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Red Carpet Round-Up: Jennifer Butters Everyone Up at AFI Fest

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I know it's been forever and a day. And technically, I'm behind on like three weeks of LJ and TV and flisting and everything else, but real life has once again taken a dump on me and I haven't had time to just bum and get busy over here.

But now that I'm on the path to catching up (not that things have settled), it's already December and we've got loads of pretty people to look at. Other than Breaking Dawn, there was life outside the Twilight bubble. So let's enjoy the late arrival of things that happened to my favorite people in November. I'll catch up with everyone, promise.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Garner net, Jamie Bell Online, Leo DiCaprio Network
I obviously need to watch J. Edgar, Butter and The Adventures of Tintin (which is out here, but I've been too busy to watch) and so seeing these three folks come out to their premieres makes me smile. I love how J.Gar is still so very active despite the belly. Go, girl. Third times the charm.

Photos courtesy of I Fancy the Fassy, Mia Wasikowska Online
Still at AFI, Michael was there to premiere the much talked about and critically acclaimed, Shame and I seriously need to get a copy of this to watch over the holidays because apparently, it's brilliant. Though we don't get Carey, we do get Mia who came out to support her Jane Eyre co-star. That hug? I want one.

Photos courtesy of Mr. Cavill
He's huge, yes? Seeing him without his shirt on, the muscles would be obvious, but even clothed, Henry just looks massive. I have yet to see Immortals as well, so many movies to watch, so little time, but he looked pretty leading-man-worthy at the premiere. Test driving the spotlight perhaps? With next year's Superman coming out, he'll need all the practice.

Photos courtesy of Carey Mulligan Network
And we're back to Shame which Michael has taken everywhere really. I'm guessing there's Oscar buzz for this because if there isn't, it would be a shame. I'm really excited for awards season now that all my favorite people seem to be starring in pretty oscar-worthy films. Carey also joined the press con and it was so nice to see her take a break from Gatsby shooting -- you know I'm looking forward to that too.

Photos courtesy of Emma Watson Fan, Eddie Redmayne Online
For the London premiere of MY Week With Marilyn, the Brit-based stars took to the red carpet and looked very pretty together. I know Emma's with someone else and Eddie's turning 30 (!!!) but don't they look adorable together? I would dig that any day. I'm actually pretty interested in seeing this one, though I don't know when I'll be able to get my hands on a copy. Next year, perhaps?

Photos courtesy of Amanda Seyfried Fan, Rooney Mara Source
The beauty of liking too many people is they end up at the same events like the CFDA Fashion Fund Party that had Rooney, Amanda and Mia all looking pretty. I'm still getting used to Rooney in girly clothes, but I like that she's not afraid to go different styles despite the severe haircut and look. I'm so excited for the promotional tour for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. And Amanda and Mia were out as well, looking beautiful. Movie together for them? Yes? I like.

Mia's been everywhere lately and I'm liking it. Ever since she disappeared after Jane Eyre, it's nice to get a glimpse of her again after so long. I do wish I could style my hair like her. Love her look at the We Need to talk about Kevin screening. She just looks plain adorable.

Photos courtesy of Miss Bilson
Rachel was pretty much out and about as well with her Nylon cover and attending parties of her favorite designers. I love her outfits though. I'm going to try to look for a jacket similar to this just because I have the cuffed pants so let's see if I can look as cute as her. I love Wade from Hart of Dixie came out to support her. George, come on out too.

Photos courtesy of Captivating Felicity Jones
Finally, new girl crush (and always so chic on the red carpet), Felicity was present for a reason on the red carpet. She's been promoting Like Crazy like crazy (I had to, okay?) and she's just been knocking out the outfits out of the park. I can't wait to see what else is in store for this girl.

Photos courtesy of Yoon Eun Hye Net
Eun Hye has been pretty present in November too! I didn't know the MNET Awards were in Singapore! She looked so elegant in her Versace dress. Just beautiful. Her hair pin straight and just looking really stunning. I'm a little in love. Come back to my TV please?

Photos courtesy of
It's hard to believe we've reached 100 episodes of Gossip Girl when we couldn't even reach three seasons for Pushing Daisies but here we are. I'm hoping Leighton leaves the show soon so I can finally let it go. I love what she was wearing though at the 100th episode party. She just looks 100x better than Blair is looking lately. Oh how the tables have turned. Amanda also attended a screening after the CFDA and I love how she looks with Olivia Wilde. i'm so tempted to crush on her too, but we all know what happens when I crush on a girl. It gets out of hand. So let's keep a safe distance for now.

Photos courtesy of Mila Kunis Web, Zooey Fan
I love that Mila really went through with her promise to attend the Marine Corps Ball. She looked like she had a ball and so did the guy that asked her. It's so refreshing to see someone so genuine. I like that Justin also came through with his promise too. I have to go dig up photos of him too. And of course, there's Miss Deschanel being adorable (and sans tights!), I'm really enjoying New Girl and all the appearances that go with it.

Photos courtesy of Emma Stone Central
Because Emma and Felicity just have to keep flooring me everytime they come out to play, they honored Pedro Almodovar held by the MoMA. I am in love with their outfits and only wish they had a photo together -- it would have been perfection. I'm also in love with the wall of roses backdrop. I'm not the biggest roses fan but that mass of it? It looks wonderful.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Garfield Source
You know what I love? How these two are sooooo 'normal' on the red carpet, but totally LOVEY-DOVEY in real life! Seriously, I can't get enough of these two. Someone made a manip where they cut out the girl in between them and honestly, I like this one. A lot. Emma's looking lovely too. I guess she's very very inspired.

Photos courtesy of Zimbio
My other favorite ship aren't as showy with their love but it's all good. The Duke and Duchess do have protocol and so all we get is standing next to each other looking pretty. Kate seems to favor Jenny Packham for formals and I don't blame her, she looks amazing in them. A little too thin perhaps? I guess it's all the stress. They look adorable though.

Photos courtesy of Jon Hamm Source, Chris Pine Fan
And of course when GQ throws a party, everyone comes out to play. I'm happy to see Zooey play with the boys too. I'm sad she's separated now but she's looking really really good (still with the tights, but it's all good). Then of course, there were the men. Chris reunited with Zach (I want the next Star Trek please) and Michael and Jon looked like they were having a ball. Oh to be sandwiched between them.

Photos courtesy of Joseph Gordon-Levitt Online
And finally, we end with a couple of good men. Joseph made a rare appearance to a premiere with Bryce Dallas Howard. I can't wait for Batman promotions next year. We'll get a ton of JGL and Anne again. And Jon of course is out and about with his partner, though let's ignore that part. How many more months till Mad Men? It can't come any sooner.

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