoxide poisoning could do so much to poor Jeff! Lester looks so grieved, being left alone in his lunacy but I love the new Jeff and it's such a funny twist to the already hilarious Jeffstser. Let's all give Lester a hug. He's having withdrawal symptoms.

Finally. I heart the Awesomes and it was awesome of Jeff to give Devon some insight into what Ellie's feeling right now. For all of Devon's perfection, he still is a guy and dense at times. I like that he took one for the team so Ellie and Clara could be together again. Plus, I miss seeing Awesome in scrubs. I'm glad he'll be working again.


Merlin 04x08: Lamia

Oh Merlin, you always give the most slash-worthy situations and this episode was no different. I love that we get so much of the Knights this season just because they are pretty integral in Arthur's life (and by connection Merlin's) and so seeing them have personalities and lines and not just place-holders in the back makes me very happy.

Of course, now that they're given more screen time, they've got to get into blunders too and leave it to a pretty little lady to get all the Knights messed up. Lamia is a cunning girl who can grow up to be mini!morgana but for now, she looks like a helpless little girl who wouldn't harm a fly, except she's gotten all the boys under her spell.

I can only imagine how many slash-fic writers were feasting over all the sword fights that happened int his episode. And Gwen brought up a valid question, why wasn't Merlin (a boy) affected by Lamia? Of course the answer would be that he's got powers but you know them slash-fic writers. You know what's up their sleeve for this one.

I do love the Arthur/Gwen moments. We haven't been given much of them this season so any chance I get, I take and it was sweet of Arthur to make sure they got to 'save' them cause Gwen was there, same with the reunion!kiss and the flirting in his room and subsequent kiss they shared. The preview made me excited too. They do say, love comes first and then marriage. Let's see if the baby carriage comes next. Arthur, stay adorable.


Misfits 03x04

Leave it to Misfits to come up with an episode dedicated to Hitler and the Nazi's or at least an AU where Simon's a guard and Seth still has his powers and things just the same but not quite. I love that we get this AU without having it mess with your head -- and instead give things even more meaning (See Hart Hanson, this is how you do AU).

And though it was nice to see how Alisha and Simon STILL got together in this AU, it was a little weird to see Alisha with the probation officer (even if she was with him for other reasons). I thought it was cute that they somehow still found each other, though differently.

Then of course, there was Kelly being her bad ass self with two guns and saving Seth and just kicking ass and taking names. I really like where they're taking Kelly and Seth and though I quasi-spoiled myself for things, I'm really excited to see where this goes. Seth, you're a cutie pie. For real.

Over-all, it was a pretty intense episode, as expected. It was set in the time of the Nazi occupation so obviously it wasn't going to be a walk in the park. It was fun to see how Curtis got his powers though (and got shot) and how they tied it all in together. Well-played, writers. Well-played.


The Walking Dead 02x06: Secrets

I know this isn't exactly the leading triangle in this show but let's talk about Shane/Andrea/Darryl. What's up with the sexual tension between these three? I feel it every time two of them are in a scene. Thus, I wasn't surprised with the post-gun-toting sexy times Shane and Andrea had int he car. It's about time they released all that pent-up lust. Sorry Darryl, you'll have your time.

And Lori, don't call the kettle black, you little pot. Rick's doing the best he can and your doubting him isn't going to help this any. How dare she talk about not keeping secrets when she's got so many up her sleeve? I thought it was such bullshit her being all high and mighty, though I don't blame her. She must be under a lot of pressure but she could have done it some other way.

And finally Hershel and the walkers. So his wife and son are part of those walkers, that's why they're keeping the, but still, it's a little weird to keep them. To each his own, I know but it just seems a tad dangerous. The barn can only take so many zombies pushing against it and the locks will rust away. better get ready for the break-out. Prison Break-zombie style.

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Gossip Girl 05x08: All the Pretty Sources

Where the hell did that Diana/Grandfather Vanderbilt coalition come from? I swear it's annoying that they had to name drop the Hunger Games boys. And I dont know how they can keep doing this. It's a little silly and sometimes not bordering on cute anymore. Also, Serena/Nate: I swear you guys are the worst secret keepers ever. Nate you don't announce things in the office especially when your boss might be around the corner.

And though we don't see it often, I kind of like this bromancing from Chuck and Dan. Dan, you so cannot handle those two women. It takes a Chuck Bass or a very high Nate Archibald to handle that kind of game. And like a good boy, he whines about Serena and totally bails on the girls. How funny.

And I know it's Gossip Girl and anything can go but I really can't believe how Louis could turn like that. I don't get how he could be totally awesome one moment and totally evil the next. At least that's out now. I don't know how they're going to salvage Louis's princely ways, unless they don't want to.

Finally, there is the Charlie and Max situation that I really don't want to deal with at all. I hate how Ivy got away with that lame ass name changing story. I'm glad that Max isn't backing down just yet but I'm just not into this.

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HoD 01x08: Homecoming & Coming Home

Okay, so I sort of felt that Juddson wasn't going to go anywhere with Zoe but I didn't think they'd get rid of him that fast. He was so adorable and pretty much perfect and they let him shack up with Zoe's friend. I'd have much rather he was gay. But alas, our heroine already has two boys fighting over her (at least subconsciously) so I guess she didn't need the distraction.

Speaking of Zoe, this friend of hers who's totally looking down on Bluebell and everything about it was so obviously a plot foil to get Zoe to admit she's liking her surroundings and the folks who live there. It's nice to see her acclimate to the place and actually feel some sort of connection to it. After all, I doubt this series will have her resettling in New York, so she might as well enjoy herself.

Then there's the Lavon and Lemon side bit that I'm actually hoping becomes a more central plot. I get they're setting up the George/Zoe/Wade triangle and can only do so when George is free so I'm waiting for the Lavon/Lemon ship to sail. I actually really like them together, I get all giddy thinking about it. Then again, I ship Lemon with EVERYONE. She's kind of loveable that way.

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90210 04x00:

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Revenge 01x09: Suspicion

This show just gets crazier with every week and I love where they're bringing it, though to the extreme. As much as I hate Faux!Amanda and how she's ruining everything, I like that she's moved in on Jack (complete with cheesy making out on the yacht, Titanic style) and has pretended to be the old Amanda. Wait, what? Is Jack really falling for this shit? Apparently, he is. And of course, EmAnda is not happy with it, but what can she do when she's supposedly in love/falling for Daniel? Oh dilemma. Faux!Amanda, continue to wreak havoc, I like it a whole lot. Too much, in fact.

Then of course, there's the other pesky but totally enjoyable Tyler who's just going head to head with everyone. I love that he's putting Daniel in his place, sucking up to Conrad (and getting away with it) only to get busted by Ashley with his Judas-kiss to Nolan. I love that they're not afraid to show some boy/boy liplocking just because we're in the 2010's and should be pretty open to gay (or at least bi in Tyler's case) relationships. You go, Tyler. Sleep your way to the top.

Then of course, there's still the case of Victoria and her extreme paranoia over Emily and her guarding Linda like a hound. It makes me laugh that she paid Declan off (only to have him use this as seed money for his love nest with Charlotte). I'm sure Declan's victory is going to be short-lived. Victoria can't be outmaneuvered by a silly boy, right? Eric, go back to Gossip Girl; I liked you so much better there.
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