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Thousand years[46 Down/6 To Go!]
[-] It's sad to say but I've actually gotten pretty at home at a hospital. Having gone to visit my aunt most days this week, I don't wish long-drawn hospital stays on anyone no matter how upbeat everyone around you is. There's just an energy that I can't put a finger on. Another reason why I don't think I could be a doctor.

[+] As unlucky as the kid is, I'm actually a godmother. I feel too young to be one at 24 years old but apparently an officemate thought I was worthy of her child (I so don't feel worthy) so it's pretty odd knowing I have a little kid to look after as they grow up. Am I the only one feeling the weight of this responsibility? Am I taking it too seriously?

Holiday Card Post

last call for Holiday cards! I know I didn't give much time this time around and it's my fault for posting so late, but if I want them to reach you before 2012, I need to send them out. Comment here or PM me with your full name and complete address so I can send you one!

Long day was long. It didn't help that I went to work early cause I still ended up cramming things. Putting things together isn't as easy as it sounds. I'm a little peeved that things landed with me again when initially it wasn't assigned to me. Oh well. I better get used to it.

It was a good gym visit though. I think I'm sort of halfway through the program and I'm also halfway to my target weight and just a little more to the body fat I need to lose. Of course, maintaining it is a whole nother problem, but for now, I'm slightly pleased.

We had another BIG presentation and though we're splitting things up, I'm still presenting for my boss which is always a pretty daunting thing. It always feels like I'm so not up to par with the rest of the people in the room. Sure, I'm pretty new to this but I've been here a year and I should feel more in control but I don't.

I also got to visit my aunt and she's not looking so good. I wish I didn't have Togo to work and could afford to just sit by her bedside the whole time. I left the hospital around eleven but was still wishing I had stuck around.

When it rains, it pours. Working on three presentations simultaneously is no walk in the park but I suppose I could use the distraction. Though I'm used to most aspects of the job, I'm still not used to other things and sometimes I still wonder if I'll ever get a hang of all of it.

It's weird having to say goodbye to my aunt when she seems like she's getting better. Apparently she's not doing so well and I guess it's better to have said our piece before she passes on.

Despite the shuttling back and forth from the hospital,my cousins and uncle have been the strongest people ever when I comes to my aints cancer. J don't know how I'd ever keep that brave a face but they do and though I never wish to experience what they're going through, I hope I'm half as strong.

First ever midnight screening for me and it's funny that I did it not outbid excitement but because of real life and busy-ness, midnight would be the only free time i'd have. I was seated next to two girls who reminded me of how me and my cousin Nikki used to be three movies ago. Oh how times have changed.

I hate when things pile up into something not fantastic. Naturally I was lazy to go to work jut because of my late bedtime but somehow even of I planned ahead and did work ahead, I still had so much to do. It seems like planning ahead means nothing now that things just keep coming in in piles.

I missed my hand aunt's 9th day mass and wasn't able to visit my aunt Because I had to finish some stuff in the office. I always say I'll leave early on a Friday but it never happens. I guess I'll have to live with that.

Woke up late despite sleeping early and I was totally iunproductive. I've somehow gotten behind in LJ again and I feel sluggish from not having been to the gym in quite a while. It's crazy but I think my body is actually looking for the gym. Don't remind me I said that.

It's my grandfather's 25th death anniversary too and he was he Lolo I never met even if they all say I look like him. I kind of wish I were able to meet either of my grandfathers. Sure, my mom's dad died when I was three but i vaguely remember him. I'm sure it would have been cool to have grandfathers now that we're older.

I'm a godmother. It's hard to fathom but an officemate was actually crazy enough to make me her kids ninang, and because it's my first, I was pretty excited. Excited enough to wake up extra early on a Sunday and head to Guadalupe for he baptism.

After lunch, I headed to te hospital to hang out with Tita Letty and nikki and though I'm no expert on how cancer patients look, for me she's looking good, so going to keep crossing my fingers.
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