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Movie Raving: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 1.0

1/2 To Go! [SOURCE]
Shockingly, I've only seen the movie once since it was released. Sure, I did go to the midnight screening (more of a scheduling conflict than anything else, I promise), but gone are the days when I'd literally drag every single one of my friends with me so I could watch the movie over and over again.

In fact, if I do watch it again, it'll probably be on DVD or something and not because I didn't enjoy it, but because I honestly don't think I have the time. With the holidays coming up and work getting crazier than usual, there just isn't time to drag myself out to watch it more than once. Still, that one time I did watch, I did enjoy it. Even if I thought I wouldn't.

Photos courtesy of Everglow Media
It may be impossible for anyone but existing fans to take this seriously, but for the unconverted, it's still a legitimately engaging, gape-worthy nutso spectacle. [The AV Club]
Let's start off with the fact that the wedding and honeymoon are probably the only bits of the movie I've been waiting for and will probably be willing to watch over and over again. Because for a series that has successfully kept their two leads as far apart from each other as they can, they sure did go all out with the wedding and marriage.

Bella looked amazing in her dress (even the fake-out dream one with the hilarious mountain of dead friends -- I see you Anna Kendrick playing dead). Charlie was the perfect father of the groom, all supportive but teary-eyed and totally not willing to let go of his daughter. I'm not a big fan of Edward's hair (or any of the Cullens for that matter) but he did light up when Bella walked down the aisle.

The reception was pretty funny with the 'speeches' from everyone and playing Flightless Bird again got me all nostalgic during their dance. And yet, Bella looked genuinely more excited to see Jacob at her wedding, more than groom, which was a little disconcerting but I'll take it as we don't get as much Jacob as I thought we would, considering he got a considerable part of the book.

Photos courtesy of Everglow Media
The acting's better than it's ever been, but with the best will in the world, this can't get past the fact that the story's demented. [Empire]
Then of course, they fly away to Brazil (without prior knowledge) to the most beautiful house ever. No really, it's gorgeous and then the real fun happens. Of course, we still get the fade to black treatment (with a bone thrown in for retro-sex flashbacks and Bella stroking her body parts, NOT THAT WAY!) but it's oddly satisfying considering how chaste this entire series has been.

Alas, true to book form, we get Edward angry with himself (which still makes me laugh) for bruising her and Bella really just literally asking for it. And honey, we can't blame her. It was absolutely adorable to watch Bella strut around in cute lingerie only to be shut down. So much for getting married. I guess that didn't guarantee much.

They were however adorable in their other honeymoon activities (even with the housekeeping giving them dirty looks). It was the little moments that mattered though, sitting around on couches, looking all 'normal' and making breakfast for each other. Shout out to the chess pieces too. I see what you did there Bill Condon.

Photos courtesy of Everglow Media
About as loony and soapy as a movie can get. In other words, it's about as loony and soapy as the novel, and I say this as one who obsessively consumed all four installments in Stephenie Meyer's mega-selling series. [San Francisco Chronicle]
Alas, Bella had to get preggers (SO SOON!!!!) and things turn haywire. From the literal disintegration of her body to the to-keep-or-not-to-keep stance the entire Cullen clan has taken a stance on. I love that Rosalie goes all momma bear and well Jacob tries his hand at being defiant.

It pains to see Edward so conflicted, until of course he hears baby Renesmee (the reveal of the name still makes me laugh so bad) and can hear her thoughts. Then the lovely couple gets all united in their cuteness (no matter how gross Bella looks at this point) kissing bellies and being all loved-up again. The birth was pretty gruesome but pretty good enough for me and her transformation was so apparent, thanks to her pre-vampire look which was honestly just haggard.

Though I approve of the transformation, the entire showing of her blood vessels and heart felt so very unnecessary and very cheap CSI-effect. CSI does it good, but somehow, them cutting to Bella's innards turning into ice just felt out of place and wrong, and just out of sync with the entire 'romantic' feel this movie seemed to have going for it for a bit there.

Photos courtesy of Everglow Media
Here's hoping Breaking Dawn Part Two gives us more of what Part One provided in the final 30 minutes than what it forced viewers to endure to get there. [ReelViews]
Then there were the wolves. I'll give it to my favorite director, Chris Weitz for making the wolves as real as possible. I'm sure they used the same technology in the next movies but the voice overs? I just don't get it. It felt so very fake and just funny that I couldn't help but laugh whenever Sam would be all Alpha-wolf. It just turned out funny.

There were once again the wigs. I'm so happy Bella had her real hair. Because for the life of me, for a big budget movie, their wigs were terrible. Carlisle could have gotten a better one. Carlisle is supposed to be the DILF and honestly this time around, I just couldn't bring myself to look at him. It's just wrong.

So even if I stand by my stance to having the book into just one film, we can't do anything about it now and can only hope for a more action packed part 2. That Volturi=teaser in the end only made me giggle a bit, but here's to hoping for just more next time. I'm sure I'll get all nostalgic over this waning obsession but we'll see where I am this time next year. What did you guys think?

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